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Location: A church in Sighisoara • Date: June 2003

One year. 365 days. That is how long it had been since Radu had last spent a night in his adopted home of Sighisoara. He had spent a year searching, from Moldova to the coasts of South Africa, for something he had yet to find: peace.

He doubted he was going to find sitting in a church. He was there to kill time, to hide, until his meeting with an estate agent. He had only returned to the small city to tie up loose ends. He had a half-finished house to sell and job to quit. The Dumitrescus to let him take an extended leave of absence but he could not continue to keep stringing them along and have them thinking he was coming back. There was nothing left for Radu here. The life he had built for himself was gone. He was wise enough to realize that some of it was his fault. When things got hard, when he found Doina was still alive, he shut down. Still, knowing what went wrong was only half the battle. He had no idea how to fix it, and worse yet, he was sure there was no fixing it. So he had come solely in order to let go.

Then maybe he would be able to find a bit of the peace he had been searching for.
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Time, something she had a lot of. Something she sometimes didn't want, but she did. Forced to wear protection from head to toe didn't seem to stop her when she seemed determined to go down memory lane, travel to places she'd been to when she was in isolation thanks to her father. Russia had become boring, She'd chosen to travel all those years ago...but always ended up in Russia. The place she planned to retrace next, for now she was visiting the other locations.

She didn't know why she'd chosen a church, maybe it was to see if vampires really did burn in them...but then according to the lore so did witches. The muggle lore that was. And maybe it was because she had questions herself. For once she wasn't being her bratty self, she was...contemplating the past with almost an reserved nature about her. The lights from the glass windows shielded her just enough once she was inside, her hood coming down. One man sat, but she paid him no mind...or did she? No, she wasn't looking or blood. Not today.
"Tell me." The vampire spoke as if she was in a library, Respectful. "If there is a god, why does he put his children through such events as to lead them here? Wondering about their purpose. Think he finds...amusement from it?" She looked over, her face far from threatening.

It was clear this man had things on his mind as well.
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Radu's gaze his gaze to the woman. She spoke in a tongue he did not understand well. He could understand her tone. It was hushed and thoughtful. His eyes searched to find more meaning in her words but found none. He did not belong in a place like this. Anything she might have to say, and questions she might ask, he was not qualified to respond to.

He shook his head in response. He did not understand. Not this woman, not what had happened in the past year. Nothing.
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"I see..." Obviously she'd met a language barrier, nothing new...6 years ago she's met one in Russia...and thanks to her keeping her head low had never gotten past it. She didn't talk to people in that time, she hadn't known who she could trust. The one person she could trust killed once she'd sent one little owl out.

The headshake however she took as him disagreeing.
"Faith. Over-rated it you ask me." Though if she meant those words...why was she taking a seat a row a crossed from him? Why didn't she just leave?
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Radu raised a brow when she continued to speak, unsure what to think of it. Perhaps she was talking to herself?

He turned his eyes to the intricate iconoclasts at the altar. The ones he saw every day as child were not nearly as nice but were just as loved by the congregation. How different might his life had been had those people cared for him as much as they had their iconoclasts?
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Sitting in the back, Manuela had been praying. Her prayers had been short lately. After a brief allusion to gratitude, she could barely muster, she asked for guidance in navigating her latest heartbreak. It had been months already, yet the pain had yet to subdue. There were moments when she doubted that it ever would. An amen punctuated her prayer though she recognized it to be more doubtful than the last.

Once her prayer was done, she took her time to open her eyes. When she finally did, she was struck by a pang of pain she had already deciphered more than once. Many times already she had seen a figure that had reminded her of him. The paralyzing mixture of fear and hope was quick to dissipate once the blonde had confirmed that she was mistaking a stranger for the man she had loved. It had happened just last week, in her parents' own apothecary. A man with grey hair and a similar built to Radu's had caught the corner of her eyes and the sentence she had been saying to her father had died in her throat. While her worried father had tried to understand what was happening the blonde had given the man a good look and had realized that once again, she had been wrong. Radu was gone and he was not coming back.

Sitting stiffly, gazing at a posture that reminded her of Radu, Manuela was quick to dismiss the usual mist of hope and fear. She needed to move on and this was how she intended to start the process.
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Radu shifted to get up and leave, his eyes casting a glance back toward the exit. That was when he caught sight of Manuela. It was just a split second but he was sure it was her that he saw. He sunk back down in his pew as his heart sank into his stomach. He had not planned on seeing her. However cold it may have seemed, he was confident the best thing he could do for Manuela, for anyone here that cared for him, was to sever all of his ties and leave.

