A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33111  by Zeke Warren
Zeke finally sat down, fed up with the person standing next to him. He was enjoying the music, but just didn't like dancing as much. He glanced up at Jaime, grinning. When the Vampyres finished their first song, he cupped his hands around his mouth and cheered.
 #33258  by Lucia Flores Medina
The band continued to perform and Lucia continued to dance until she started to get sore. Eventually, she sat down next to Jaime, her breath coming out a bit heavy. "Gotta save energy for Perecles," she chirped, glancing sideways. She was still concerned about Jaime, but didn't want to say anything more. Instead, she patted his knee.
 #33259  by Zeke Warren
Zeke noticed Jaime sit and reached across, taking his hand. He then leaned his head on Jaime's shoulder, singing the song under his breath. Eventually, he heard Lucia plop down on the other side of his boyfriend, and grinned. "They shouldn't be too much longer." Just as he said that, the band announced that they had one more song.
 #33336  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime gave Zeke’s hand a squeeze when it was placed in his, and leaned his head on top of the other’s. He smiled, listening to him sing. Then, his attention was drawn to Lucia sitting down on the other side of him and nodded. “Can’t give your new enemy the satisfaction of us not cheering,” he stuck his tongue out at her.

At the end of the Vampyres’ performance, he gave a small cheer from his seat.
 #33338  by Lucia Flores Medina
Lucia narrowed her eyes. "That witch is going to hear my cheers in her nightmares for weeks," she said, her tone dangerous. She was having too much fun to linger on the model, though, and instead moved on to cheering as the Vampyres left the stage. "I'm so glad we're doing this together!"
 #33341  by Zeke Warren
Zeke grinned, watching the stage crew switch out the instruments on stage. "This is really fun," he said, glancing across at Lucia, then back at Jaime.

Just then, the room exploded in screams and cheers and Zeke instinctively covered his ears.
 #33342  by Perecles Elfick
Perecles stepped out on stage, happy with the noise in the room. He glanced back, flashing a smile at Keira, before turning his attention to the audience.

"Good evening, Madrid!" he called, spreading his arms out in welcome. "Thanks for coming, whether you're from here, or came from away just to see me! Especially if you came from across an ocean!" He didn't know exactly where in the audience Lucia and her friends were, but the last part was specifically directed at them. He then turned around to face away from the audience. He drew in a deep breath, then spun around, launching immediately into his hit song, Don't Go Spelling My Heart.
 #33457  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime didn’t realize his eyes had closed during the set change until screams filled the room again. He willed himself to stand up and cheer for his idol, though he immediately got a head rush and had to use all energy he could muster to stay standing. Despite how he was feeling, however, he got giddy as the pop star spoke and began to cheer as he started singing.
 #33462  by Lucia Flores Medina
Lucia Maria Flores Medina was a simple girl. She saw Perecles Elfick walk out on stage, she started to scream. Not only that, she leaped to her feet, waving her arms in the air. She didn't stop screaming even when he started to sing, and even began dancing, her earlier joint pain forgotten.
 #33463  by Zeke Warren
Zeke, on the other hand, stayed seated, his shoulders moving ever-so-slightly to the beat. Although he did like listening to music, Perecles Elfick wasn't exactly his style, and he preferred to listen to music in the privacy of his home. He was having fun, though, as he cupped his hands around his mouth and cheered as the pop star launched into a dance break in the middle of the song.
 #33500  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime remained standing and singing until the end of the first song. His legs then began to become too tired to ignore. So he plopped back down into his seat with as much mock excitement as he could. Maybe he could play it off as wanting to be close to his boyfriend for a song.