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 #38017  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Location: Karsten's workshop, Todesfelde • Date: April 2004
Time of Day: Midmorning • Weather: Sunny enough

Karsten was finally done with the tourist woman's broom. It had taken longer than anticipated, but not because the broom itself had presented a special challenge. He'd taken ill over the weekend, and not only because he was nursing one of the worst hangovers he'd had in recent years. All Vita's fault. Clearly. Apparently getting absolutely trashed on spirits didn't agree with lycanthropy. The only thing that had seemed to do the trick was going out to the butcher's and buying a kilo of ground beef. He'd glared all the way, but everyone in Todesfelde was used to his sour demeanour. He'd gone back home, and had eaten the raw meat. Only that had helped any. Karsten wasn't especially thrilled by his new liking for steak tartar.

He'd sent the woman an owl to Marquardt's house, as instructed, and was now once again working on the Cleansweep, having a monosyllabic conversation with Vita, who had come over earlier.

'He was the one dancing next to me,' he explained his choice. He didn't have a much better reason. Karsten had needs, and didn't want to get too close to anyone. Of all the people he'd ever encountered, Vita was the only person he could tell these things to, and he felt she understood. No one in Todesfelde did.
 #38543  by Vita Bergamot
Wearing a dress that was rather somber given its floral pattern, Vita was sitting on one of the mechanic's workbench. Her pale legs dangled from her knee-length black dress with heavily shadowed white lilies. It was a sight most villagers would have frowned upon, then again most villagers had stopped giving much weight to the pairs unusual proclivities. Unless, of course, it provided worthy gossip.

"Dancing," she echoed in a tone lewder than the one he had used.
 #38550  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten had summoned his sand paper and was now busy smoothing out the area on the Cleansweep that served as junction between the handle and the bristles. He hadn't gotten a hand full of splinters this morning, which he supposed was some manner of luck. He'd have to put chance on his side.

'Fine,' Karsten sighed. 'Grinding. You know what I mean.' He was telling Vita this story, which was more than he'd told anyone else, but he hadn't figured she needed to hear all the nitty gritty details.
 #38565  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen had been packing her things, when the letter saying the broom had been mended arrived. In all honesty, she'd requested only that morning that her uncle simply forward it onto her when it was fixed, claiming that she could no longer miss anymore of work. Whilst she did have to get back to the shop, it was not the exact reason that the brunette had decided to flee Todesfelde, not that she understood it herself. She had been relieved to hear that the broom was fixed, and as soon as she had finished collecting her things, she had headed off to the broom mechanic's workshop.

She entered Karsten's workshop without a second thought this time, only stopping abruptly when she saw the woman in the floral dress sitting on one of the workbenches. She swallowed, not even bothering to greet the broom mechanic, with her head spinning the way it was.

"Oh, Vita. Hello." Eileen rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly. She didn't know why she was so surprised to see her; this was Todesfelde after all. Ever since their meeting, she hadn't stopped thinking about their almost-kiss and what it meant that she was so disappointed that it hadn't actually happened.
 #38606  by Vita Bergamot
Pleased with her reluctant friend's clarification, Vita nodded. She had been on the edge of her next quip when an unexpected visitor had entered the garage.

The almost-kiss had been on Vita's mind, but the memory had not found residence among her regrets. It had been a moment of teased pleasure she revisited whenever she felt herself fall into her usual haze of aridity. It was a feeble green stem in the desertic landscape of her despair. She had not hoped to see the woman again, she had merely accepted their moment as ephemeral alleviation.

As per usual, Todesfelde disagreed with Vita's plans.

"You are leaving?" She observed not quite understanding why the deduction, formulated as a question carried a weight of meaningfulness.
 #38610  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten was about to go on to the crunchiest part of the story, which would have given the answer to Vita's earlier question of how that dark red, almost purple oval-ish-shaped mark had appeared on his neck when the English woman entered the shop. She greeted Vita, but not him, which he noticed, but barely. He'd never been one for much formalities.

The one annoying thing was that the whole conversation was shifting to English. Due to dealing with tourists in clubs and in his shop he was comfortable enough with it, but right now, all English did was make him think of Elyas, and of how much the man complicated his stupid life, and it annoyed him.

'Your broom is ready,' Karsten said, as though the woman hadn't just come after reading his message that stated as such. And as though he wasn't cutting through the two women's conversation. In fairness, though, this was his shop, and he was here to do business. Also, he didn't care.
 #38613  by Eileen Foxlove
At Vita's question, Eileen cleared her throat, not quite meeting the other woman's eyes. "Yes, I'm leaving." She raised her gaze to meet Vita's. "I don't have a reason to stay." The words hung in the air, indicating that she did, in fact, want to be given a reason to stay.

