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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
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 #36295  by Freja Ostberg
"No point in lying to me, pal." Freja said in response. "If you've never been on a three-day bender then I'm nae Scottish."

Taking a sip of her pint. "Work." Freja replied. "I was in Australia at the WES center for a few weeks doing some Merfolk research and decided to come here on my way back to the UK." The Scot explained.

"But enough about work, I'm here to have fun right now."
 #36338  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, I can't believe ya missed my beautiful pun, Ostberg,' Dino groaned, shaking his head in mock disappointment. 'Sure I've been on a three-day bender, and with ya, to boot. I just meant -ach, never mind, ya know why I can't do anything for any amount of time straight,' he grinned.

'Aye, that's fair,' he replied, taking a sip of his beer. 'And ya've come to the right place, all we do here is have fun.' Dino looked to the beach, wondering if Dorian was around.
 #36412  by Freja Ostberg
Freja rolled her eyes at her friend. "Sorry Dino. Not everyone is completely on your level all of the time." the Scot leaned over and gave her friend a playful punch in the arm.

"Alright well now that I'm here for a few days you can't slack off on the fun." she smirked. "I originally came with the plan to just relax for a few days after working all over the Christmas but y'know what, I think partying with Dino O'Sullivan sounds much better."
 #36415  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino mimicked being terribly hurt by the punch, but he was all goofy grins. 'I know, and it feels so lonely here on the top.'

He took another large sip of beer. Somehow, for unexplained reasons, the quantity of beer was getting dangerously low. Incomprehensible. 'Aye, with Dino, the craic is always ninety,' he nodded wisely. 'And it's a great idea, because ya hate yer liver and ya want to punish it so much. Of course I can show ya a good time. But first, do ya want me to introduce ya to my friends here? We don't have to party just the two of us, ya know. There's a whole bunch of WES people here, and, uh, also, there's Dorian,' Dino finished, as nonchalantly as possible, looking up quickly from his fingernails he'd been staring at while saying the last part of his sentence. He looked innocent as could be, except maybe the fond smile that had appeared at the mention of the lad, and just as quickly vanished. No chance Freja has seen that, was there?
 #36435  by Freja Ostberg
Freja sipped away on her pint as Dino spoke. It would be nice to meet up with some other WES workers. They were always good fun. Unfortunately, those she was working with in Australia hadn't a whole lot of time to party much but she could already tell things were a little more laid back in Fiji. But, what was that? Dorian? A cheeky smile from Dino.

"Excuse me." Freja said, a smirk on her own face. "Who is Dorian? I definitely want to meet Dorian. Seems like someone has a bit of a soft spot for Dorian." Freja rambled, poking at her friend.
 #36437  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Dorian's no one,' Dino shot back defensively, way too quickly. 'A cartographer. He works here right now. Greek. I met him once or twice. We get along,' he said dismissively, taking another sip of beer.

Of course there was almost no more beer left. Damn shame. He eyed his mug disappointedly. 'There's really nothin' to say, as long as I've nothin' to drink,' he goaded. 'And I don't got a soft spot for Dorian.'
 #36479  by Freja Ostberg
"So if I get you a drink, you'll tell me more about this Dorian friend of yours?" Freja teased.

Turning to the barman, Freja ordered two more pints for herself and her friend.

"How about we have these drinks and then go and meet these new friends of yours?" she suggested.
 #36488  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I might,' Dino replied, his smile suddenly a bit shy. They received the pints, and the ex-Gryffindor took a swig of his mug. 'On the condition ya don't tell him anythin'.' He sighed. 'We're just mates, ya know. I'd like that to continue.'

Dino's grin returned as he toasted Freja. 'Sláinte, woman. And do behave. I've only got the one Dorian.' Well, that sentence had come out on its own. Interesting. He couldn't really deny it, though, could he? He certainly had a lot to think about now... Too bad... At least they could be friends.

The oceanographer returned to his drink. Hell yeah, he'd introduce Dorian to Freja. She'd see how awesome he was.