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 #37780  by Yi Ling Mao
He stopped Zhao once more,
"Because Mr Takayama. You don't rule with pure fear." He said simply. "Zhao has informed me you do respect those who fight with you, Jiang doesn't. That fact along with the fact you have his two most trusted on your side will take the power and respect Jiang has with said connections and make them null and void." He explained. "There is a downside to hiding in the shadows, you allow others to gain the trust of your connections not expecting those with that trust to leave you." He looked over to Zhao,

"Now you may speak."
 #37781  by Zhao Cong
Huffing he crossed his arms...he had nothing to say. literally nothing left to say. Yi Ling had made every point he was going to make. He was starting to see why people said Yi Ling only really talked while making a deal, he'd never seen the man speak that many sentences in one session before.
"Now you gain a voice." He deadpanned. "Man speaks in one sentence messages for most of his life, suddenly becomes a public speaker." He mused.

"However...Yi Ling is right in everything he's mentioned. What do ya say?" He grinned.
 #37782  by Shiro Takayama
That was the exact reason he did his own deals, keeping the power in his own hands. Just for situations like this, unless it was just a checkup he was the one to meet the client first. Normally after that he'd send Hiro, with him showing up to keep his presence well known to said client from time to time.

Looking from one vampire to another he rolled his eyes lightly.
"If either of you cross me, I'll do more than blow up a few hotels or vampire hunts. Is that understood?" He asked. "You only work with me." He said recrossing his arms.

He saw the look shared by the two.
"No, you will not be Yakuza, think if yourself as personal paid assassins. I will be paying you and giving you the respect of said position." He exhaled.
"You are free to do what ever you want in between and would only be called if needed...after Jiang's been taken care of. As long as it's not with any other organization."

"In return, I'll give you a proper place to live and free roam of all my area. You'll live with no judgement. You'll also be able to owl me with any personal problem or request of backup in personal ventures. What I'm offering is a business deal that helps both sides." He added.