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 #32649  by Lucia Flores Medina
Location: Perecles Elfick Concert, Madrid • Date: November 10

Lucia was on cloud nine. It had been a while since she had actually seen the pop star, and part of her secretly wondered if he even remembered meeting her that day in Diagon Alley. However, the expression on her best friend's face was completely worth it all.

It was nice to be back at home. She had spent so much time in England and Stateside that she had almost forgotten how nice it was to be able to speak Spanish regularly.

"Here we are!" she exclaimed, turning around and beaming at the lovebirds. "And through those doors, the opportunity of a lifetime! A Perecles Elfick Meet and Greet!" She winked first at Jaime, then at Zeke.
 #32650  by Zeke Warren
Zeke couldn't believe he was back in Spain. It had been a little over two years, and his life was completely different now. He gave a small grin, holding Jaime's hand comfortably as the trio made their way through the crowd.

"You excited?" he asked Jaime in a low voice, even though he was sure he knew the answer. Up ahead, Lucia, who seemed like she was vibrating, turned to talk to them too. He gave Jaime's hand a squeeze.
 #32663  by Jaime Reyes
It had been almost two years since Jaime had decided to move away from the place he had grown up in. It felt good to be back though, especially with his best friend and boyfriend. He just wished his energy was better this trip. He had taken a nap just before they left for the concert, so hopefully he would be okay. Actually, scratch that, he would be okay.

He nodded his head rapidly at Zeke’s question, half-skipping down the hallway. “I’m so ready to meet my idol!”
 #32664  by Lucia Flores Medina
Lucia turned back around, holding up her backstage pass to the security guard standing outside the door. "We're all part of the meet and greet," she explained. The guard stood aside, letting her push open the doors, ignoring the slight ache in her joints.

On the other side of the door were a large gaggle of giggling fangirls. Lucia ignored them, leading her friends to the other side of the room. "He'll be in here soon," she said, glancing around the room.
 #32665  by Zeke Warren
Zeke squeezed Jaime's hand as they passed through the door behind Lucia. "That'll be the two of you. Now I just need to meet Shakespeare. Oh right, I can't," he said dryly. It was only a joke. He grinned at Lucia, then glanced around at the fangirls who were eyeing him and Jaime suspiciously.

"Oh, like boys can't like him too," he said, rolling his eyes. A far cry from his shyness two years ago.
 #32668  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime returned the squeeze, nodding at the security guard as he followed his friend. “So that’s who your idol is, eh? I bet I could arrange something or another.” He winked at Zeke.

He became aware of all the fangirls’ glances as Zeke spoke. “Ignore them, they’re just jealous of our awesomeness,” he chuckled. “Oh, and Wusha’s alright-ness.” His tongue stuck out at Lucia.
 #32671  by Perecles Elfick
He loved the sound of screaming fangirls as he walked into a room. Perecles beamed, watching the group go crazy as he waved. "Hey there, ladies," he said, beaming. Then his eyes fell on a trio standing against the wall.

"Lucia!" he exclaimed, walking over and embracing her into a warm hug. Even though it had been a while, there was no way he would have forgotten the tiny blonde.

Then he glanced sideways at the two boys standing with her. "And you must be Jaime," he said, grinning at the darker skinned boy before nodding at the third friend. "And Zeke?" He remembered what Lucia had said, though, and turned his attention back to Jaime. "It's so nice to finally meet you," he said, sticking out his hand.
 #32672  by Lucia Flores Medina
Lucia heard the screaming of the other girls before she saw the star. But when she saw him, she gave a cheeky grin, watching him come straight to her.
One of her hands went to Jaime's shoulder, holding him back, since she knew he would be going gaga just like the girls. When Perecles reached her, she hugged him back. "Hey there, superstar," she chirped before taking a step back to let him do what they had discussed.

If this didn't propel her to best friend of the universe, she didn't know what would.
 #32673  by Zeke Warren
Zeke's jaw dropped. Sure, Lucia had somehow managed to get three backstage passes to the concert, and sure, she had apparently met Perecles Elfick before, but this was enough to make him think it was all a dream.

"N-nice to meet you," he whispered, watching Jaime carefully. He was sure his boyfriend was about to explode.
 #32760  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime whipped his head toward the sound of the screaming girls, hurting his neck a bit in the process. When he saw the subject of the screams, he let out a short squeak of his own.

His jaw fell as the star approached them, and even more so (if possible) when he gave Lucia a hug. And then, Perecles was talking to him and knew his name and wanted to shake his hand and... Jaime stood there blankly a few moments, jaw still ajar, almost certain he was vibrating a bit.

"H-hi." He finally spurted out, reaching out to shake the pop star's hand.
 #32766  by Zeke Warren
Not sure what to do, Zeke settled for standing behind Jaime, ready to catch him if his boyfriend spontaneously fainted or something like that. Not being as big a fan of the star, he hadn't brought anything to be signed.
 #32797  by Jaime Reyes
Jaime finally snapped out of his stupor as he shook Perecles' hand. At the question of something to sign, he began searching his pockets for the photo he had packed just for this moment. Unfortunately, all he could find was his wallet and a pack of tissues. "Shoot," he muttered under his breath. He must have forgotten it at the hotel in his grogginess. Sighing, he pulled out one of the tissues. "It's clean, I promise."
 #32801  by Perecles Elfick
Perecles smirked, taking the photo from Lucia and signing it with a pen while Jaime searched his pockets. When he was handed a tissue, he gave a polite grin, although he wasn't really a fan of signing mundane things.

"All good," he said, however, taking the tissue and signing it. "To Jaime, my biggest fan. Be the Gold to my Niffler. Love Perecles," he murmured as he wrote.