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 #38946  by Hiro Kawazaki
He dumped the keys for his motorcycle in the cup next to the Shiny black keys that started his husbands italian spider car, before closing the big door that shut the large traditional inertance away from the rest of the world. Taking his shoes off as the door he noted the white looked a bit grey his new shoes disappointing him. One would think spending the muggle version of 2000 dollars would mean the material wouldn't bleed?

What he didn't expect as he passed the livingroom was his husband talking to a guy in traditional white Chinese robes with tea on the low rise table. Raising an eyebrow he couldn't help but smile.
"I should take a photo! This is the first time I've seen this." He joked, not letting his meeting with his husbands father keep bothering him.

What he saw on the table explained a few things, his tan fingers picking up the paper, with Shiro's eyebrow raised. The only reason he wasn't getting a papercut was probably due to his status as both husband and second in command.
"Were still going to work with her?" He asked setting it back down.

Wait...did that mean Shiro was putting trust in this vampire?
"Yi Ling Mao is it? Are you sure your ready for such trust?" He voiced.
 #38947  by Shiro Takayama
He had heard the keys in the front of the house, his ears ready to hear anything after the last attack on the manor though he relaxed when he knew who it was. Only two people rode muggle like transportation. That was him and...after a time of fighting muggle ways...his husband. He went on with what he had to say to the vampire.
"So if you sense Yoru getting out of control," He said, tea in hand ignoring the way the other was drinking. It was clearly a Chinese noble way, but seeing as this man was a partner he was no longer in a situation to bash their ways- that's if he wanted to keep them on his side.

The words coming out of his pale lips however were stopped when a clearly poorly attempted joke was voiced from the opening of the main livingroom. He raised an eyebrow,
"Do I need to tell you what I told Yoru? What I do with my partnerships-" He watched the paper lift off the table. "For now, until she proves unworthy of our end of the contracts." He said simply.

He let the vampire have the floor, the question being reasonable.
"I think what he means is...are you ready to be in so deep..." The albino corrected.
 #38948  by Yi Ling Mao
"Then I should take control." He finished for him ignoring the burning of his pale ears when the man put him on the spot. A photo? Was this really that note-worthy? He was seeing the opposite of what everyone said, Shiro seemed to be the most reasonable part of this organization the rest simply lacking simple manners. He sighed, letting them talk the conversation soon putting him in a corner.

He said nothing at first, knowing this was meant to put him on the spot and that was unacceptable to the old vampire. He'd earned his rights to self-respect and he wasn't going to allow a few living mortals devalue him. It was Shiro's edit that held some honor and thus it was only Shiro's words that got a response.
"I wouldn't have agreed to the contract if I wasn't." He said politely. "You can trust me, Kawazaki, Takayama-san."
 #38949  by Hiro Kawazaki
He smirked,
"Yeah, yeah...I know." He said, getting serious, "I have faith in all you do, that's why we made that pact all those years ago." He reasoned, though he had openly disagreed on a few things he would never be as bold as Yoru to make it a big issue. Shiro was the boss and as so Hiro was fully understanding in the fact he would always have the last word. This included the vampire in front of him having a bit of his respect, as Shiro demanded it.
"Do make it so it stays that way," He said then gave the man a smile he gave the boy's. "Glad to have you on the team."

Dropping the file on the table his personality turned sour.
"As loyal as I am...put me in front of that man again and were going to have a public murder on our hands." He bemused. For the Yakuza to be childsplay compared to that man in the term of morality meant the Ministry had one big bad apple they would have problems with in the future and in his opinion to hire someone like that...they were asking for it.
"Mans a real piece of work."
 #38950  by Shiro Takayama
He nodded to the vampire, glad to see Hiro changing his tune as he was afraid at first he'd have to put him in his place...and that would make for a really awkward night on his account. A moody Hiro was like a moody child, the calm and collected man different behind the doors of their bedroom.
"I'm sure you'll do us proud." He said simply to the vampire.

What he wasn't expecting was the file hitting the table, the same file he'd instructed be looked at and burned instead of coming infront of him. It was Hiro's words that confirmed why he was seeing it.
"Why do you think you were given all those rules? I grew up with the man Kawazaki I am well aware what kind of man he is." He bemused. After all, the man had created the monster his husband married? Surly Hiro hadn't expected a nice meeting?
"He try anything?" He asked.
 #38951  by Yi Ling Mao
That smile seemed...genuine. He nodded back to the both of them his hair flowing a bit when the file hit the bamboo table the tea was on. He was tempted to look into it, thinking it might be information on his boss. He could confirm that it was all indeed true, but after hearing the two men talk he realized that it had to be something personal. He went back to his tea silently wondering who this man was that they were talking about.
"Do forgive my question, but your organization isn't exactly society friendly. Are you telling me there is someone of lower morality other than Jiang?" He asked, for the first time saying a full and complete sentence since he'd joined.

"Is he an assignment?"
 #38952  by Hiro Kawazaki
He scoffed heading for the high class adult drinks of sake in the corner. Pouring himself a serving in a traditional Japanese sake bowl he joined them, flipping his hair behind his neck. Did the many try anything...that was a joke in itself. With the vampire ignored for the moment he sighed,
"Of coarse he did. It went from leaking our secrets to me threatening to leak his..." He wouldn't add the part of threatening the man's nuckles... which was clearly on the list Shiro had just mentioned. "He said a Yakuza rat wouldn't be able to top his authority." He added.

