"I love it," Luca grinned, his hand finding hers again. "And I love you. And I love this."

It was easier to say now, somehow. Maybe because he had just accepted his sins and his faults, maybe because focusing on Michelle helped him keep from focusing on his last conversation with his wife.

He still couldn't bring himself to take the ring off of his finger. Would it even come off if he tried? It had been so long, now.

"I was thinking about visiting the altar after breakfast," he mused, running his thumb gently across the back of Michelle's hand.

"And then I might work on a few things. So you can have some time to focus. I don't want to get in your way the whole afternoon."
Michelle was glad at least one person was making use of the small chapel that came with her villa. It seemed that each one she saw had one. Party all night and then pray their sins away? The seemed to be the way of life for the Italian echelon and Michelle figured she would just be part of it. Sometimes she didn't pray, though, because why pretend?

But religion was still important to Luca. She knew how this must have looked to outsiders; a man still faithful to his religious rituals but having an extramarital affair. Michelle didn't understand it herself, but she understood how much religion was a part of Luca.

"Would you... like me to join you?" Michelle asked against her better judgment.

Played By: Arsene
His relationship with Michelle was as strange as his relationship with God, each in their own bizarre and interesting way.

He loved Michelle. He loved God. He did not love his sins, or the things he had to do to live his life.

And Michelle went to church begrudgingly, into her Catholic halls and Catholic homes, with the same iconography but different words, different rituals. All for the same God, in the end. So did it matter how they handled it? Did it matter who spoke to God in which way? It probably mattered that Michelle sometimes seemed as if she was only going along with it for his sake. But he liked that, in a strange way. It was complicated.

"Would you want to?" Luca asked curiously, watching for her reaction. "If you did, I mean, I would not mind. But I don't want to make you."