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 #38540  by Elijah Rhodes
Location: Todesfelde, Germany • Date: 26th April 2004

He hadn't owled. Elijah wasn't so sure why he was so annoyed about it, because he had known as they left the coffee shop yesterday that Karsten wasn't going to. Maybe it was because he'd kind of hoped to use his knowledge of Karsten's address as a later surprise.

He walked into Karsten's workshop without announcing his presence, crossing his arms across his chest and pausing just in the entrance, tapping his foot, waiting for the other man to notice him.
 #38552  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten had never planned on owling Elyas. Not for a second. The fact he didn't own an owl was certainly not the main reason. No, he had had no intention of ever getting into contact with the other man again. He wasn't too hopeful about Elyas forgetting; even that sounded delusional to him. But maybe, with some hope, the German Ministry was as bureaucratic as its Muggle counterpart, and it would be too difficult to get Karsten's contact information, and Elyas would just give up. Maybe. Unlikely, though.

So it was with the almost prescient feeling that Elyas would eventually come along that Karsten had gotten into work that morning. Luckily, he wasn't there yet, and the broom mechanic could get some work done without the distraction. He'd been asked to work on an old Comet, a family heirloom, a vestige of an era gone by where security was minimal and the speed was comparable to that of a three-toed sloth. The family had inherited their grandmother's broom, and now wanted to pass it on to their eldest child, but without all the dangers this model presented. It was a good idea, and this was a project Karsten would enjoy working on.

He was summoning his dusty broom model compendium when he heard a noise at the garage door. He decided to ignore it for a while, but when it didn't stop, he turned around. As expected, there was Elyas, looking annoyed.

'You came,' Karsten said, unsurprised and unenthusiastic.
 #38566  by Elijah Rhodes
"I did come," Elijah replied, rolling his eyes at the obvious statement. He was still tapping his foot impatiently. "I could have you detained, you know." He stood a step closer towards Karsten. "One report about how I think your uncooperation means that you're a danger to society and there would be Aurors all over you." Another step closer. Not enough to look threatening, but enough for Karsten to know that he meant business. "You do not want to make an enemy out of me, Karsten." Elijah was a softie, but he was also all-business, and he wasn't about to put other people in danger because Karsten couldn't get over himself enough to accept the help.

The werewolf liaison officer wandered over the a nearby workbench and picked up a tool to examine it, nonchalant about his own appearance in the workshop. He had reason to believe Karsten might come around eventually, if he didn't back down.
 #38569  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten wasn't wearing his sunglasses today. For one, he was not quite as hungover as he had been the day before, but also, the relatively dim lighting of his workshop allowed a rest for his sensitive eyes. This meant that there was no obstacle shielding Elyas from the other man's glare this time. Have him detained, who did he think he was?

'Don't I?' Karsten replied quietly, cleaning his greasy fingers with a rag that seemed equally greasy. Elyas looked just as handsome as he remembered. Maybe more. He had to get the man as far away from him as he could. 'You're here now. You should be thrilled.' As for him, he certainly lacked any enthusiasm.

Karsten threw the rag down, and crossed his arms across his chest, looking at Elyas with defiance and open hostility. 'If you're so angry at me, why don't you just give my case to someone else at the Ministry?' Anyone else but him.
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"There isn't anybody else." Elijah had to wonder what exactly Karsten's problem was. Why was he happy for him to give the case to somebody else? What exactly was it about Elijah that Karsten didn't like? He hated to say that it bothered him that he'd seemingly gotten off on the wrong foot with the bloke, and had absolutely no idea how.

"Have I done something to offend you?" he asked genuinely. "If you're happy enough to have someone else mentor you, then your issue is obviously with me. I want to know what it is, because I want for us to be able to work productively together."
 #38609  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten scowled at the other man. What did he mean, there wasn't anyone else? Why the hell not? Why did he have to be stuck with this attractive man that was going to make his live hell and even more complicated and chaotic than it already was?

'There's no issue with you,' he replied, in a tone that could very easily be construed as irony. Would things be easier if he pretended to go along with it? 'Let's work productively, then.' His tone lacked any conviction, but it was the best that Elyas was going to get out of him. With any luck, he could be left alone after he did what Elyas said.
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Elijah jumped off the workbench. "Great." He grinned. "Want to show me what you're working on?" He knew the answer to this question was probably no, given the man's attitude but his intention now was to stick around until Karsten was ready for them to fulfil their task for the day. If he had any sense, he'd work out that visiting the cave as soon as possible would mean less time spent with Elijah. Call it what you will. Elijah thought of it as payback for not sending a time or place in an owl. Yes, he intended to make it known that it was best Karsten not get on his bad side.
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Karsten continued to look at the other werewolf with scorn. Why did Elyas put on this annoying, friendly façade when it was very clear the German man wanted none of it? The cheeriness could only be fake. No one retained that much joy after interacting with him.

He really wanted to answer Elyas with a few choice words, but figured it would only prolong their interaction, and make Elyas give him yet another speech on how he should be more forthcoming, or whatever it was. He didn't care, and didn't intend on making this easier for Elyas. What he did care about was making him leave, and if that meant he had to force out a few more words, then that was what he would do.

