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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #36307  by Shiro Takayama
Walking into the traditional style room, Shiro slipped into his yukata a top robe made of silk, designed with dark cherry blossoms and snow adorning it. Pale eyes focused on the wall that held the wands over past oya-buns long dead. History they stared at everynight. In the futon behind him he heard the moving of covers and a sleepy voice coming from.
'Finally, your coming to bed.' A sentimental gesture he usually let slip by.

Not tonight, not after the personal emotions that had been seen that night...personally emotions that personally bothered him.
"Kawazaki." He called, his voice stoic if anything.
 #36308  by Hiro Kawazaki
'hmm?' He muttered, loking up at his husband who had switched clothes faster than he had ever seen him do. The man was standing, looking at the wands that he had placed up a year ago, Yoru's being the last to join them. He would hate the day Shiro's would join those already on show case.
"What is it?" He asked, "And why is you haori on? Planning a walk in the garden?" He asked.
 #36309  by Shiro Takayama
He scoffed,
"Highly unlikely, they are under repair...or have you forgotten?" He mused, sitting in the black and silver chair to the side of the room. No, he had no plans for a midnight stroll in his ruined gardens...He had planned for a late-night talk. Hiro had come from a pureblood family, a family filled with hate for those of not pureblooded. He'd run from that, while Shiro had understood why to a point...the idea of joining a group just as bad - to the general public no less was lost to him. He'd never voiced it,

But since Hiro wanted to bug into his personal choices...it was high time he brought it up.
"The Kawazaki's...a pureblood family right?" He'd heard about them from Sadao during their 'nights', names of families his father wanted him to know he'd never get to mingle with - utterly pathetic in his option if he looked back on it now. His need to be apart of them had been long dead when his father had mentioned it.
"I've always wondered..." His pale lips clasping the cig he'd just lit. "Why would someone run away from pureblood violence...yet join up with a group that is generally violent to everyone?"

"I've been respectful not to mention it before, but Mr Kawazaki since you and Yoru seem to think the current ministry situation is giving you the right to be personal...I might as well return the favor."
 #36310  by Hiro Kawazaki
As odd as the question would sound to anyone else...walking in a ruined garden seemingly pointless he wouldn't have put it past Mr Takayama, so to him the question was quite logical. The question that followed, however, was even more logically accurate coming from the albino's mouth. He'd grown to understand when put in a corner, Shiro came back with words - then his sword if the response wasn't' what he wanted.

Very carefully he say up to match his husbands gaze and very carefully did he choose his words.
"Sir, this organization while not pretty keeps the general public out of it, what my parents were doing was directed to the general public. A vast difference don't you think?" He asked, sitting up. "Yes, the Kawazaki family is very old and highly respected within the Japanese pureblood society, but I do not believe in their ways." His eyes never once breaking contact. Breaking of contact showed fear or signs of lying, neither of which he felt or was doing at the moment.

"With all due respect, if my parents were getting involved...am I right to assume you would pull me out? Just as Mr Nakamura is trying to do to you?"
 #36311  by Shiro Takayama
He raised an eyebrow,
"I think not Kawazaki, we do sometimes end up dealing with the general public. Wives that have cheated, men that steal from their company..." He paused. "Clients that don't pay up?" He added. "While it has nothing to do with blood status it does show that we are not the guardian angels in the dark if anything it shows were the Japanese monsters waiting to strike. Should the price tag be right." He finished. If hiro somehow made himself believe they were he would have to fix that, the risk to the mans 'pure' soul being a risk he'd be more than willing to take.

"No." He voice blunt. "I'd expect you to do your job and do as I said. Your parents or not." The smoke coming out of his pale lips. "I'd expect you to understand that when you signed up to this organization that hard situations would come to your attention and those situations you'd have to deal with." Standing up he shut the blinds.

"When are you going to learn that petty emotion such as 'love' and 'belonging', even 'personal' are only going to get in your way?" He mused looking over his shoulder.
"I've noticed your the same way with clients, 'understanding' and 'gentle'...Telling Prudence she'd be a great vampire, welcome by society. Kissing Mrs Iver's behind an boasting her ring managing skills." He sighed. "Business should be facts, facts and nothing more. The only reason I let you do it was the fact it did get us somewhere in some situations...as to why I'm still trying to figure out."
 #36779  by Hiro Kawazaki
He scoffed,
"Those are isolated events, my parents approved of mass murder. That's the difference." He knew they were far from innocent, killing and targeting those cheating wives made them far from...but at the same time, they weren't going around killing millions of people because of the blood in their body. While that may seem ill-logical, the distinction helped him sleep a little better at night.

