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 #34320  by Nadezhda Katoracov
Location: Dumitrescu Greenery • Date: Monday Afternoon, 22 December, 2003

"Oh, thank you," Nadezhda smiled warmly at the floral attendant who had been assisting her, or at least had been trying to. She had put up a bit of a fuss and though she rarely liked to envoke her husband's family name for personal benefit the young apprentice was simply not of the level of help she needed for this occasion. She needed an expert.

"I appreciate it, truly, I just must speak with Radu instead, you understand," she explained. "It seems we have another event to plan for, though I assure you I am quite happy with the choices we made for the Christmas party, they will absolutely dazzle the guests..."
 #35041  by Radu Georgescu
With only a few days until Christmas, Radu and his new apprentice were extremely busy. They had over twenty orders left to fulfill before mid-day on Christmas Eve. They were likely going to need to work late hours to make it on time.

Radu was looking forward to it. Every minute he spent working on an order was minute he did not have to spend in his new, unwelcoming flat. Work was the only thing that kept him going these days. When he had shown up to the Greenery two months ago he had intended to give his notice but Mrs. Dumitrescu, as always, found a way to talk him out of it. So he was back, seemingly for good, or at least until his loneliness and fear sent him running.

"Daniel, I need the boxwood for the Voinescu order..." he harped at his young apprentice as he emerged from his hiding place behind the build-your-own bouquet display.

He stopped in his tracks at the sight of Nadezhda.

"You can bring it to me when you are done assisting Doamna Katoracov," he quickly spit out before turning on his heel to return to his hiding spot.
 #35044  by Nadezhda Katoracov
"Radu! There you are!" Nadezhda beamed, pleasantly unaware of any bile in the other man's tone if it were at all pleasant. She quite liked Radu, no one could create an arrangement like he could, and she was usually willing to pay him very handsomely for his talent as well.

"Please, I promise I will only be a minute. I was just telling Daniel that I only trusted my orders with you."

The mother of three-and-then-some and grandmother to a handful of children smiled warmly in the way that only grandmothers and mothers could, then reached into her back to locate a small parcel that she immediately held out to the man that was attempting to escape. That much she may have noticed, but she paid it no mind.

She was a Katoracov, after all.

"I have also brought you some gingerbread, lest you think I had forgotten."
 #36000  by Radu Georgescu
Radu had not been fast enough. He would look rude to ignore her now and the last thing he wanted was Doamna Dumitrescu getting after him for not catering to needs of one of their best customers. He reluctantly made his way to Nadya and dismissed Daniel to go do something away from earshot.

"Mulțumesc," he thanked her as he took the small parcel of cookies.
 #36004  by Nadezhda Katoracov
"You are very welcome," the older woman nodded, still looking delighted.

Hopefully there would be no hard feelings with the conversation that was about to occur, but she wasn't going to count on it. She knew how things had gone and how they went and even though her husband and daughter had done their best to clean up the mess there were still a few loose ends here and there and, well, he had not managed to escape her despite his best efforts.

"I am having something of a floral emergency," she explained, straight and to the point.

"I need your assistance and I am willing to pay whatever fees are necessary. I would trust no one else with the job. Do you think that you could find some time? I promise I would make it worth your while."
 #36097  by Radu Georgescu
No, he did not think he could find the time; and, it was not just because she was a Katoracov. Radu had been smart enough to see what had happened to his friend. While he had no proof Malanda and her family were behind Pavel's arrest in America, he knew damn well they were behind his continued imprisonment. People with power like that did not let their closest friends and allies rot in a foreign jail. It had not been hard for Radu to see the Katoracov's no longer saw Pavel as someone in that group.

He was not sure how much of a role the woman standing before him had played in the whole affair but it did not matter; a favor for her was a favor for all of them.

"We are quite busy, Doamna. I can't make any promises that I will be able to fulfill your order but if you tell me what you need I can try."

He was lying. He was not going to try. He was going to take her request for whatever last minute wreaths or table centerpieces she needed and then tomorrow or whenever just tell her he was sorry but they had not been able to get to it. He would offer her a discount on any of the pre-made arrangements sold to those without custom orders and offer a free arrangement for the future. But he was not going to help her out. Not after her family had decided not to help Pavel.