'Brooms,' Karsten replied, in a tone that invited no further questioning. He rubbed his stubbly jaw, and then the back of his neck. Merlin, he could kill for some raw meat. Maybe he could kill Elyas. And then eat him. Did werewolves indulge in cannibalism? Perhaps not, but then, what other way was there to make Elyas disappear? He vanished the thought from his mind. He was just hungry. There was no food at his home, unless you counted the loaf of bread that had been molding away for the better part of a month. He was hungry, and Elyas was just irritating him. This wasn't going to be a great day.
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"Brooms," Elijah repeated. He moved closer to Karsten, so that he could better see over his shoulder exactly what it was doing. Unintentionally, his chest brushed Karsten's back. Elijah swallowed silently, noticing it, but trying not to draw attention to it himself.

Instead, he focused on the task at hand: examining Karsten's work. Moving away, Elijah wolf-whistled. "You're pretty darn skilled at your craft," he complimented, this time with a much smaller but more genuine smile. "You really know your way around a broom."

Turning swiftly on his heel, Elijah paced around the workshop, going quiet for a few moments as he looked it over. The workshop was dimly lit, which was comforting on Elijah's wolf eyes, in comparison to the rather bright day outside. It was dusty, as expected for a workshop dealing with wood, in the case of broomsticks, but whilst some might find it uninviting, it felt quite homely to Elijah. It felt odd to think about the place as homely, when its inhabitant seemed anything but.
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Karsten sucked in his breath as Elyas moved closer to him, his chest brushing against his back. He swallowed thickly, unable to move for a few seconds, way longer than he would have liked. He felt frozen to the spot, rooted there by some sort of enchantment. Hex. Definetely more like a hex. It was frustrating, that Elyas' proximity made him feel so alien to himself. Frightening, even. Even more frightening was how he knew this would all play out later on in his mind. It was out of the question that he let things wander there, even only in his head. Because he was stuck with Elyas for a while, a couple of months, he had said, and frankly, it would be intolerable for this to go on.

Breaking free from his mind, he took a violent step forward and moved away from Elyas, snarling. 'It's my job.' Karsten congratulated himself on not saying anything more. Something like Don't stand so close to me. This was already unbearable as it was; he had no intention on making it worse.
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"I know," Elijah replied, in a somewhat passive-aggressive voice. He shrugged his shoulders, returning to his earlier seat on a workbench, his hands at the edge and leaning forwards ever so slightly. He allowed silence to fall over them again as he gazed into the distance. Back when he had thought about moving to Germany, he had assumed that his charge might be able to take him and show him the local sights or nightlife. Elijah assumed now that he would have to explore that himself. It didn't seem as if Karsten was going to be willing to do that, seeing as he could hardly bear to be in the same room as him. Elijah sighed to himself.

"What time do you normally finish up?" he asked suddenly, looking up at Karsten. "We still have that cave to check out, after all. The full moon is drawing near, Karsten."
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With Elyas finally out of the way, and sitting on the bench, Karsten could now breathe. Shoulders tense, he leaned on his table with both hands, and sighed deeply. He made to grab the broom he'd been working on when the other man had arrived, and maybe get some work done. Even if the man was still in his workshop, Karsten could manage. He'd developed quite the expertise in ignoring customers and villagers who came to talk at him. Because it was mostly talking at him. Karsten rarely engaged in conversation himself.

He had the broom in his hand, but all the thoughts swarming his mind, which mostly involved Elyas and things he really ought to get out of his system tonight in Lübeck, they were distracting him. He ended up throwing it on the table, and sighed again, turning to face Elyas once more.

'I finish when I finish,' he replied. He didn't have set hours. He showed up generally early in the morning, and usually finished around seven, but it depended on his mood, and when he decided to show up. People had learned to navigate his random schedules, and often left him notes rather than wait for him.

'Listen, Elyas,' he said. 'Are you going to stay here all day until I'm finished?' He couldn't stand this all day long. 'I can show you the cave now, and we can be done with this.'
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Elijah tried to hide his grin, pleased that his tactic meant that they could get this over with sooner rather than later. He didn't even bother to correct him on the mispronunciation of his name. He actually found it quite endearing. "I agree, that sounds like a much better idea than me sitting around here all day." He jumped down from the workbench and moved in the direction of the workshop's exit. "Ready to go?" He looked towards the other werewolf expectantly.
 #38922  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten looked at the other man, scowling. What the hell was he even doing here? Who decided to just move to another country and mentor werewolves? What kind of man did that? A lunatic, probably, the mechanic told himself. But a lunatic he had to pretend to listen to, for now. He didn't have much of a choice. The alternative was to be bored to death by the other man, and the while squirming uncomfortably because of how good-looking Elyas was.

Gone for a while, leave a message he penned in his sharp script, having found a scrap piece of paper and a pencil on his table. He walked out of his workshop, and rolled the garage door closed behind him. A simple spell, and the paper stuck to the door.

'The sooner we go, the sooner you leave,' Karsten said. If Elyas expected kind, or even polite words from Karsten, he was sorely mistaken.
 #39014  by Elijah Rhodes
A grin spread across the other werewolf's features. "Wonderful." He watched as Karsten scribbled his note, following him outside and pausing as he waited for the other man to roll the garage door shut. "I'm excited to see the place you've chosen," he told Karsten, ignoring the cold words of his charge. If Karsten wanted to be in a sour mood all day, then Elijah would instead treat him to his most cheery of moods.