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 #39000  by Shiro Takayama
He nodded, letting the vampire leave in peace before he opened his mouth. The air in the room was like ice as soon as the vampire left, the calm albino male obviously sending warning signs to the other that he was about to be told off.
"Don't.ever.do.that.again." Each word carrying ice. Hiro's words didn't even register in his head, his anger overpowering them.

He took the glass of scotch and dumped it out the window bedside the table that held the crystal set holding the rest of the scotch...at least what was left of it after Hiro poured so much earlier.
"I don't trust anyone, with anything. You already know this but I also know there is a need to be polite to our partnerships incase this fact has eluded you. Miyuki was handled with respect and care and no she won't be going alone." He understood Hiro's worry about their daughter but he also...
"If they mean well, there someone she can see since she's obviously limited in people she can see being my daughter. If you have a problem with that swallow it, because father to her or not I am still the master of this house." Never had his voice become higher in his speech...but the ice hadn't left it either.

"Get your pillow and a spare blanket." He headed out the room. "I'll be tempted to behead you if you sleep next to me tonight." He muttered leaving in the direction of his office.
 #39001  by Hiro Kawazaki
That...sounded like trust to him. though as he was about to speak out he was stopped in his tracks by Shiro's back leaving the room.
"Shiro!" He said, thinking about anything he could to fix the situation. In the end if a test trial would keep his husband happy he would deal with it...problem was once you got Shiro angry enough to threaten your life getting a word in edge wise was impossible.

"Shiro wait-" Though as he turned the corner Shiro was gone. He sighed, heeding the warning he realized he would have to follow the orders and went to get the said items.