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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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Walking down the deep recesses of the manor he walked down, dressed in second grade clothing to protect his silk and linen he stepped into the room Seeing Yoru already at work with the vampire hung up and ready for his treatment. Shinji wasn't too far behind him, this man seeming very promising on information.
"How old is he?" He asked sitting in one of the chairs Yoru had set in place his leg crossed as Shinji took a seat next to him.

The sight of Yoru would be chilling to any normal person, but Shiro saw no difference in his appearance...the man often getting a snack from the kitchen covered in blood during the hours the man knew Miyuki and Hiro's daughter would be asleep....Shiro feared for the day one of the girls made an excuse for a late night 'glass of water'.

He'd warned yoru about that chance once in awhile...
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He'd opened up his utensils just the two men entered, the room not yet cleaned from the last one. This one wouldn't be going to their ally...This one was going to get his full treatment, something he'd explained to Shiro earlier. Blood and sweat covered the walls, the floor not looking much better as he turned on the light to the normally dark room. He barely used the light, given his new eyesight due to his vampire transformation. The room looked a lot more dirty once he'd turned it on...He hoped the two men in the chairs wouldn't comment.
"Id say....400?" He guessed a muffled scream coming from the cloth gag placed on the man, his eyes angry. He was glad for the charmed handcuffs.

"Give or take." He added, moving to the table. "Old enough to know some older details about his master." He smirked, his eyes focusing on the blade in his hand.
"So, you want part?" He asked. "Is that why you asked to join?"
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He nodded, pale eyes looking at the man screaming. Not alarmed in the least he crossed his arms and leaned back in his seat before scoffing. No, he had no need to be apart of the bloody parts...he wanted to be here to get the information raw and in person and that was the only reason that he was here. If the vampire pissed him off however, that might just change.
"Please, I am a straight kill person...I don't play with my prey. That's all you." He mused, picking up the glass of scotch on the table that Yoru had set up.

He swirled the contents waving Yoru on,
"I'm just here to hear the information straight from the rats mouth." This seemed to anger the 400 year old vampire, Shiro raising an eyebrow at the show of pride. The man was already caught, captured and in their mercy...what pride did he have left to show?

"Please do keep him occupied." He said putting the cup to his mouth motioning for Yoru to continue.
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He smirked, the blade hanging in his hand as he went to face the vampire. He didn't know why but he was almost upset? That the vampire had targeted his son with such anger, he wouldn't be admitting this outloud however...since he had the target to take it out on.
"No, no pretty boy. This way...look at me." He teased the victim. "I'm the one you need to be concerned about." He added.

The blade dancing in his hand he teased the vampire scraping the sharp point gently on his cheek.
"You know, this has to be my favorite blade...it can cut small wounds without killing. You get the pain...and I get to watch the blood slowly leave the body. Slowly! Isn't that just amazing?" He laughed, putting the hilt in his mouth as he undid the gag. "Just so you can spill those nasty little secrets." He winked.

"What's your first question boss?" He turned, hearing more than a few curse words go in his direction. He'd ignore them for now.
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The show was much more than he needed, the albino checking his watch as his father talked his usual banter before he officially started. Deep down the man knew why...Yoru wanted to create a layer of fear before he started on his job, more possibility to get information out of the target, that didn't mean though that he really wanted to watch the whole show. Looking to his side he could see the smirk growing on Ishikawa's face, enjoying it like a child who had just gotten handed cotton candy.
"We need locations, we know Beijing is one of the locations but it is heavily suspected that he had taken over other locations within China. I need to know where." His voice dripping with chilling calmness, the vampire now shooting cuss words and the word sadist his way. In between the cuss words was his express point of not giving them any information.
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Instantly the gag was shoved into the vampires mouth, Yoru annoyed with the fact the vampire had found a new target. He listened to the question his arms crossed, a sharp nod before he turned back to the vampire his hand swiftly taking out the gag protecting his hand from a potential bite. Not that it would do much harm to him but he really wasn't in the mood to sport a temporary vampire bite at the moment.

"Well, you heard him...what is the locations of all your main offices? Any nests?" He added the last part, shooting two birds with one stone. The vampire shook his head,
'I'll tell you nothing!' A laugh. 'You call snatching me a win? There are thousands like me...waiting to tear your throats out one by one...starting with your precious little leader!' Yoru raised an eyebrow, his blade up the vampires lips. "Let me just make that smile permanent...unless you want to talk...?" The vampire laughed again.

