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 #40082  by Shiro Takayama
The office was taken over by the one lamp lighting up the dark oak office filled with the current information he had, the vampire on the couch to the side still stone faced as usual as they came to a stand still. The vampire dressed in his all white male hanfu wardrobe for once was not agreeing with him. The vampire in black hanfu robed looking annoyed at the dead end they were at.

The night had started out ok, the three talking about what to do. The standstill was only an issue when Yoru came up with the great idea of going in headfirst to the nearest vampire nest.
"Mr Nakamura is a fan of fan fair, and isn't thinking." He said simply to the room of silence. A sigh turned his attention to the vampire in black.
 #40083  by Zhao Cong
Usually he'd be joking and light hearted - vampire or not the man seemed to keep his humanity...much to his friends annoyance. Though as the yakuza vampire told his plan exiting in cackling laughter the vampire was serious, wondering how the man had ran a successful organization in the first case while thinking of all the ways the said plan could go wrong. Sighing he stepped into the middle of the room,
"Or he secretly wants to kill off half of his own people...either way..." He started, only to hear a knock on the door.

He didn't know Shiro had a meeting with anyone, as this meeting had been planned for a week. Though as he was about to ask, he noticed the raised eyebrow on the albino. No, this hadn't been planned. Following the finger motions he stepped aside and with his hands behind his back in the traditional Chinese way, Yi Ling following suit and standing beside him still silent.
'Enter.' The albino's voice reaching the door without the young man getting up to get it himself, Zhao watching as his fingers intertwined like a boss of a company about to watch a slide show of the newest popular product.