A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33354  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: A sleazy bar in Wan Chai • Date: November 2003
Time of Day: 3 AM? Who knows? • Weather: Muggy and night-timey

Even for Dino, this was a bit much. He didn't usually hang out in seedy places like Knockturn Alley, preferring the comfort of his kind of pub in Muggle London, but he'd gotten lost. Ach, it didn't matter, did it? Surely there was a watering hole somewhere around here? This place looked like a redlight district, but sure enough, sandwiched between a fish ball restaurant and a strip club was a bar. Good!

Without asking himself more questions, Dino had entered the bar, had ordered a drink, and had sat down. He was an easy-going type, he could have fun anywhere. And so long as the drinks kept coming, he would be a very happy guy.

And the drinks had kept coming, and he was still there, three hours later, his t-shirt on his head, sitting around a table playing a game of poker where the stakes didn't seem to be money so much as a game of truth or dare without the truth part. And it was fuuuuuuun.
 #33385  by Maximilian Rogan
But wile Dino may have felt he was a stranger to all, anonymous in a strange bar, on a street he had never been to... there were eyes on him. These eyes had been watching him for some time from the bar area.

Maximilian Rogan, known to most as Dice, Watched Dino as he sipped his beer, a sly look to his eyes. HE waited... waited until Dino had finished the game, and the table was breaking up to approach...

"Dino?! Dino O'Sulivan!?" A voice exclaimed behind the other man, as if he had only noticed him for the first time.

Walking up to him now, Dice looked him over and said, "I thought that was you, how have you been? Gosh, how long has it been? Forever! Wow, you look great!"

Pausing then he said with a smile, "You remember me of course, Max Rogan? From Hogwarts?"

Ok now this was a stretch. Dice had been three year older then Dino when they were at Hogwarts and they were not even in the same house. Not to mention Dice had not been wearing an eyepatch until years after Hogwarts. Odds seemed against him being remembered. But all the same he smiled and spoke as though they had been old friend.
 #33387  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino turned around to face the person whom the voice belonged to, and it felt like his head was turning around three times. Whoa. He'd asked for a drink that packed a punch, and the barman had been serving him Mekhong all night. The Thai spirit was certainly punching him in the face, alright. Dino felt like he had three heads. He'd managed to keep it together throughout the game, which incidentally he had... Had he won or lost? There didn't seem to be a clear indication either way.

Now that he'd turned his head, though, everything started spinning, and his thoughts were swimming inside him. It was great, and not a word of a lie. He'd have to bring some back for Velvet.

Dino had no idea who in the hell this guy was, but he wasn't about to let that show. He was a friend to all, after all. So instantly he smiled back at the guy. 'Oh yeah, yeah, yeah! Ach, yeah, Rogan, so it is! Slytherin, right?' He definetely gave some sort of snakey vibe, Dino decided after giving him a once over.

'Ya were -he mumbled incoherently- than me, weren't ya?' He was only able to invent so much with his boozy brain without having it sound like he didn't know what he was talking about. Might as well come off as someone who knew what he was going on about.

'Sit down, why don't ya? Fancy a drink? Maybe a game of whatever this was that I was just playin'?' Dino gestured to the table, and untied his t-shirt from his head, and put it back on.
 #33421  by Maximilian Rogan
“Don’t mind if I do!” Said Dice, pulling out a chair at once and taking a seat. He motioned to the bartender for another drink, then turning back to Dino he said,

“So glad to see you remember me so well. Yes! Of course Slytherin. Thought you might have more trouble on account of the patch,” he said, gesturing to the patch over his left eye. “Changes up the face a bit,” he said with a grin, “I got this in the line of duty so to speak, fighting off a whole pack of nasty characters at the Battle of Hogwarts.”

This was a lie of course. A loan shark, by the name of Douglas O’Tool, shoved a poisioned blade into his eye socket when Dice wasn’t paying his debt on time. But... Dice like his story better.

“We can play a game,” said Dice happily. “We can play all the game you want!”

And maybe they were playing one right now...

“But first tell me about yourself, what you have been, into, what do you do?” Dice was clearly settling in for the evening.
 #33422  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino was enebriated enough that his guard was down. Not that he set walls around himself at all, mind, but Rogan could have announced he was getting married to his grandmammy back in Derry and the oceanographer wouldn't have questioned it. Wished the pair the best of happinness, more like.

'I always thought of ya as a pirate anyway,' Dino lied reassuringly, as though that were anything resembling a compliment. 'Ya fought at the Battle, then? Yer dead-on. I was in, uh... Ach, where was I? In the Maldives, I think. Or Cambodia? Somewhere around there.' He made a sweeping motion with his hand, as though he were pointing the two countries on some invisible map where they weren't separated by the Indian ocean.

He soon found his empty glass replaced by a full one, and though he didn't know what kind of sorcery this was, he accepted it, and set it in front of himself. A guy had to pace himself, even if he was already super drunk. In his usual bars he'd have some sort of plan for the night. What he believed was a subtle glance at Dice didn't inform his decision.

