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 #39378  by Shiro Takayama
Note: This could have mature description's of violence. IF you don't like don't read.

Not that his life was one he'd put on an example board...as he went two hundred miles per hour running from a trap placed the the undead, but he would very much like to live it until he took care of his personal business. The cold air of the night trapped outside due to his closed windows he twisted and turned up the Japanese roads leading to a Yakuza hideout far from people. This was where the Yakuza really ruled with no one stopping them the area being so far away from the population that no one, not even the Ministry bothered with the area.

This fact alone made the situation even more of a problem, seeing as he'd be in much better shape if he had people around to assist within a seconds call. His men were in the hideout, he was no where near to being in sight of it yet and sending out an owl while keeping the car on the road was a task he wasn't willing to try. Sure he could charm the steering wheel...but what if the charm failed and he ended up going over the road into a group of massive trees? That wasn't an option.

He cursed as one of the vampires made the choice for him making him jerk his steering wheel at the last moment and thus still cascading into the dense woods surrounding the land. His foot on the break in an attempt to stop the car failed, his boosters having ruined his breaking system. What did stop him was the massive oak tree that his car slammed into the last thing he remembered being the sound of the vampires trying to get in and the massive pain on his side before passing out.
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 #39381  by Zhao Cong
Standing in the doorway of said country's hideout two vampires waited, the plan after getting word of a prepared attack to be dealt to their main was to be here. Miyuki already in the back hidden from sight and the inner circle their first for her protection the two waited as the night air blew past them making his long locks flow, his flute inches away from his hands.

Sadly his trick to get into peoples heads wouldn't work with the bosses ability to keep his mind sealed, and usually that was expected nor was it upsetting...but when someone goes missing the urge to use the ability you can suddenly turns those feelings to pure annoyance and even worry. As his traditional 13th century Chinese footwear exited the doorway thus the sound of dirt under them dissolving the silence he turned to Yoru.
"I don't like this." His words echoing. He watched as the man grumbled, worry clear on his face. "Yoru..."

He didn't like the look in the mans eyes at all.
 #39382  by Yoru Nakamura
"And....you think I do." He muttered his arms crossed as his eyes looked at the watch on his wrist which was in perfect view. He didn't like this at all...not one bit. His naturally cold skin made his short sleeve shirt have no real difference, old scars from the past showing on one of his upper arms. He grunted as he went back into the house coming out with a Katana and hand gun.

"Know how to shoot? Because I'm not dealing with your obnoxious music." He said, his dislike for the culture as a whole....any culture other than his own really still showing a bit. He'd been raised very old Japanese in terms of values, due to his father being part of an old Samurai family before taking over the Yakuza. While the group wasn't recognized anymore it didn't mean the family had changed their opinion, keeping the old ways strong. This proved all the more true when his father became a criminal and was banished for joining the criminal underground.

It was only due to the one missing he'd slightly changed his views allowing these two into their usually closed off group.
 #39383  by Zhao Cong
'What in the hell is he..-' He thought just as Yoru vanished within the lit up Japanese style inn, the building kept up but not changed since the first leader of the Hokkaido boss. He barely caught the gun when it appeared in the air, silently glad it didn't go off for locations reasons he knitted his eyebrows together. Obviously he didn't know how to shoot, being born and raised in the 13th century....then kept in a time capsule that basically kept him in the 13th century...the only times he'd joined the outside would was when Jiang had needed him to leave and truth be told being a vampire usually did the job.

"Me, know how to...wait Yoru, were the only vampires other than Yi Ling here, we leave and-"
 #39384  by Yoru Nakamura
"And what?" He said, not even paying attention to the fact the vampire showed all the signs of not knowing how to use said item in his hands. It wasn't his problem if the man had to show his fangs instead of shooting a metal item.
"Your telling me you think my men and Yi Ling can't keep one child safe?" He snorted, though there was a darkness under his tone...a warning that Zhao was two words away from feeling his wrath.

"Look," He looked back at Zhao, "My sons out there, and he's never been late. That's my concern right now, that girl in there has 40 men standing between her and a group of vampires. All trained, Lets go!" He said stuffing the katana in his belt.
 #39385  by Zhao Cong
He signed, making sure the safety was on...at least hoping he was making sure the safety was on before stuffing the item into his robes and out of sight. He didn't plan on using it, though he'd meet the other man half way and use his other vampire abilities if needed. Nodding he followed Yoru away from the house not looking back. He'd already irritated the man enough by questioning him minutes ago, using his senses he stopped Yoru about 5 minutes out seeing if he could sniff anything out....head them into a right direction.

"Trying to sniff it out." He said knowing the look he was getting. "if something has happened...us running around in circles are doing him no good." He reasoned. Shiro was very strong...trained to kill with no problem but the logic of the matter was he was still human and if trapped by two many alone was still in danger.

He wished he'd been wrong, though as the smell of blood hit his nose he knew otherwise.
"This way," He moved now with speed not that of a human. He needed to speed up their little journey if the albino had even a chance.
 #39386  by Shiro Takayama
His gas light was on when he woke up, though to say he was awoken was far from the reality. His world was triple sight, and his side was killing him. He could tell by the trouble in his chest this was one accident neither him nor his car had come out of unscathed. Outside the sounds of vampires trying to get in were deafening yet numbly in his incoherent mind.
"Kuso..." He muttered as he tried to find his hands to get to the door handle, if he could even get out.

