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The guy started to ramble on, and Karsten wasn't interested. There wasn't really an excuse for their behaviour that he was ready to accept. They had been dicks, and that was that. There was no point in trying to justify it. He didn't want to admit he had been ready to fight them, had their joke been a legitimate threat. He hadn't gotten into an actual fist fight or a duel since his teenage years, but he remembered how to do it. And maybe the absence of violence was due to people not knowing him enough, what did he know? Whether or not anyone actually had ill will towards him, he was ready to assume the worst. It was what came naturally.

'Neither am I,' he snapped, before he had really registered what the other guy's admission actually meant. And before registering what his own admission meant. He looked at the guy in bewilderment for a second as he explained how his being gay didn't mean he wasn't a guy. What a positively odd thing to say. Karsten was gay, and he was a mechanic, and very much a man's man. Those two things were completely unrelated. Ignorant people tended to make those associations, but he hadn't expected them coming from a gay man.

Now that all that was out in the open, Karsten pointedly avoided looking at the other man, turning his back on him and fiddling with a lug wrench that happened to be on the table.
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He blinked, having been on the defensive due to the fact that normally the people he was explaining this too was not like him he wasn't exactly expecting that response. It took a minute to process what the guy had just said even though it had been just a few simple words, 'neither am I'...He had never got that response, thus he didn't know what to say...as the guy messed with his tool he was now not caring a bit about being left in Germany without a way out, he was wanting to run. This guy was obviously not happy with him now for assuming that he was straight - something that he never had thought would happen
"Never has my defensiveness ever bit me in the ass before..." He cleared his throat, "I've done enough to upset you, I'll just...be on my way." He said calmly heading towards the door.

He was going to kill his brothers.
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Karsten had tensed up as he put the wrench back on the table. There were a great many items to play with as he ignored the other man. The gay man. He tried not to think about it. All along his reasoning had been to assume that he would only encounter gay men in clubs and bars. He hadn't ever planned for meeting one in the wild, and now that he had, he didn't know what to do. It felt wiser to just ignore it altogether. It was a hell of a lot more simple if he kept himself to himself. He only had himself to disappoint, and he didn't want any entanglement.

The guy was leaving, now, and Karsten didn't know what made him more uncomfortable: that, or his presence. He started looking around his workshop in earnest, searching for the timing belt he might have somewhere.

He found one after a short search and paused with the rubber contraption in his hands for a second and sighed, closing his eyes. Then, he turned around, and loudly slapped it on the table, looking at the other guy, wondering if he would turn around. Christ, he didn't even know his name.
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"Great Germany with a broken car and," He paused, his hand in mid hair run though when he heard what sounded a lot like a timing belt being hit on a table. Blinking he turned around to the little broom shop - broom shop he was at a broom shop...he was in a magical town in front of a broom shop with a gay guy who he'd been eyeing for the last hour thinking he was straight- ok so he'd also been looking at him the night before...at least he didn't touch? This was much more than a culture shock at this point.

Carefully he went back to the door, peeking his head in unsure of what he was walking back into. The belt was directly in the light of the door, the man looking just as unsure of what to say much like him.
"I take it..." He said looking at the belt now back in the doorway, "If your showing me a timing belt...It wasn't me your upset with." He said as calmly as he could make it sound in his voice.
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Karsten crossed his arms, and looked at the man defiantly. He had found the timing belt. Now surely that meant he had to stay, right? Wait, was that even what he wanted? He'd offered to look for the thing, and help fixing the car, and he was going to do that. That was all there was to it, he told himself. Nothing more.

'I don't like being called out by strangers,' he said. People should mind their own business.
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That...was more than reasonable...
"Yeah, no I get it." He he sighed, "As I've warned them to stop doing for about four years now." He admitted, little brothers though...never seem to learn. Clearing his throat he nodded,
"So, The belt. How much for it?" He asked. He had the part and the knowhow to fix said car. As much as this man was a lot of eyecandy that he would have enjoyed looking at a little longer...he was pretty sure this guy wasn't wanting his company much longer. He might not be angry at Tomma, but...he was also giving off the vibes of a man that didn't want to be bothered - not that he hadn't not ever been doing that...If Tomma was being honest that's all he'd been doing...or was it?

He wasn't sure, but he wasn't willing to try his luck after his last failed attempt at putting himself out there....himself out there? Was he honestly thinking about something other than car repair? He cleared his throat and tried to get he blood to flow away from his face.
"I-I can put it in...I actually work in a shop in the bronks...united states...I just needed the part in order to..." He paused, his mouth working before his brain.
"Unless you'd like to join me, that is."
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Karsten looked at the other man somberly. He wasn't defending his brothers, at the very least. But he wasn't apologizing either, was he? Or had he apologized already? Honestly, it was hard to keep track of what they had been saying when Karsten was fighting a constant battle with himself not to look at the guy too much. Losing battle, so far.