'We heal dumbass!' Instantly the vampire found his face slit on one side from his mouth to his ear, the blood streaming down his face. He had just started on the other side when he was interrupted.
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"Mr Nakamura!" He stopped him. Not that he was stopping him for any humanitarian reasons...the vampire needed his mouth to speak? He was wondering if Yoru realized that as he watched him go for the right side of his mouth after hitting the left side.
"Please aim for another organ, how is he going to speak with his mouth slit open?!" He mused, his voice dripping from pure annoyance. The laugh causing him to stand up he raised an eyebrow.

"You see, the fact you heal is a double edged sword. He can cut you as many times as he wants, you'll heal and we'll start on a new canvas. Question is...how are you going to feel once your hungry?" He deadpanned. "And me the knife."

Maybe it was the lack of sleep...maybe it was the 'dumbass' that set him off. He wasn't sure, what he did know is he was now officially pissed off.
"Thank you for that little bit of information though...now tell me the age ranges." That seemed to shut the vampire up.
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"Not if I stitch it open...now answer the question." He deadpanned, raising an eyebrow at the fact he'd nearly forgotten....oh well that was true. Didn't mean he couldn't do it later....keep the vampire as a decoration in the corner of his room since the fight club wasn't getting it.

Looking over as Shiro's boots hit the floor he raised his other eyebrow...give him the knife? That wasn't something he expected to hear but happy to ablidge he handed over the blade now dripping with blood.
"And if that doesn't work...I know a few mind tricks." He purred, "Once your weak enough even a vampire of your age will be powerless to them." He smirked stepping back to let his son take over the show.

"Remember what I've taught you and Shiro?" He watched as Shiro turned with a look of question. "No need to go easy...this one isn't by technicality alive." He added.
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The vampire looked almost horrified at the idea that his mouth could be stitched in place, the rumors of this clan of men seemingly true when it came to how far they would go. Shiro quickly saw the look drop the vampire growling in response to cover his horror at the idea. He sighed as his father continued his torment the knife weighing his hand down in a way that almost felt good.
'You'll just kill me anyway, I'm already doom...' The vampire laughed. 'What's the perks of me spilling anything when I know my fate?!' The cackle grew, taking over the room.

"Oh...not every vampire that enters this room meets his end..." He smirked lightly. "Some get sent to a good friend of mine to do what you do best....fighting for a useless cause...question is..." He said ignoring his fathers instructions, he already knew what to do. He need not get a lesson he didn't need. Slowly but surely the knife cut around the neck, hard enough to give a warning but light enough to not kill. Even as it glided over the main vein Shiro's pressure lifted making a perfectly small yet sure cut. The vampire was frozen.
'Seem's even the undead fear death...' He thought to himself, clearing his throat. "Are you really wanting to be given the chance? You see if you talk, I might consider it. You don't...I let him play. Choice is yours." He finished.
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He was almost shocked in how this made him hot, normally only getting arroused when he was the one cutting up a person. He peered over as Ishikawa who was now wide eyed, never seeing this side of his son before. Smirking he turned his attention to the show.
"Never seen this before Ishikawa? Think you could do this?" He asked the blond shaking his head. "And this is why he's the leader, not you." He mused. He knew Ishikawa was a kill on sight person, not a slow torture. Not a tormenter, he didn't have the balls to watch someone suffer for long periods of time.

Crossing his arms he licked his lips,
"I don't mind playing...if that's your choice." The man not yet speaking. Instead he was gritting his teeth, the victims body rigid withe utter fear as he watched his son playing with the blade.
"What other area's are controlled by your master? How many magical in the organization?" He tried again. The vampire spit at him. 'Fuck off!' Sighing he closed his eyes, looking once as the spit on his floor. "Shiro..."
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Blade still on the neck of the victim he looked back for just a second, raising an eyebrow at the look on Ishikawa's face and his fathers boasting. Sighing he focused back on the victim while his father asked a couple more questions. The spit gained a punch on the mans face his claws making a few marks as he withdrew his hand, the knife still on the man's neck.
"I'd not do that again if you want your neck connected to your shoulders." He hissed. "Answer the question and you might just end up in a ring rather than our back yard forgotten by your master and the world." He ordered, the knife having a bit of pressure put on it.

