A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30811  by Astrid Iver
Location: Burj Al Harba, India • Date: September

Part of understanding business was to research other businesses; evaluate what they are doing successfully, and what could be applied and improved upon. That was exactly what Astrid was doing here...she told herself. She, of course, was not just out here to get away from the headache of a husband she had at home. And she certainly wasn't currently sat on a sunbed with a cocktail in hand...

Okay, so what if she was. She rolled her eyes at herself, soon flicking her legs off to the side and downing the last of her drink, placing it on a little glass table to the side. Lifting her chin, she looked over the pool. Being the upperclass VIP she was, she could definitely afford the quieter section, and perhaps she could see some familiar faces here? Or meet some new people outside of her current circle.

Stepping forward, her chiffon cape-like cover-up slipping off her shoulders as she neared the pool. Dipping a foot in, she scowled, folding her arms over her tiny waist. She waited a few seconds before lifting her hand and clicking, searching for a member of staff.

"Excuse me! The pool is far too cold; do cast a spell to heat it up. Surely I'm not the only one to think so." She commented despite the fact there was a couple of other resort-goers already in the water.
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Gaetano was one of those vacationers that didn't mind. He stood in the shallow end of the water, sunglasses over his eyes, and a cocktail in his hand. "Krieger really said that?" Gaetano asked of the man standing next to him. The man nodded. "Well he has some balls..." Gaetano then muttered before a woman's voice caught his attention.

"You should do as she says," he called out to the attendant. "That's an Iver you're talking to."
 #30819  by Astrid Iver
Astrid lifted her chin as she heard the other man speak, and then looked back to the attendant.

"A Lundstrom, also." She added on, watching as the staff member seemed to pale and shrink into themselves. Before long, they were bringing out a wand to tend to the temperature of the water, all whilst Astrid watched intently. Sometimes, in moments like these, her face seemed to resemble more of a praying mantis ready to strike. It was unnerving to most.

After a few moments, she dipped her foot back in, humming, and then finally decided it was satisfactory. She gave a quick nod to the attendant and then gestured for a cigarette.

"I'm terribly sorry, Mrs Iver, but smoking isn't permitted...in...this..." They trailed off as Astrid began to narrow her eyes at them.

"Mr La Fratta, would you be uncomfortable if I smoked? Surely not..." She spoke bluntly, hearing her private security guard snorting in the background.
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Astrid smirked devilishly, and then turned to the attending.

"Well? The finest brand you have - go on, off you go." She dismissively waved at them and turned away, stepping further into the pool. The attendant gave an exasperated sigh and turned to supply the request.

Astrid looked to Gaetano, offering a smirk.

"Enjoying some time away from the chaos, too?"
 #31361  by Gaetano La Fratta
"Trying to, at least," he replied to Astrid.

"Emilie insisted we go on vacation. Otherwise, I'd rather have my nose in spreadsheets and ledgers." His personal healer had shared his concerns with Gaetano's wife about his health. Apparently he'd been "overworking" which seemed to be no different than Gaetano's normal effort in his work.

"How are things on the English front?" he asked Astrid.
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"Mm, I understand the sentiment. I would much rather be at home working toward current business goals, but my second simply insisted I use research as a method of relaxation." She rolled her eyes, sighing slightly.

At his question, she lifted her brow.

"Dull in comparison so the Swedish side, I must admit. But fair, all the same. And what about the Italian side? Any striking revelations?"
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"We've been having a bit of a problem," Gaetano began. However, the attendant finally returned with their cigarettes. Both cigarettes were lit by the attendant before the pair were left alone again.

"A little bit of an encroaching problem." His voice dropped. "Someone has been moving in the Mediterranean, but they've slipped through our fingers every time."
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He nodded

"Someone not playing by the rules," Gaetano said. "But I'm worried that since we're trying to do it from the inside, they might be tracking our movements." He took a drag from his cigarette. "Would you happen to know anyone particularly good at investigating?"
 #31434  by Astrid Iver
Astrid lifted her chin, thinking carefully.

"Two, actually. My second, Simon Cleary is incredibly perceptive and can offer security support also. And my own spy mistress, Jodie Watts - a metamorphmagi with a talent for blending in and observing."

She looked to Gaetano curiously.

"To what extent are they impeding? If you you require it, we can remove the threat all together." She hinted.
 #31478  by Gaetano La Fratta
Gaetano mulled over Astrid's suggestions before shaking his head.

"They're just being a pest for now," he said. "Nail them down, then I can send my own group in to instill some fear into them. I would like to meet with Mr. Cleary and Ms. Watts, though."
 #31485  by Astrid Iver
Astrid smirked slightly, and then nodded.

"Very well. I will more than happily set up a meeting for you. They are my pride and joy, so hopefully you will see the value in them also." She spoke before taking yet another drag. That felt good...more than good. It would be a shame to give it up again when she eventually got pregnant with her inevitable son.
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This was good. Hopefully they could get to the bottom of whom was daring to dip their whole foot into the Mediterranean and Gaetano could deal with them accordingly.

"And if there's anything we can do for you, signora, don't hesitate to ask."