'I'd love to play a game!' Dino blurted, suddenly wildly animated by enthusiasm. 'I'll tell ya all ya want to know, but we have to play this amazing game I was just playin'.' He suddenly grew confused, and scratched his head. 'But I don't know the rules...'
 #33443  by Maximilian Rogan
"Well don't look at me," said DIce with a laugh. "I don't know them either."

Brushing the game idea aside quickly, a bit odd for the game loving Dice, he said, "So, erm, Cambodia huh? That... erm... an interesting country. Random. What were you doing there? Are you going back?"
 #33450  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino looked at Dice poutily. Why the hell didn't he know the rules of the game? Now the game was probably going to end up being lost forever to him. Such a shame...

'Aye, Cambodia. Spent a year travelin' after graduatin'. Reckon I really needed some space after the whole, ya know, thing at the party. Ach, ya wouldn't know, we weren't the same year. Never ya mind, then. But aye, Cambodia. Mainly spent time bein' a beach bum and partyin' for a few weeks, and then I went to Australia for surfin', and incidentally I have a layover there in a few days...' Dino recounted. 'Don't know if I'm goin' back, depends on what the job asks of me, ya know? And what are ya up to these days, Rogan? Sláinte, big lad,' Dino said, holding up his glass to toast Dice.
 #33499  by Maximilian Rogan
"I bartend at place called "The Blood Moon"," said Dice, quickly and dismissively. Dino was not giving him what he wanted...

Leaning on the table towards the other man then he said, "So what exactly is it you do? You wander around as a drifter? You never got a job after school?"

Maybe being blunt was the right approach.
 #33507  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino looked up from his glass towards Dice, confused by this sudden hounding, especially as the guy hadn't raised his glass to toast. Why the hell was this bloke so curious? He shrugged to himself. What did it matter, if the guy wanted to know things about him? Maybe he was just curious. It wasn't as though Dino had anything to hide.

'I'm an oceanographer, work for the Wizardin' Expedition Society. I'm headin' out for an assignment in Fiji, as it were.' He drained his glass and regretted it immediately. This wasn't a shot glass! This was a regular glass! Oof, bad decisions were bound to be made tonight.
 #33515  by Maximilian Rogan
"Woooow... That. Is. Amazing." said Dice, his eyes wide.

Maybe could pick up on the fact that his enthusiasm seemed a bit staged buuutt... then again, perhaps not after so much drink.

"I am so interested in that. Oceanographer. When you are out there what exactly do you do? Do you... go in the ocean?"

Dice began to run his finger around the rim of his glass, his eyebrows raised and eyes on Dino.
 #33520  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino was past the point of noticing a lack of authenticity on anyone's part. And he was enthusiastic enough about his own job himself that it didn't even matter.

'It is! It's absolutely beezer! That's the life, big lad! The craic is good every day!' Dino had never shorn his heavy Northern Irish accent and dialect, but it came in even stronger when he drank. 'I do go out on the ocean! I do the uh, the biology things,' he explained, using his hands wildly as though it compensated his lack of words. 'So like if there's an animal population to track, or new aquatic plant to classify, I go for a dander on the water, and faff around for a bit, and it is so clinker!'

After having said this, Dino stared at Dice, wild-eyed. If Dice wasn't convinced now that Dino had the absolute best job in the world, well, nothing would ever convince him.
 #33530  by Maximilian Rogan
"Wow, I love it, love it." said Dice, leaning forward. "And I bet you get to be your own boss out there on the water, right? No one needs to be hovering over your shoulder if you don't want them to? You can do alone. Go out on a boat alone... that... that sort of thing?"

Dice took his mug of beer as it was brought to him and took a sip.

Dino was so, so right for this...
 #33532  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino was quite taken by the other's enthusiasm, but he wasn't entirely sure what Dice was enthusiastic about, especially with him leaning in and all. Sure, his job was fascinating, but people generally didn't want to hear him drunkenly brag about it unless he was going on about a specific, cool assignment. Or maybe he had read the subject of Dice's enthusiasm wrong? Eh. Boats it was!

Dino's own enthusiasm didn't falter for a second.

'Ach, I'm not the greatest sailor so usually I leave with a party, but I'm my own man. They tell me, Dino, go count the manatees, and so I go do it, but no, there's not a boss verifyin' that I do the job I'm bein' paid for, I just do it, aye?'

He observed Dice once again. 'So what are ya doin' here in Hong Kong, then?'
 #33570  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino looked at Dice oddly. 'Ach, of course. D'ya reckon I sit in my boat, just countin' the heads of whales and hopin' for the best? Of course I have to go down there and see for myself, is yer head cut?'

Dino tsked and shook his head, waving his hands in front of him as though he refused to believe that Dice thought his job was actually that lame. 'It's the best job!' He didn't think much of Dice's short answer himself. The less he talked about it, the less Dino thought about it. And for all intents and purposes, Dino had all but forgotten about the barman's business.