'You think your so powerful, but...your just mortals...all of you. Do you realize that we have the power of 400....500...even 600 year old vampires on our side and you have what? A baby vamp here?' The man laughed. "I lost my emotional mortality years ago," He mused. "It's scary...what a mere mortal can do once he's lost his humanity...I wouldn't underestimate me." He threatened. "Even with that being said, it's funny you assume Yoru's the only vampire we have, Zhao!" He called for the other man.
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"I'm here, I'm here..." He said having gotten the owl to meet the group in the basement an hour ago, when the sun was still up no less. "The sun just now let up, mind you." He mused, his eyes focusing on what was going on. Raising an eyebrow he almost let out a gasp at who was hung on the chain set. It was a person he'd turned about 200 years ago, someone who was smarter than to be caught...or so he'd thought...
"Oh wow, And you were one of my smarter recuites..." He muttered.

Looking around the room he saw the blood, looking at Yoru for a second as if to wonder how the man who had been captured all those years ago was capable of this amount of torture. Crossing his arms he ignored the fact the child like boss was taking charge of the torment.
"Loyalty is earned, he's lost mine and Yi Lings...I suggest you work with them," He smirked. "Because like it or not...what information you don't give I can easily find out..." He hummed.
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He laughed, Baby vamp the spit show not really bothering him...he'd dealt with worse from past victims. The idea that he was a baby in anything however was funny to him.
"Oh...I might be a baby by age but honey I was crazy and vindictive before I was turned. I assure you in ability and morals I am far from a baby in anything." He smirked. "When your boss turned me he was being a fool." He finished.

The vampire however hadn't seemed to hear him his eyes widened at the newcomer in the room.
'You....you dare turn on the man who let you live such a high life? You Traiter!' The chains moves to go toward the newcomer only to be stopped when he only got an inch in by both his son's knife and the length of the chains.
'You want to know his magical members? Wizards with more honor than you will ever have! They are loyal and respectful to my lord and no one else!' The vampire hissed. 'His locations? Hell as far as your concerned, which is where I'll be sending this traitor as soon as-' Yoru watched as the blade gained a little more pressure.

"My my...such a show of loyality... " He rolled his eyes. "Just answer the fucking questions, and cut out the bullshit." He deadpanned. The vampire only huffed in response.
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He couldn't disagree with that...He'd said the same thing when he'd found about about his fathers new race of being, Hiro and him agreeing that Jiang had made one grave mistake in turning the man instead of killing him. He nodded to Zhao in understanding his reasons of lateness his blade cutting into the mans neck when he went to attack the vampire who had just entered.
"Obviously he's not too smart, having a knife to his throat and moving right into it doesn't exactly show his level of intelligent." He mused, the vampire glaring at Zhao the whole time.

"You know what we don't do that your boss does? Kill mass amounts of people for no reason. We need a price tag to carry out a murder, no I wouldn't say were honorable people but at least we have a fucking limit. So why don't we get off our high horses and face the reality of things. The reality is you'll either die here...slowly....or at least have a bit of fun in a fighting ring. The choice is yours, all you need to do is give us a bit of information for the latter...is that really so hard?" He asked,
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The albino had a point...Walking more into the room with his arms crossed he tilted his head his hair falling more so to the side with his lips tight in thought.
"I never said he was smart in fighting...I just didn't think he'd be smart enough not to get captured, no he's quite rash in his fighting style from what I remember." He mused.

He laughed, loyality... right.
"You thought I would be loyal to a man who simply wants to use me? Wants me to kill villages of people so he can build a vampire city? A man who will toss away people simply because they dont agree with his ideas? You do realize now that your here, you are a risk he won't accept back right? That's how little you meant." Stepping closer to where he was an inch away from the other he finished what he had to say, "Face it, it's either a fighting ring...or my friends here will make you a toy...your choice." He went to sit down, "Personally I'd talk and take the fighting ring option."

'Your wrong, My noble loyal nature of keeping his secrets will allow me your old position and you know it.' The man spat back, zhao tilting his head once more.
"Doubt it, Shiro aim lower. He takes pride in those lovely abs of his...pity of something would happen to them..."