The vampires last question though wasn't to be ignored,
"No, not yet...we target him and..."
 #38953  by Shiro Takayama
"Of coarse were not society friendly..." He muttered, They hadn't been society friendly since the Samurai became the Yakuza way back before his time. Honestly the vampires words were a mere understatement.
"You make us samurai illegal and put us in a criminal category were going to be pissed." He added skipping over the invitation to inform this vampire about his personal history.

That was all that happened? He sighed,
"You caught him on a good day, and in a good mood. trust me." He assured his husband.

"No Yi Ling, we are not targeting a Ministry official." He mused, "At least not until he retires from his rank." He said passing the file over, the file he never asked to see.
"Read it over, make sure it's really our misdeeds and burn it as instructed."
 #38954  by Yi Ling Mao
The vampire silent had to agree with that logic...he samurai's in his era were seen as respectful people, men of honor and society's hero's. In the later era's when the turn of swords turned into guns for muggles so were the magical samurai's put out of service. He imagined that still angered a lot of Japanese people. China wasn't much different, though they were able to keep their history a bit longer...the new era soon crept into their country.
"Mhm." He simply said, not wanting to touch on the topic further.

"Wait," He said, the file being passed over. "Your working with the Ministry? How is the Ministry currupted?" He asked, knowing that in terms of society the law enforcement was seen as pure and civil...yet he had heard nothing but bad things...from men not so great themselves in terms of morality. At least...that's what he'd been told by Zhao once he'd ben forced out of his bubble.
 #38955  by Hiro Kawazaki
He blinked, the Yakuza history not of importance. That was a good day? Sadao had been in a good mood? The man had been a physo terror in every word he'd said. He'd demoralized them in anyway he could and taunted his power when it came to how he treated his own family? That was Sadao on a good day? He didn't want to see him on a bad day.
"And on a bad day? Shiro, the man went full mind game on me." A mind game that hadn't worked.

"Oh trust me, the Ministry isn't as pure as it wants to be." He said simply taking the file back without much bite, he knew better as Shiro would only appease him for so long.
"Not with that man in the office anyway..." He added. He couldn't speak for the rest of them, but he could speak for Sadao Takayama after just meeting him.
 #38965  by Shiro Takayama
He lit a cig, scoffing.
"Hiro, if he were pissed off he would have got you alone and tried much worse." He mused, he knew from past situations that Sadao playing a mind game meant he was having a good day. Though he could see why Hiro was astonished by what he had seen, even Yoru had said that he was worse than him...and that said something seeing as the man took great joy in the torture of others.

He sighed, the vampire had a reason to not like it...and Hiro's words were not helping things.
"You should both know that people of that nature want power. obviously in every high powered position...at least most there is at least one person there for the power." He reasoned, pausing. "It was...either we work with him...or he created more problems. Trust me when I say it wasn't my personal choice."
 #38966  by Yi Ling Mao
He raised an eyebrow, the words clicking together.
"Wait, Mr Takayama...you said you grew up with this person?" He couldn't help but ask, this man sounding nothing like a good person...in fact he'd compare the man with Jiang thought Shiro wasn't much better he could see that Takayama had some limits. Zhao had been right when he said they were somewhat better better people than their old vampire warlord.

He could only nod, seeing the point Shiro was making,
"He...has things on the Yakuza?"
 #38967  by Hiro Kawazaki
Grumbling the man finished his drink, that didn't make it any better...and to play mind games with the Yakuza was a mistake he wasn't sure the Ministry man wanted. If anything that meant he'd have a harder time evading them once he lost his title.
"And if he tried that, by all legal terms it would have been self defense." He mused. "Not to mention me personally having a part in his demise when he lost his title." He added.

Hiro shrugged,
"We have petty offenses caused by lower rank members." He thought about what other offences the Ministry might know, the file in his hands now tempting him to look at it. Surely they had been successful in keeping all bigger crimes under the rug right?
"We'll soon find out if they know more." His eyes on the file.
 #38968  by Shiro Takayama
He chuckled darkly ashing in the ashtray.
"He's my father." He said simply. "My biological father that is." He instantly corrected, He had no father though Yoru tried to play adoptive daddy since he'd been back it was far to late to take that roll in his opinion. He'd lived without parents all his life, last thing he needed was a father now.
"Which means...He's mine and mine alone Kawazaki." He reminded the other man.

The idea they had more on them than petty things wasn't something he was going to accept. Instead he raised an eyebrow,
"Kawazaki, I'm sure if they had anything on us other than petty street fights and some protection cases we'd all be in prison. I suggest you stop worrying." He said calmly. "But if you want to read what's in it to us go ahead. If that'll clear your head."
 #38969  by Yi Ling Mao
That...explained a lot, this man was cold and unattached which wasn't normal for the usual living society. Not that it didn't happen usually they were a very social society who thrived by connecting with others.
"I see..." He watched the flash of anger in the others eyes as the warning left the others pale lips, now it was all making sense.

He dare say he was almost happy at the idea that he would hear the details, though he ended up putting a hand on the file when little feet entered the doorway. A little girl.
"Maybe another time Mr Kawazaki." He said simply motioning to the doorway.