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Her questioning whether he was Russian or not seemed apparently almost out of nowhere, but Kirill nonetheless couldn't help but smirk at her comment.

"What gave it away? My handsome looks, or the accent?" He joked, it was most likely his accent although his would not be harshly different from other Eastern European foreigners especially not to untrained ears that could only hear distinct inflections. Russia was the best gander, better yet the Soviet Union might have been the best guess, but that coalition of countries was long in shambles.
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Romanov. Now that was a name that had many different ways of looking at it. He knew of many Romanov's... Although it was funny that she would relate a name to perhaps one of the more common Russian last names.

"How about Federov? Do you like Federov?" He hoped the answer was 'yes' and there was a glint of hope in his gaze. He could never have imagined having such a distinctly romantic moment at work... If one could call this romantic. Then again Kirill had a habit of jumping to conclusions.
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The witch looked up, this time holding the salesman's gaze instead of looking back down immediately, resting a pair of pristinely manicured hands on the edge of the glass counter. Her doe eyes were wide and innocent, just enough that one might hesitate to make a conclusive judgment as to its authenticity.

"On who exactly?"
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Kirill watched the woman, his gaze peeled upon her own. She had something to say, there was something there.. Or maybe there wasn't. He wanted to have some kind of power that would allow him to read her thoughts immediately. It would have been nice. But no such thing for now. For a moment he just let silence fall between them, before smiling.

"Me, of course."
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A small, kittenish smile crept onto Nola's lips at the expected answer.

She wondered if he thought what she'd thought.

Then again, knowing the answer to that would be half less the fun.

"That isn't fair," she pouted facetiously. "You're making me have to say that I absolutely love it on you, just in case my commission comes back with a little unexpectedly added jinx."
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The British let out a brief, tinkling giggle despite herself. It wasn't the most creative nor the most articulate of compliments. The retired athlete was too familiar with compliments like this one that Monsieur Federov offered. Still, in the right circumstances, by the right person, it still was a pleasure to hear and receive. And by the way Nola's smile bloomed not only on her rouged lips but in her eyes, the Russian was certainly not far off the mark.

"Oh dear, now that makes you even more suspicious. A man will say anything to a girl they think is pretty," she shook her head slightly, though her tone was playful. "Here, how about this?" Almost as if thoughtlessly, her hand reached to briefly pat the back of his that leaned against his side of the counter before retracting to gesture idly.

"I will let you know the answer when I come by next time to pick up the finished product of my commission."

Nola batted her long, golden lashes in a passing flash of innocuousness.

"You are lucky that I was a Hufflepuff back at Hogwarts, monsieur. We play things fair."
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If nothing else, Kirill felt a strong sense of accomplishment for having been able to woo the girl, or at least amuse her for a short amount of time. It meant she would come back, or maybe send him some kind of little thank you card later by owl. He hoped that would be the case anyway, for he was in this short interaction growing fond. Although in truth the Russian grew fond easily, and dropped his lovers easier. Perhaps this was just another case of the same old same old. He could never tell at the start of it all.

There was a slight touch, Kirill looked down, then up.

"And do you intend to owl me, what it is this commission is?" He had no idea what a Hufflepuff was, apparently something to do with Hogwarts.. Which was a school in England from his understanding, he knew vaguely of it but nothing about it. That name did not remotely sound like a word though!
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Unlike the Russian, his client did not seem to compute why on earth she would owl him for the order now that she was physically here, as evidenced by the slight puzzlement in her expression before she bent her head to reach into her bag to produce a simple, inconspicuous-looking wooden case, no thicker than the heart of her palm and no longer than her forearm from wrist to the inside of her elbow. Setting the case down between them, she lifted the lid and let it rest on the counter.

"Maybe with another commission, but this is a little.... unusual."

Nestled in clearly quality velvet was a beautiful hairbrush.

The finer details —authentic re'em bristles, grained reddish wood of an olive tree trunk from Greece itself— may well elude an untrained eye, but on the back of the handle should the male lift and turn the item, intricate engravings that resembled entwining olive branches with emptied leaf-shaped hollows still indicated that it was far from the regular store-bought product.

