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Stories taking place in countries such as China, North Korea, India, and Indonesia as well as Australia and New Zealand.
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 #36457  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: A street in East Melbourne • Date: Aye
Time of Day: Ja • Weather: Kontra K

Outside the gym, Dino had shoved his hands in his pockets. They'd started walking down the street, now, and the oceanographer had an instinct there would be a pub not too far away, as that was his special talent.

'So, what's yer poison?'

They'd turned a corner, and Dino knew he'd spotted a bar already. He eyed the rainbow flag hanging from its awning with a lot of interest, though he looked away very quickly. He wasn't going to bring his fellow kickboxer to a gay bar. He'd have to make a mental note of this address, though, because after the fiasco in Hong Kong, he wanted to be sure to focus his attentions where they would be well-received. And as far as this lad went, he hadn't the foggiest. Dice Rogan had really done a number on him, hadn't he?

'Aaaaaaach, I think there's a pub right over there,' Dino said as he spotted another bar, neither quite as inviting nor as proper as the first one, from which he tore his gaze regretfully. Because apparently he kept looking right back at it. Oh, so subtle, Dino. Ach, most straight guys weren't great with subtlety anyway, were they? He'd spent four years of his life back at Hogwarts being in love with his best friend, and they'd shared a dormitory, even, yet Cris had always been none the wiser. He still didn't know.