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 #37684  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Location: Karsten's workshop • Date: Spring 2004
Time of Day: Morning • Weather: Sunny, warm

Most days started off slow. Karsten didn't always get up early, but it seemed that when he did, he wasn't gaining in productivity. People generally didn't go for early morning broom rides. Or if they did, they didn't completely wreck their brooms while they were at it.

He'd opened up shop, turned the lights on, and had smoked his morning cigarette, staring outside at the brand new day. It was sunny, and spring had definetely arrived, but Karsten didn't share the birds' enthusiasm.

After his smoke, he'd grabbed the old Cleansweep he'd been working on on and off for a few weeks now. Not only was it a tired old broom, but it also didn't seem like it was able to brake anymore. Someone had tossed it in the rubbish, and the man had fished it out. He could use it to run tests, to repair it and see how much he could transform it into a decent broom on his own. He needed the distraction.

The wireless blared old hits from Wyvern of Wye, and the mechanic got to work, whistling.
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 #37791  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen wasn't usually one to take her broom with her on her travels and apparently for good reason, seeing as hers was now damaged. She'd travelled to visit some family in Germany and had brought along a broom, as her cousins wanted to play a friendly their game during her brief stop there. Eileen didn't get on with most her family, so the least she could do was indulge those who actually enjoyed her company. Her youngest cousin had got a bit aggressive when it was suggested that he was perhaps too young to join in the game and his burst of accidental magic had damaged her broom.

Luckily, her uncle had been able to refer her to a local broom mechanic who he said might be able to fix it. As she couldn't afford a new broom right now, she certainly hoped so. She'd been given the address, which she'd apparated nearby and was no walking towards the workshop. She gave a quick knock on the door, although she could hear Wyvern of Wye playing in the background and she wasn't sure if the mechanic had heard her. Somewhat tentatively, she entered the workshop to find the mechanic.
 #37795  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten's whistling was interrupted by a good dose of swearing as he polished the broom handle and found himself with a hand full of splinters. What the hell did people do to their broomsticks that made them so broken? Did people not just ride brooms like normal human beings?

He threw his sandpaper down in frustration, and went to his first aid kit. The box comprised of mostly Muggle elements, but there were also some magical ointments and a first aid healing spells book. Splinters weren't quite that bad, but they were certainly annoying, and as he tended to his hand, back towards the door, he didn't see anyone coming in.
 #37803  by Eileen Foxlove
It appeared the broom mechanic hadn't heard her, as he had carried on doing with his tasks. Eileen smiled lightly to herself as she heard him swear and carry on; these small glimpses into other people's lives and how they behaved when they didn't think anyone was watching, were really interesting to her.

She wasn't sure how to approach him - slowly, so as not to make him jump, or quickly and loudly to alert him to her presence. She decided to approach him slowly. "Hello?" She still wasn't sure if he'd heard, so she reached out a hand and tapped him in the shoulder.
 #37807  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten jumped when he felt the touch on his shoulder. He had been told that as a werewolf, his senses would be heightened, he would be more perceptive of his environment. Apparently not so. Not, at least, while I ride the dragon was playing. Overplayed song, really, but damn if that riff wasn't catchy.

He swore loudly, and immediately turned around, demeanour as inviting as it usually was. Which was to say, not very.

'What do you want?' Karsten asked gruffly, in his mother tongue. Everyone in Todesfelde was used to Karsten's manners. It was newcomers that were surprised.
 #37808  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen jumped back as he swore and turned around and smiled meekly back at him.

She didn't know much German, much to the chagrin of her cousins, but she knew a little - and enough about social interactions to know that he was probably asking her what she was doing in his workshop. She held her damaged broom up for him to see. "You fix brooms?" She wondered if he spoke English, and whether her uncle would've had the foresight to think about her difficulty with German.
 #37809  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten didn't smile back at the woman, but at least he was not glaring at her. Immediately his glance met the broom, and he grabbed it from her hands, inspecting it.

