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 #38154  by Thiego Macias
Location: Sparklight Publishing Madrid Office • Date: Summer

Things had never been better for Thiego. His second novel had been another success, so successful that the Wireless was in talks with Sparklight to turn it into a limited series. He was making great headway on his next novel. For once, writing did not feel like torture to him.

So then why was he so nervous? Unlike in the past, he would not have to put on some act of being content and happy because for once he was actually feeling pretty content and happy.

His palms were starting to sweat as his agent filled him in on the interview he was about to sit for with...Roger?

"Does he speak Spanish?" Thiego nervously asked. His English was barely passible. He could not do this in English.
 #38155  by Roger Donoghue
Roger hadn't taken up many interviews outside of the United Kingdom, nor had he taken many interviews that didn't revolve around crime. But quite frankly, due to Kit Harper's recent rise in fame, he found himself stuck for interesting stories in that field of work that would garner enough attention to overtake Harper. And recently, Roger found that in order to pay rent and eat, he needed to make money however he could. Perhaps he could speak with his editor-in-chief at some point to try and get the assignments altered so they didn't favour Kit so much!

But he doubted that would work since she clearly liked him after he did a few underhand favours for her. What a shrew that man was.

Roger stepped into the building, already chewing his sunflower seeds as he was greeted by one of the workers to guide him. Upon entering the office, he stepped in confidently, stretching his hand out to shake.

"Buenos días ¿Cómo está usted?" He greeted in Spanish, but then awkwardly glanced around. "English?" He asked less confidently.

It was suddenly very apparent that the only phrase he knew was 'good morning, how are you?'.
 #38205  by Thiego Macias
Ah! Spanish! Thiego relaxed a little as he shook Roger's hand. The feeling quickly faded as he realized the reporter was expecting this interview to happen in English. He shot his agent a quick and panicked sideways glance. Javier responded with a weak smile and muttered some assurances that it was going to be ok and then left the office.

"Uhm...Soy...eh good. I am good."

His English was better than that but not when he was so nervous he could not even think in his own native tongue.

He awkwardly took a seat, glancing out the dusty windows of the room to see if he could spot Javier.

"Gracias por...eh, thank you for meeting me," he gestured around the room trying to think of the word, "aqui."
 #38259  by Roger Donoghue
Roger shook his hand, nodding a little as the other returned the favour. By the way Thiego hesitated, Roger instantly knew this was not going to be entirely smooth sailing. Even more so as the man kept mixing up Spanish and English.

Oh, dear. He internally sighed.

"Not a problem." He spoke, perhaps a little too quickly as he took a seat. He waited a moment, glancing to the door, and then looked back to Thiego. "I'm guessing they didn't book an interpreter? Well, not to worry, we can keep going, I suppose..."

Pft, publishing companies and their lack of foresight.

"So, Thiego, what is more excited: your last novel being made into a limited series, or the progress of your next work?" He asked, pulling out a quick quotes quill and parchment.
 #38444  by Thiego Macias
Thiego was fairly certain he understood most of what his British interview was saying; what he could not translate from one language to the other was understood through the man's tone and facial expression. This was going to be a rough interview. Thiego just wanted to get through it as fast and as well and he could.

"You see, la novela es...well. Good. It is working well. I am hopeful I will be proud of it. The series is differente. It is a new experience so, si, it is more excited."
 #38457  by Roger Donoghue
Roger cringed on the inside. He had a feeling he would need to fill in a lot of blanks to make this a little more coherent in the actual transcript; if he didn't, he could be seen as mocking. But then again, there had been incidents before of people claiming he had misquoted them. Wasn't his fault he had to fix their grammar!

"Right, good. And could you explain the overall theme of your new project? Are their any key elements or emotions you are trying to convey?"
 #38747  by Thiego Macias
Thiego shifted in seat. He thought the interview was going to focus more on the Wireless series. He had not talked much about his new project with anyone; he always kept his projects close to his chest until everything was settled and the PR people could hand him a schedule of events he would be expected to speak about and Sparklight gave him approved sections to read during book signings.

"Ahh..es una historia...a story about being."

A story about being? He could not get the words to come out in English and more frustrated he got, the worse his translation got. He scowled and immediately regretted it. He probably looked like he was angry at the other man but he was more angry at the situation.

In sheer desperation he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, dragonhide bound notebook and a pencil. He kept the notebook on him at all times in case inspiration struck yet he'd never been more thankful for it than he was right now. He ripped out a blank page and used a quick charm to increase the size of the paper. He was going to need more landscape if he was going to answer the question.

In the middle of the page he drew a crude stick figure. He was a writer; not an artist.

"You see," he said, looking up at his interviewer and pointing to his stick figure man with his pencil, "todos, uh, each person is not made of a single thing. There is many things that...shape y make the person who they are being."

He drew out a series of other crude images, labeling them in Spanish. From each of those things he drew arrows to his stick figure and from his stick figure to the smaller images.

"You see?"

He just hoped his voice sounded confident and not like someone who wanted to crawl into a cave and die there.
 #38762  by Roger Donoghue
Roger stared at the drawing. For a moment, he felt hopeful when the other man began labelling them, though soon learned that it would, of course, be in Spanish. There was an uncomfortable pregnant pause as Roger tried to make sense of the doodles, not even bothering to hide his studying expression.

"Well...I am seeing...something but I'm not entirely sure what..." He spoke slowly, crunching down on a sunflower seed. He glanced at his Quick Quill, and even that seemed to falter. When even a quill could portray the expression of confusion, Roger knew he wasn't going mad.

"So...a history about how..." He squinted at the makeshift board. "About how everything is...related and intertwined? How...we impact on other things and they in turn impact on us, thus making us into something...new?"

Maybe he should get a job in taking hints from vague prophecies...
 #39054  by Thiego Macias
"No, n-" Thiego's expression fell and he shook his head. This was a disaster. He was going to leave this interview and fire his agent.

But then the man started getting it right and Thiego immediately got excited.

"Si, si, si. But no es, its not new. It is just what makes into who we are."