He wasn't sure where the trees were around his car, if there was one trapping him in the car or if he'd hit forward only. His daughter, his daughter was waiting for him. As his second hand numbly tried to find his katana he realized where the pain was coming from. Suddenly his first hand dropped what it was doing, energy spent and he cussed loudly in the car not aware that he vampire sounds were vanishing around him in the moment his hand dropped. It was only when his car door slammed open he was dimly aware that either a vampire had gotten in...or help had arrived, still he used what energy he had left to grab the katana forcing it from it's place and aiming it in the direction of the whoever was entering his car.
 #39387  by Yoru Nakamura
He asked no questions, letting the Chinese man do his thing only to see him practically vanish to the left a moment later. He followed not wasting any time, the trees blurring as he followed flipping through the lower branches he jumped higher allowing the height to give him a better view as the sides of the woods blurred around him. His eyes were however focused front and center. It wasn't long before he to was smelling the blood and his speed only went faster even surpassing the Chinese man's speed due to his internal need to get to his son.

The man had gone into hyper mode by the time he saw the scene, his feet landing with perfect grace as the vampires found out the hard way just how good he was as dancing with a sword and how lethal his marksmanship was. Jiang might have made his army full of poor suckers that hadn't chosen this life, but when Jiang turned him all he got was an enemy he didn't want. An enemy who wouldn't mind slicing said army of untrained newbie vampires down. He could hear Zhao using his hands to do his deeds, the gun never going off.
 #39388  by Zhao Cong
He watched as the last one dropped in front of him, his eyes cold for the first time in months as the body went limp. Moments later it was him opening the car door concern ranging within his inner core, cursing mentally that this had been a trap. Jiang never planned on attacking the main base...he somehow knew about the hideout! Though he did back away when a katana aimed for him, the man in the car proving unable to wield it only calming him down slightly. Shiro was one hell of a fighter, even near death the man was picking up a weapon. Fighting for his life as if he was on a mission.
"Mr, Takayama...it's me. Zhao Cong and Nakamura Yoru." Both hands up as he spoke. He was about to talk the man out of holding the weapon when it dropped the man slumping forward and him barely catching him.
 #39389  by Shiro Takayama
He would be lying if he said he'd heard what the vampire said to him, as his energy had simply run out and his breathing harder to manage causing the words to not register in the least. He saw his world go dark as his body gave up trying to stay awake. He knew this job was dangerous, he knew there was one day he might not come home but that didn't stop the one tear drop from falling as his subconscious reminded him that he would now be going into the afterlife with his one goal unfinished.

He knew deep down that the accident had done something bad, he also knew that he person in front of him might just be finishing off what the accident started.
 #39390  by Yoru Nakamura
Shiro's Katana always hit its target. Shiro never dropped his Katana. As he watched the body slump forward he was for the first time in his life frozen. This kid had been shot, stabbed and still drove that car home. He'd been in accidents and still somehow drove that car home. His son didn't drop. Suddenly painfully aware of how human the unemotional and cold man was he was frozen, Zhao snapping him out of it.
 #39391  by Zhao Cong
"Takayama!" He called, knowing what the only option was as the heartbeat started to drop. There was no time to move the man anywhere, he could hear blood flowing out but nothing was pumping around the system that usually kept organs fed. It was all over his traditional robes if anything.
"Takayama!" He called again, "He's not making it to any medical professional, It's either goodbye or-" That's when the vampire snapped out of it.
 #39392  by Yoru Nakamura
It wasn't Zhao calling his son's last name, that dreadful name that he never wanted to hear again. He had no idea why Shiro jus didn't take his family name...it was when the vampire switched to his direction assuming that saying goodbye was an option that snapped him out of it.
"Like hell, I'm saying goodbye to my son." His tone dark as he discarded the katana and took his son from the mans arms. His body felt colder, not his sons but his as he thought about what he was about to do.

Shiro would hate him, Shiro wanted death. Maybe not before they killed his father but...in the future. He now deeply wished that's what he'd focused on instead of taking over his fathers war. At least if he had he could give this boy some peace instead of doing what he was doing now...but...would he even let him go then? Normally a none caring person it was this one boy who had made him care about somebody. Everyone else? He could care less but this boy seemed to be the exception.
"He's gonna hate me." His words numb.
 #39393  by Zhao Cong
It would be comical if he hadn't started liking the ice prince as well. Yoru Nakamura giving a crap about anyone other than what was fun for him...which in itself wasn't a good thing to anyone on the opposing end of those situations. Now though he was seeing a father and not a tormenter.
"Maybe." He said simply. "Maybe for a long while, but he'll grow to understand." He finished.

Time was running out,
"Yoru," He used the mans name for the first time in awhile, "It's now or never. His body is failing." He could hear as one organ failed one by one, as much as he'd like not to rush this...there really wasn't an option.
 #39394  by Shiro Takayama
And though the ice prince wasn't aware of what was going on in the outside world he was fully aware of the fact he was not long with the world he'd been tragically born into. It was almost peaceful to think that it was over, finally he could rest. His daughter was protected, she had two no three vampires and a whole organization that would keep her safe for the rest of her life. He'd miss out on a lot, but at least she'd be safe.

By the time Yoru had stopped pondering his only option he couldn't feel the bite that was draining the remaining blood and speeding up he process of his death. He'd already been drifting away from the world accepting the reality of the situation.