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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #35448  by Manuela Balan
She took a deep breath and turned towards him.

"You're being unfair," she accused though her tone was delicate. "I did want to know who you were, I waited patiently and listened as you revealed small pieces," she swallowed thickly as she remembered his tin box. "I wanted to know, you are the one who did not trust me enough to tell me," she argued as again she felt a bout of anger flaring up in the pit of her stomach.
 #35814  by Radu Georgescu
Radu knew he had a choice to make. He could keep pushing her away until she gave up for good, or he could give in and just tell her what she wanted to her.

What she thought she was ready to hear.

He sucked in heavy breath as he made his choice. He might as well give her what she wanted. He was going to lose her either way, and at least if she knew the truth neither of them would have to look back and wonder 'what if?'

"You only think you want to know because you can't possibly imagine just what the truth it. How could I expect you to forgive me, to still see me as good and worthy of a life filled with love and light and laughter if I can't even forgive myself?" he huffed. He was clearly upset. This was something he never wanted to have to do. It was the reason he had always been so reserved and afraid to put himself out there despite having longed for companionship and intimacy.

"Tell me, Manuela, what do you feel is the worst sin a man can commit? Would you still be able to marry that man?"
 #35891  by Manuela Balan
It couldn't possibly be as reprehensible as he implied. Her mind couldn't even conjure images of him committing such horrible acts.

Even if she were to forgive what he had done, he had still hidden them from her. Not to mention that he had yet to forgive himself. She shook her head.

"I will walk away now," she warned him. "I will keep to memory the man I knew, rather than the man you hid," she finally relented. God could deal with his sins.
 #36109  by Radu Georgescu
So this was it. He was sad but certainly not surprised. One of the things he had learned growing up in the orphanage was that life was never going to be good. You were never going to get adopted. You were never going to be good enough to go to school or get brought on as an apprentice. You were going to be a farmer and work until you died. And as it turned out the nuns had been right. He was not good enough, had not been good enough, to change his fate. So maybe he was not a farmer, but he still had callouses on his hands from the work he did every day.

"La revedere, Manuela."