He shrugged. He didn't usually sell auto parts. People came to him with their cars, and sometimes with the parts themselves. He charged for the service. At the same time, he wasn't a rich man. He couldn't just go around giving spare auto parts to complete strangers, even the ones wearing leather jackets.

'I don't know, twenty euros?' The big cost of timing belts was the labour, since it could take hours of work and removing parts just to get to it, but with magic, the guy wouldn't need to bother about it. 'If you know the right spells, you don't need my help,' he said gruffly.
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He reached into his back pocket grabbing the black leather wallet his grandfather had gifted him when he was a kid. It was well taken of but the age of it defiantly showed with the make and model of how it was sown together. He was glad the guy was calming down a bit having been a little weary of him for a moment there nor had he expected to be given the part in the first place...though the price was a bit low in his opinion. Due to this thought he took out an extra twenty only wanting to be fair to the man who was parting with probably the only belt he had.
"Please forgive my audacity but the part is worth much more than that." He reasoned. "You should be paid fairly before parting with it." He added.

He had his hands in mid hand out when he raised an eyebrow.
"Umm, no I can get it done with my parts...I was raised in the 'muggle' way as your kind calls it so...I was simply..." He bit his lip, well he hadn't wanted to put himself out there but...here he was....
"Wondering if you wouldn't mind spending a bit of time with me...there aren't a lot of friendly faces around here after all and...It would be really nice to work with someone with not a mind of a child for once." He admitted, clearly meaning his brothers...and clearly too shy to just say
'I'd like to get to know you'
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Karsten looked at the guy in confusion as he just handed him double the amount he'd asked for. Why? He wasn't about to argue with him, though. Money was tight. Even if his only real expense was alcohol, he wasn't exactly swimming in Galleons. He wouldn't say no to money that was just handed to him.

He approached the guy to take the money, one hand scratching his stomach, but stopped dead in his tracks when he... asked him out? What was happening? This was... this was certainly new. No one had ever come onto him outside of a bar or a club, ever. Except Christian, but that was different. Christian had just been... the guy who smoked cigarettes with him behind the tavern before things had gotten heavy and involved. And Christian had been a mistake. The result of letting someone in behind his walls. A lesson well learned. Karsten no longer did that. And no one else outside of his designated places had ever approached him since.

'Ach, ähm,' Karsten stuttered. His cheeks flushed. How was he supposed to respond to this? 'To work on the car? Alright.' Already he was giving the guy an out. He couldn't possibly have meant just for the pleasure of his company. That was just impossible. The guy was hot. And he was just a stupid werewolf.
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He chuckled,
"Where I come from this part would be this amount, it's simply the fair price." He explained further, putting it in the guys hands since he seemed to pause. The mans hands were rough, clearly the hands of a man who worked with his hands. He wondered if his hands would feel the same to this man.

He wouldn't calling working on a car a date...more like a pet project...a highly needed pet project right now. In his mind this was simply asking for company while he did it, wanting not to be alone in a strange country? Maybe something more? He wasn't sure but he also knew that working on a car alone wasn't his thing and he didn't really want his brothers help with how they'd been acting either. As he made excuse after excuse in his head he nodded.

"Yes, to work on the car....you can show me some of that magic...and I can show you some muggle means?" He suggested. "Might be interesting to see the difference." He finished. He was a guy from the bronks who lived in a house that was slowly breaking down and this man clearly had his life together...at least a little more than him. He might be fooling himself to think this man might even want to watch him use muggle like ways to fix a car that he was sure the man would think magic made easier.
"Unless...lack of magic isn't what you want to watch when repairing a car."
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'I know how to fix a car the Muggle way,' Karsten automatically replied, gruffly. He didn't need to be taught. It struck him that he was a lot more on the defensive mode than the situation called for. The guy wasn't accusing him of not knowing his stuff, he was trying to find a way for them to connect. Oh, wow, he was bad at this. Bars and clubs had the advantage of everyone having the same goal in mind and not really being after the chase. Here, he was out of his element.

Karsten rubbed his jaw, pensievely. 'Yes, that would be nice,' he said, more calmly and a bit more quietly.
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Either this guy really didn't like his company or....he didn't understand what Tomma was suggesting, though it was good to know this man new muggle ways...as his face went red a bit he cleared his throat,
"I see, well-" The guy then seemed to get where he was going with that. He let the man get a smile from him as he pulled out a tool.

"Shall we start?" He asked.
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Karsten could see the other man getting red, and he had to look away. He was unused to this kind of attention out here in the wild, and in his shop, of all places, and he did not know how to deal with it. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the other man smiling at him, and, vaguely panicked, desperately searched for anywhere else to look. There. On the wall. That poster of the Berlin Bears beater. No, not that.

Karsten closed his eyes, and took a deep breath.

'Let's go to your car,' he said.