Even Eileen wasn't brave enough to leave them there for too long, however. She gestured towards Karsten. "I mean, now that my broom is ready." She blushed horribly, once move avoiding the gaze of the other woman and moving towards the broom mechanic. "Thank you so much for the work on my broom." She scrambled for her purse, to find the correct amount of money to pay him.
 #38632  by Vita Bergamot
Hands linked on her lap, she remained seated. As if leisurely admiring children playing in the park or ducks swimming in a pond, she watched as her friend and the woman she had almost kissed interacted.

"I trust you'll be bringing home the souvenir I gave you," she provoked as if bored by the scene she had been contemplating.
 #38639  by Karsten Funkenfluss
There was a certain tension that lingered in the garage, something going on between the two women. Something distracting. He didn't care for it. Not when he and Vita had been talking, and not when the customer lady had yet to pay him. He was the werewolf, so why was he the only one behaving normally?

'Yes, yes, very sad, she's leaving,' he said to Vita, irritated. What the hell would she care about it? You had to be a complete moron to ever come to Todesfelde willingly, and Vita would normally be the first person to say so. 'It's eight Galleons,' he said to the brunette, tone even more abrupt than normal.
 #38863  by Eileen Foxlove
Puzzled by what exactly it was that Eileen was leaving Todesfelde with, aside from confusion about the attraction she felt to the blonde woman, the brunette ignored Vita and turned to hand over the galleons to Karsten instead. She counted them out of her purse and into her own hand before holding them out for him to take. "Once again, thank you so much." She didn't notice that his tone was abrupt, because she was still all too aware of Vita's presence in the corner of her eye.
 #38931  by Vita Bergamot
It seemed as though Eileen would leave. Vita had known that sooner or later the time would come. No one in their right mind could stay in Todesfelde more than necessary. Had they never seen each other after their trip to the cave she would have lived with the memory without as much as a hint of temptation. Sure she would have wandered through the untaken paths, but she would not have sought to see the woman again. Yet now that she was in front of her, now that she had to witness one more person walking away, she felt rather tempted to intervene.

Gracefully and rather calmly for someone who wanted to stop someone, she slid off the workbench on which she had been sitting. "Later Karsten," she spoke as she walked past her friend.

She did not call out to the younger woman nor did she speak when she reached her. She simply walked beside her with the same disdainful look she carried whenever she walked through the streets of her small hometown.
 #38932  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Vita walked past Karsten as he made his way towards his customer, who was finally going to pay him. It seemed that Eileen and Vita had something very distracting going on, and the werewolf didn't enjoy it. He didn't know what they'd previously spoken about, but this was still his workshop, and Vita should know better than to get between him and his payment. Then again he supposed with her fancy job she wasn't getting paid per customer, and directly by them. That didn't mean she had to ignore the way he operated. So he ignored her. Much like he usualy ignored greetings.

'Yes, thank you,' he said, reaching out to receive the money, his tone even more abrupt to draw both women's attention back to himself. What was going on here that he was being ignored by the both of them?
 #39013  by Eileen Foxlove
All too aware of Vita's presence now that she was right next to her, Eileen swallowed, trying to keep her focus on Karsten. "I shall make sure that my Uncle passes on my reccommendation to his friends," she added.

She couldn't resist; she turned to look at Vita, unable to prevent herself from asking her burning question. "Where are you going?" She itched to spend some time longer with Vita, to see if there was something there that was more than her simply being carried away by an evening spent with a seemingly-ethereal being. Yet even as she wondered, she knew that there was, at least on her side. What she had hoped was a momentary lapse in judgement was rather real attraction. Which was unnerving for a woman who had never experienced such a feeling.
 #39036  by Vita Bergamot
Vita did ignore Karsten.

And it was almost as if she was intent on ignoring Eileen as well. Until she finally mused. "Certainly not as far as you are going."

Vita smoothed her dress. "I will walk you to your uncle's," she offered as an unusual precision.
 #39042  by Karsten Funkenfluss
'Thank you,' Karsten told the tourist woman. Of course, immediately after that, she and his friend went right back to ignoring him. This was very irritating. What kind of game were they playing, the both of them, making him feel like the third wheel in his own shop?

Eyebrows furrowed, he observed the two women, silently. He didn't think they had conspired against him. It didn't seem likely. Not Vita. So something else was going on, and he needed to figure out what it was. It was such odd behaviour...