'Yes, that I can,' he replied. His English was tentative, but not as bad as he expected. 'What happen?'
 #37833  by Eileen Foxlove
"Accidental magic," Eileen replied succinctly. As he inspected her broom, she shuffled from one foot to the other, feeling rather uncomfortable. She suddenly wished she had brought along one of her cousins with her to do the talking. As annoying as they could be, it was easy enough to zone out and nod along to whatever one of them was saying and they always took the attention from her. She didn't particularly like one-to-one scenarios such as this one.

"Can it be fixed?" she asked awkwardly, glancing longingly at her splintered broom.
 #37840  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten looked at the broom intently, turning it around and examining every little bit, from the end of the handle to the singed bristles. He was silent for a long moment, neither noticing nor caring about the awkward silence that had penetrated the workshop. It wasn't awkward on his end, really, truth be told.

'Yes,' he replied simply. 'I won't be finished today.' He was going to add this to his list of things to do, of course, but it wasn't the highest priority on his list. Other people had come around for some general broom maintenance, and it wasn't because now he was tinkering with the Cleansweep, his pet project, that he was completely ignoring those.

'Are you in the village?' Karsten hadn't seen her before, not that he could remember. And Todesfelde was horrifyingly tiny. There was very little chance of him not knowing every single inhabitant. People knew each other by name, here, and they knew your parents, and they'd seen you grow up, had talked about you when you were a teenager, and were now judging you as an adult. Such was life in Todesfelde.
 #37852  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen nodded. She wasn't bothered that it wouldn't be fixed today, so long as it could be fixed. It wouldn't matter too much if she had to extend her travels by a few days either; it would simply mean that she would have to skip a few towns on her list to visit this time around.

"I don't live here." He probably already knew that. "I'm staying with my uncle - Hugh Marquardt?" She said this as a question, although she realised that it was likely that the broom mechanic knew of her uncle.
 #37854  by Karsten Funkenfluss
'Marquardt,' Karsten repeated, his voice neutral. 'I know him.' Didn't like him any more than the other people in the village, but that was his general attitude about everyone here.

'Accidental magical, you said,' Karsten added. 'Explain how it happened.'
 #37858  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen pressed her lips together, not sure what to say. The broom mechanic didn't seem to have much to say either. Eileen wondered if any of her customers ever thought of her as standoffish.

He'd asked her a question, she realised. She stood a little straighter, recalling the tale. "We thought Alaric was too young to join in the Quidditch game," she told him. "He was quite cross and apparently it was my fault. My broom glowed bright orange and then splintered." It had scorch marks inside, as though it had been set alight. Since moving out of her family home, Eileen was used to second hand items and she wasn't bothered by the appearance of her broom. She thought the few scorch marks might even add character.
 #37862  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten's brow furrowed as he ran his hands on the broomstick, letting his palms and fingers discover the damage. He said nothing as his customer spoke, but took special attention on the splintered handle. This had been damaged badly. He could repair it, of course, but it would take a while.

'I can repair the magical damage,' he assured her. 'But it will bear marks. Magic can't undo everything.'
 #37863  by Eileen Foxlove
Eileen nodded, understanding. Just as she thought. "I got the broom for my 17th birthday," she told him, unsure why she was doing so, even as the words were coming out of her mouth. She had been so excited to unwrap it. That had been the last birthday she had spent in her family home, the last birthday present she had received from her parents. Her chosen career had been far too shameful for them. It wasn't even the sentiment behind the broom that was particularly special to her; she simply couldn't afford to buy a new one. She had more important things to use her wage on.

"How much will it cost?" she asked, tipping her head to the side as she surveyed her broom.
 #37871  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten nodded as she spoke, not really listening at all. He didn't care about the customer's sob story about her broom. He didn't care about anyone's story. He just needed base details, anything more was superfluous and made him uncomfortable. He kept others at a distance, why couldn't others return the curteousy?

'Six Galleons,' he replied. 'Eight if you need a rush job.'