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 #38437  by Michelle La Fratta
Location: A convenience store in Shibuya • Date: May 2004

Michelle should have opted for the flight that came later in the day. But in her excitement, she booked a trip to Japan that dropped her off in the Land of the Rising Sun in the morning during rush hour. Her hotel room wouldn't be ready for another hour or so and she desperately needed coffee. She found much of the area in Shibuya to be English-friendly and had no trouble finding a main thoroughfare.

But as she stood at the machine in front of her, she had a little trouble deciphering what she needed to do. Michelle assumed it dispensed coffee — there was a plethora of beans on the machine's graphic. Dressed in a pair of shorts and a backpack around her shoulders, Michelle looked the very picture of a tourist out of her element in this technologically advanced culture.

"Um..." Michelle hummed to herself as she pressed a button and nothing happened.
 #38638  by Masayo Okada
Masayo was on her way to work and decided to stop by the store not far from her apartment. "Ohayou!" she greeted the cashier happily when she walked in. The woman began grabbing her breakfast essentials: onigiri, corn soup, and apple slices. She was excited to get to her desk and dig in, but as she made her way to the cashier, she noticed a rather perplexed woman by the coffee machine. She often saw those expressions on out of towners.

"Do you need help?" Masayo originally asked in Japanese. But when she got a better look at the woman, she saw that the woman was, in fact, not even from her part of the world. "Oh I'm sorry," she switched to English. "Do you need help?"
 #38642  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle didn't realize how long she'd been standing there, but someone got her attention. She saw another woman standing near her with items in her hands. "I want the biggest coffee I can get, but I'm not sure how to work the machine," Michelle said in reply with a small laugh. "We don't have these in France."

France was pretty set in its traditional ways. Michelle was fascinated by how convenient this seemed.
 #38800  by Masayo Okada
Masayo's eyes widened when the woman revealed where she'd come from. "France!" she said excitedly. "Well, here, let me show you." She gestured to a set of 3 buttons. "These are for your size. The biggest is on the bottom." Masayo pressed the button. Her hand then went to another set of buttons. "This is for the roast you want. You can also get a milk tea which I really recommend. It is very good." Masayo made sure to go over each roast and the milk tea option.

She showed the woman how to order her large iced coffee. Soon, the machine was whirring as it prepared her selection. "Are you on vacation?" Masayo asked her. Her clothes were pretty casual for a business trip.
 #38801  by Michelle La Fratta
Michelle paid attention to what buttons the woman was pushing. The store wasn't too far away from her hotel so Michelle had a feeling she would be going here most of her visit. It would help her order a coffee every morning. Though she was intrigued by milk tea. She smiled and thanked the woman once all the necessary buttons were pushed. The machine came to life.

"Yes, I am," Michelle said to the woman when she asked her question. "For a month. My previous visits to Tokyo have been short-lived so I thought it was time to devote more than few days to the city and Japan in general." It was at that time that Michelle noticed the food in the woman's hands and her clothing.

"Oh, I'm not keeping you from work, am I?" she asked.