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 #36045  by Zsuzsanna Hetenyi
Zsuzsanna peeped into the room, eyes large like dinner plates. She liked the decor of the room, the layout, the set up - it was far more tasteful than anything she could think of. She was somewhat talented at flower arrangements, and enjoyed making tiny little ornament for miniature 'faerie gardens' in plant pots, but that was as far as her creativity went. It wasn't something she liked to brag about either. Maybe she would be able to sneak some time to make one or two, perhaps set up a terrarium in her room if she had enough funds to do so. That was quite an exciting thought.

"So...it's like being invisible..." She whispered, as though the furniture had ear and was listening in on her words. "But that's understandable; I wouldn't like to watch someone go through my things, even if it is just to clean. It feels invasive..."

She bit her lip, then glanced at Elisabeta.

"Uhm, how much longer will you be around? Working, I mean..." She felt rude asking; she knew i some countries it was rude to ask due dates because they assumed you was simply trying to find out when they conceived, something rather private. She hoped she'd phrased it in a way to say she wasn't trying to pry in on that.
 #36052  by Elisabeta Popescu
"If my husband had his way I would not be working at all," Elisabeta laughed as they moved on. She briefly indicated one of the guest rooms before leading the way down the dark hardwood staircase into the hall below.

"But as long as I feel well enough I like to keep busy. The midwife thinks it will be just a couple of weeks, but we will see. I will likely have you help me right away with the laundry beginning tomorrow, as it requires a bit of lifting, but other than that I will be around here and there... as well, my cottage is just down the path in the woods if you should need anything. Ah, here--"

Elisabeta stopped in front of a door, but this one she did not open.

"Doama Balcescu's office. You do not enter it, and even if the door is open you must stand outside unless she calls you in. This is very important. Do you understand?"
 #36056  by Zsuzsanna Hetenyi
Zsuzsanna wanted to compliment her, or offer encouragement or support for her pregnancy, but she just didn't know what to say. She tested it out a few times in her mind: 'You must be excited', 'are you hoping for a boy or a girl?', I bet your husband is over the moon' but nothing felt right, and by the time she found something that could work, too much time had passed for her to say it. Instead, she offered a small smile, then nodded with acceptance that she would be helping with the laundry tomorrow.

She stepped up beside Elisabeta, looking over the seemingly large and intimidating door. Perhaps it was the thought of what was inside that caused concern; the notion of it being so important and forbidden to the point of being unable to even look inside. They were to be invisible, but apparently even ghosts had shadows should they enter without consent.

"I understand." She confirmed. "Are there uhm...many rooms like this? You know, that we aren't allowed to enter? I'm a little bit er...afraid I will forget which ones are which..."

Maybe she could secretly mark them. Or maybe she could draw up a map and write which ones she could and couldn't go in.
 #36155  by Elisabeta Popescu
"You are not permitted in the basement," Elisabeta answered curtly, though her tone at no point changed from being polite. She had enough practice by now with the other girls at the main house.

"Other than that, this is the only one. These other rooms on this hall are for guests and visitors, and you will need to tidy them from time to time. Along with the living room, of course," she indicated the seating area as they entered the open living room they had started in.

"And as for the kitchen, the usual chores will be necessary. Occasionally Domnul Balcescu will clean dishes if he prepares a meal, but do not expect it. We are here to assist with these things, after all."
 #36170  by Zsuzsanna Hetenyi
Zsuzsanna nodding once again. She did feel silly with her continuation of question-asking, but sometimes she was desperate to get the details right before she could do what she was supposed to. It was perhaps better to double, triple, or even quadruple check sometimes. She bit her lip, thinking.

"What kind of food should be cooked? Are there pre-made recipes?" She asked, yet another question.

Internally, she also began to think how she would handle meat; she didn't want to touch raw meat - sometimes even eggs made her feel gross - so perhaps magic was the best cause of action for that.