Nola drummed absent-mindedly against the glass, coloured nails emitting a staccato stream of tap-tap-tap.

"I am looking to inlay gems in the handle. For the leaves, as you can tell."
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Of course, in Kirill's assumptions he had believed that he might have had driven the girl away. Which was why he assumed she was going to owl him instead of standing one more unbearable minute in this very shop with him, having to deal with his irritating remarks. The slightest bit of insecurity washed over his person but then he seemed to relax, leaning forward a little bit to watch her reveal something he wasn't necessarily expecting - a hair brush.

He would pick it up tenderly and give it a good look over, he was quite impressed by its craftsmanship and he enjoyed how much weight it had in his palm. Nonetheless his gaze would find itself upon the olive branches and the leaf-shaped hollows.

"Ah. Yes, that can be done..." Although he did look upon it with a great degree of seriousness, for he was concerned about potentially ruining the brush by doing so. The stones would have to be chiseled into pure and perfect precision. They would have to be immaculate to fit here.

"What gems did you have in mind?"
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"That is where I need you," his client responded with a brief, coquettish tilt of one pristinely shaped brow, clearly not so fazed by the suggestion in her phrasing even if she hadn't quite intended it that way when she'd uttered the words.

Ever the expert in playing the 'not-trying-too-hard' card, Nola quickly returned to the less-suggestive topic at hand.

"I don't want to say that money is no object." Certainly she was by no means rich, though she could have been, if the former athlete had been even the slightest bit more restrained with decent prize money she had once upon a time been raking in. At least she had the designer lined fur (real, too!) poncho on her shoulders to show for it. It was not all futile. "But, I don't want just any ragtag stone either. They should be worth keeping for a long time, maybe even to pass down one day. Good stones. And stones that would hold up well with magical charms."

Not that she had decided yet what charms to imbue the hairbrush with, but why let that stop her? "It's the colours that I have the real trouble with. You'd think green would be the most obvious, but that's so boring. My niece is only—"

Stopping short, Nola frowned. How old was Olive? Five? Six?

She shrugged decidedly, more to herself than to the male. "Well, either way, she's only a child. Something colourful would be so much more fun for a child, don't you think?" She looked expectantly at him, eager for confirmation.
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Kirill kept looking over the hair brush, over and over again he would touch the wood and try to think of what would be ideal for this sort of wood and color.

"I understand." He responded, slowly now putting away the hair brush back into its box. He would from behind the counter pull out a little notepad and start to draw and write on it.

"A child, so yes, we will go colourful. Not too expensive, but there are several spots and this wood is very light so we could go with alternating light and dark pigments for the stones." He would draw out the back of the brush where the inlets for the leaves were.

"So, I was thinking an amethyst, an amber...A peridot... A garnet... And for the center - either an opal or an ammolite." He listed off some rather well known stones although he realized not everyone knew what an ammolite was.

"Ammolite's are rather bright, and look like rainbow dragon scales.. What do you think?"
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Rainbow dragon scales were all well and fancy, but the student in costume design was preoccupied by another suggestion on the list. Nola peered at the jeweller's draft in progress, her mind conjuring up colours of the stones that he was suggesting.

"Hmm," she hummed, nose wrinkled lightly in concentration.

"I don't know. Amethyst and peridot? Purple next to green looks a little ... tacky, don't you think?"

Or perhaps she simply associated that too much with the villain in one of her favourite childhood fairytales.... who had horns sprouting from her head, and produced emerald balls of flames, and conjured up an evil black dragon to fend off the handsome prince.

Who said muggles had no imagination?
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"Tacky?" He seemed almost offended, green and purple looked rather nice together if he had to say so himself although he had also never implied the order in which the stones would go.

"Tch. These were just my offerings, I can place them in whatever order you like the green and purple don't have to be NEXT to each other if you are so inclined." This was a bit of a headache, and he would have never thought of those two stones next to each other as tacky. Nonetheless this was for a small child, who wouldn't think twice about such a thing, only be mesmerized by the nicely carved jewels. Unbelievable!

"Perhaps you would like a more yellow peridot, then next to the amethyst we could say it is more... mm.. complimentary? Purple and yellow..."