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 #37475  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana chewed her lip, but soon resolved herself to drink from her glass again. It was somewhat a comfort, but also a way to procrastinate her answer.

"Well, I...I..." She grimaced. "I suppose eventually he will figure out I'm a fraud regardless, and I'm now becoming more and more aware that to string him along like this is doing more harm than good. I don't really think I'll be able to make him happy, and perhaps it would be best if I just cut it off now..."

The idea of a divorce so early in her life saddened her, and she immediately drank down more wine.

"I guess so, yes..."
 #37492  by Florian Dahl
Florian looked at her a moment before an almost amused smile came to his face. But finally he said,

"You can't stop yourself, can you? even now you can't stop from putting the burden of your actions on someone else' shoulders."

He paused then with out further explanation, to see if she could understand his meaning with out it.
 #37506  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana wrinkled her nose slightly.

"Okay, fine, yes. I should leave him because I'm not happy; I made the wrong decision, and now I'm making choice for myself and my own wellbeing. I don't want to be miserable all my life."
 #37538  by Florian Dahl
"There you go," said Florian with a nod. "and trust me... when you tell him, this will go better if you don't throw in that you are really doing it for his sake, because you are making him unhappy. Just own up to the fact that you don't want to be married any more for... whatever your reasons are. I mean if a reason is because he beats you that is on him. But if your reasons are because you are doing it for his sake well... anyone can see through and argue with that bull shit."

This was... such an odd conversation to be having with her. Florian never would have pictured it in a million years! He felt as if the world had shifted a bit. Almost light Ana was herself... and a different person to him.

"So what now?" he said curiously. "Will you stay in England? Move back to Germany? Go some place else?'
 #37539  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana frowned. She wondered if her convinced attitude would last the trip back to England...

"Honestly? I don't know. I know for one thing, I don't want to be an accountant. But I can't really experiment with anything else if I'm being uprooted. Deity is stable for me, but I do miss Germany. I also miss Russia in some respects. I suppose it's just one step at a time."

Speaking of which, she glanced at the clock again.

"I hope he didn't plan anything too spectacular...what a horrible day to do it on." She sighed.
 #37612  by Florian Dahl
"Oh?" said Florian, tilting his head a bit to the side curiously.

"And are you going to tell me this wasn't just a bit by design? You don't sort of want him to throw a fit, or act cold, so that you don't feel so bag bringing up how you want to divorce him? You didn't come down here on this day of all days on purpose?"
 #37613  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana furrowed her brows at him, her face starting to sour.

"There's no need to get clever, Florian. I'm aware of the implications of this, but it doesn't make it any nicer for him or me in the end. Any day with a name is a bad idea for a break up as it's a constant reminder every year. I hadn't actually planned to divorce him until this discussion but..." She sighed. "I also couldn't bare the idea of sitting in some fancy restaurant, proclaiming love to each other, pretending it's all normal when it's really just...not."

She looked at the clock once more, and then resigned herself.

"I have to go, Florian. The longer this drags out, the more likely I am to buckle."
 #37619  by Florian Dahl
Florian shrugged, then said, “Ok, suit yourself. “

He stood up then to show her to the door, saying as he did, “Just promise me one thing Ana... take hold of your life, and your responsibilities. Don’t slip into the victim roll. If you can do that, you will ultimately gain strength, and feel better in the end. This is all I want for you.”
 #37620  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana drank down the rest of her wine before following him to the door. She pressed her lips together, and then nodded.

"I wish you the best of luck, Florian. I wish you the best."

She hesitated, but then turned to exit and head home.
 #37627  by Florian Dahl
"Good bye Ana," Florian said with a slight smile, closing the door behind her as she left.

It was odd but he felt... oddly better then he had in a long time! A little sad but... He realized this was just the closure he needed. It was finally clear to him that he and Ana were just not meant to be and... he was ok with that...