"How in the hell did you get so screwed up in the head, Shiro!" He hissed, having enough of this disconnected yakuza mindset. Even the hardest members still loved their wives and daughters.
"You want to come in here and tell me 'that's the way the yakuza is', point out I'm 'emotional'. Have you seen your fellow members? Shinji had to comfort his wife when the triad attacked, Mister Matsumoto dotes over his wife." He reasoned, sighing. "We signed up for dangerous situations, situations that might involve not coming home and we all accept that. That doesn't mean we can't have family and friends and feel emotions. Emotions aren't weak, and I'm sorry to tell you but if you really feel that way Sadao did one hell of a job on you." He hissed.

"I joined this organization before this organization looks out for one another. Be it bad or evil those within it? are, brothers and sisters. My family? Nothing close to it." He finished. "Are we done with the questions? Because I'd rather get to my couch." Because Shiro had pushed his buttons too far tonight.
 #36780  by Shiro Takayama
He raised an eyebrow,
"So isolated situations are ok but mass murder isn't?" He didn't understand the concept...each situation involved the ending of a person or people's life. Hiro was like a closed book - at least to him. To a normal person it might be different. For years he'd seen Hiro bond with the boys and girls of the Yakuza leaving him puzzled with how. He'd seen others bond, not knowing what was the point in such a relationship. Maybe he was the oddball in the group - maybe that's why he was best suited to lead. He wasn't biased by personal connections.

Narrowing his eyes he leaned forward.
"Remember who your talking to before you continue on that path." He said a chill forming in the air, The albino really not wanting to talk about his father in any way,shape or form. "Remember when Yoru was thought to be dead? How you made sure I didn't step out without calming down? Because my emotions would have gotten me killed?" He said going back to that night at the Batsu house.
"Where is that man? Because that's the man I married. The man who understood business didn't mix with emotions."

"As soon as you answer my question because I'm pretty sure Yoru isn't much better than me in connecting...and you seem to respect him enough to keep your opinions on personal matters to yourself."
 #36781  by Hiro Kawazaki
He could almost kill Shiro right then and there, standing he he went for his pillow planning on getting an extra blanket.
"Were not always working, some of us actually have personal lives." He deadpanned, Shiro's hand stopping him from leaving. For the first time in his life, those claws looked like his execution.
"In the death and violence, us normal people find wives and children and love...hope that our samurai roots won't have to be hidden for long. You? You focus on work, treat us like a power couple and nothing more. I married you because I love that damaged soul, but I am starting to feel you never loved me."

"You're just like my parents." He knew he was risking a lot by speaking his mind. He knew he was pushing it. "So kill me, because I'm done bowing to you like a member of the Yakuza when I'm your husband. How's that for personal?"
 #36782  by Shiro Takayama
Swiftly he was up off his chair pinning Hiro to the wall, his lips near his ear.
"Your husband...Mr. Kawazaki has one mission and you knew that when you married him. I wonder...why you think me accepting the ring you put on my finger after years of chasing...would make me change." He mused. "My work? Is my life and it's because of that were feared by most of the filthy...deluded underground community."

"You... need to get your act together before you end up replaced because I don't mind doing so." He pushed him further into the wall as he let go.
"Understood?" He finished, moving to the bed. "Now if you're done with your pity party and ready to stay out of my personal affairs...I would appreciate it if you'd come to bed. Honestly your acting like a child."
 #36783  by Hiro Kawazaki
Get his act together....that was funny. His act had always been together.
"You don't think I can't be as ruthless as you? That your the only one they fear?" He scoffed, "When I'm doing my job and taking care of a problem I have no problem doing the same as you. You seem to forget that." He glared, crossing his arms as his back was pinned to the wall. Even shorter Shiro looked deathly lethal, but he wasn't going to let the fear show. He refused to fear his husband openly.

"As soon as you stop acting like - " He paused. "That's all I really am. A power partner?" He asked.
 #36784  by Shiro Takayama
"Why do you think you have your title? Obviously, I know what you can do Kawazaki." He muttered fixing the blanket. Looking up he raised an eyebrow.
"What other reason would me, a yakuza leader have for marrying another? Love? Kawazaki, I lost the ability to love before I was able to brew a potion. A fact I thought you were aware of?" He mused.
 #36786  by Shiro Takayama
He scoffed,
"That Kawazaki was the idea that someone could off a top member of the Yakuza such as Yoru. The Triad had no right to beat out the best one in our organization." He reasoned. Hiro's emotions were driven by family-like ties, his came from their reputation.

"Yoru was...indestructible, and yet... they took him. Maybe a bit of me was a bit freaked out at that, if they can take him out...well, in my opinion, they could get any of us, even our inner circle."
 #36787  by Hiro Kawazaki
He sighed,
"In the end we're all human Shiro. We can all be taken and killed." He paused. "We're just a little harder to kill." He added.

"Even you, though you don't want to admit it."
 #36788  by Shiro Takayama
Laying down on the mat he snorted,
"Speak for yourself. I might be killable...but I am far from human, and I wouldn't classify Mr Nakamura as such...even before his turning." He opened up Hiro's side of the bed. "Now get in here before I change my mind." He said calmly going for the light. "Or be the child and sleep on the couch. I could care less."