He was never meant for a life full of friends. He was never meant to have a family.

He was meant to die a long time ago.

He clasped his hands together and touched his knuckles to his forehead as he tried to convince himself that he was indeed doing the right thing.
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It seemed that no matter when or why Malanda went to the church, which was rarely for a conversation with a higher being, she ran into someone she knew. It was expected by now, and she knew how to play the part. Even so, she was not counting on seeing several people she knew as she made her way back toward the door to leave, her eyes glazing over Radu before stopping briefly. He was back, then. And Pavel still wasn't. She wasn't sure she wanted to see how her technically-ex-husband's former(?) coworker felt about that, and luckily she didn't have to linger on it too long, because there was Manuela.

She could respect the sanctity of the church, of course.

Or she could say something before someone else beat her to it.

"Afternoon, Manuela," Malanda smiled warmly, politely. An act she'd perfected over time. Her voice was reverent, all things considered.

"Have you spoken with Radu yet? I was surprised to see he had returned."
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You make a plan and God laughs.

The cautionary warning reverberated as a chill through her spine when the man she was working hard to classify as a stranger turned and looked towards her. It was him, in the flesh, sitting in front of the altar before which they would have gotten married.

Once again he turned his back to her and his pious posture was almost enough to fool her into thinking that once again her mind had played a devious trick on her.

Her current shock likely apparent she turned towards the person addressing her. Unable to formulate a greeting she clung to his name as it left her colleague's lips. Radu. It was him. Malanda had seen him as well.

"Not yet," she finally whispered as her eyes traveled back to the object of their conversation. "Have you?" She inquired almost hoping that Malanda would be able to offer some insight as to why he had returned.
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So she was instigating. That happened, sometimes. Anything to keep the attention off herself, though.

She did not want to talk about Pavel, and she was certain Radu did not want to see her either.

"No," Malanda confirmed, glancing black at the man briefly as her gaze followed Manuela.

"I was not sure he would like to speak with me. You, on the other hand..."

She glanced back at her coworker, a small, strange smile gracing her lips.

"God works in mysterious ways, I suppose."
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He did work in mysterious ways. They had met in a church and it seemed He had conspired for them to reunite in one. Inclined to trust His infinite wisdom, she looked at her colleague with a faint smile. "Thank you, Malanda," she proffered, grateful for the reminder. "Have a nice afternoon," she added before she walked past her colleague and towards where Radu was seated.

With no clear intent, though perhaps hope for closure, she made her way towards him. Fingers brushing the space between his shoulders, she waited for him to look at her.
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Radu closed his eyes. He ran through the list of things he needed to do in the coming days in order to set his affairs in order and move on.

He did not flinch when she gently touched him. He was not surprised that she approached him. She had a pure heart. She was not the kind to let pain fester unhealed. She was not like him.

He took a deep, yet shaky, breath. For a moment he was frozen, paralyzed by the thought of seeing her and knowing the torment he must have caused her.

"Manuela," he croaked without opening his eyes to look at her.
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He had uttered her name, he did not suffer from amnesia, the fleeting thought almost made her laugh. She had conjured a multitude of explanation for his disappearance, some of them more absurd than others. She wondered if he would volunteer the facts.

There were so many questions she wanted to ask him, but the anger, pain, and defeat behind them gave them an unsanctiminuous taint. "If we could have a word outside," she whispered. "When you are done," she added in case his pious posture had been authentic.
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Radu took a deep breath and held it in for a moment, as if the air filling his lungs would somehow fill the rest of him with the courage he needed to face Manuela.

He opened his eyes, exhaled, and stood up in one movement.

"After you," he replied, motioning toward the church doors.

He understood her desire to talk but he did not even know what to say. Nothing he could say would absolve him of the guilt he felt or repair the damage he had done. He was sure no explanation he could give her would make it hurt less.
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As she approached the doors the endless stream of questions that had garnished her thoughts seemed to take a gaseous and evasive form. Now that he was there, now that he could offer answers she wondered if they were worth asking. Would they offer liberation through closure? Pain through brutal honesty? Or worst an insidious sense of hope that might hypnotize her back into a relationship that would only end up hurting her more?

A few steps away from the church's balcony, she clasped her hands and turned towards her former companion. "How are you?" She started, though one look at him was enough to formulate a likely hypothesis. While she would have liked to ignore his state and make him responsible for his own wellbeing she couldn't help but be slightly concerned.