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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
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 #36283  by Yoru Nakamura
He grunted, standing up his legs leading him towards the window where the moon smiled down at him, it was almost calming...His father loved the moon as well - Too bad that last raid, a raid he wasn't to even be on due to being 'retired' took him both from the earth and heir lives. If he was alive...these two would be able to hear what he was about to say from the old man's mouth.
"Don't get me wrong...I'm sure the thrill of a hand to hand kill was par of it...but that's not why it was initially started," He turned to face them arms crossed.
"What is the best way to get away with murder without being tracked? You use a spell the Ministry is going to know it was a magical kill and possibly your locations. I'm not sure exactly what information they get...in any case...if it's done by hand it can both be blamed for a muggle kill...and the chance of you being traced to it goes down to one per cent." He explained.

"When I first started I thought like you guys are now, why use muggle means when we have magic? IT took one close call for me to understand his reasoning. A 20 year old hit almost got two of my men in prison, we escaped blame by the skin of our teeth."

"If your sure this isn't going to be a pissing match...I'll be more than happy to let you handle it. But remember Shiro, your my son and I'm your bodyguard. I will take action if I need to." He warned lightly.

It was when the club was mentioned he had to bite his pride. Hiro was right - something he wasn't wanting to admit seeing as he really wanted Shinji in Hiro's place. He wanted Hiro to make mistakes, and nothing but. Even so he'd give him credit where it was due.
"With two active enemies...one not yet a problem...Hiro's right. If the vampires attack the club while we're in the spotlight the ministry will have an actual reason to stalk us."
 #36284  by Shiro Takayama
"And not making the club open will just show-" He started, yoru taking over the stage a moment later with his explanation for his fathers change in fighting style. He'd heard crazy stories...never having met the man the stories did really paint the man in a crazy light but as Yoru explained it did all make logical sense. Use muggle ways and suspecting the magical yakuza wasn't going to be a common trend. Maybe the old man wasn't as nuts as he was painted.
"Wait." He said remembering back, "Midori Hojo right? That's the case we almost got tagged on. I remember you telling me about that when I first joined."

He grunted bringing his glass to his lips only to pause before he started taking a sip.
"Trust me, I left when I was eleven...or was it twelve? Either way...That was a long time ago and as much as I want revenge I'm not stupid to do it in a way that's going to drag my operation down." He mused. "I can assure you I'll treat him like any other idiot that thinks they can get inside information."

"Maybe your right." Not that he liked it...the idea of opening up a club and showing both the Chinese vampires and his father they were not going to take anything sitting down was tempting. The two men in the room had a point though, the ministry was unaware well...had lack of information on the vampire situation. They currently also had no reason to get in on it. A public attack on a club would change that.
 #36285  by Hiro Kawazaki
Blinking he thought back, pulling out old memories from even before Shiro's time. He'd been in the organization longer than Shiro, and when he joined that story was still pretty fresh on everyone's lips.
"Shinji's father managed to get them off the hook if I remember right...Something the Ishikawa's are quite proud of." He filled in a couple of the blanks.

"I don't know Yoru, it might be me you have to control. I've had it out for the guy ever since I found out the details." He leaned back in the chair getting looks from both of them.
"But I'll play the nice guy for now...until the man pushes it."

He about fell off his chair, Yoru agreeing with him. It was a wonder that he'd been able to keep a straight face even as Shiro agreed with the both of them.
"If we can handle the vampire case...we should be ok with opening the club." He assured his husband. "Speaking of which...You have a meeting with that...vampire do you not Yoru?"
 #36286  by Yoru Nakamura
Leaning in the window, as Shiro's post protest was ignored he focused on something he could actually respond to.
"Yes, that's the one and Hiro's right." He crossed his arms. "The leaders son, tried to take my place and I took care of the problem. Magically. Mr Ishikawa managed to get them off our tail...That poor wife..." He paused, shaking his head and shoving his hands in his pockets. "Well, she knew the risks when she married into the Yakuza."

"Mr Kawazaki I think this goes without saying but if you pull the protective husband card and end up getting us caught in the crossfire it wont be the ministry or Mr Takayama over there that's going to end you. It'll be me." He smirked, "Plus I don't think Shiro himself will be so appreciative of it, shoulda heard what he said when I played father." He mused.

"Yes...unfortunately." He drawled. "Ishikawa found where he might be most active...just need to owl the man with the information. I'm not dealing with a car ride...a long car ride with someone other than a fellow yakuza." He took out a cig and lit it. "Your lucky I'm playing along as far as I am."
 #36287  by Shiro Takayama
He smirked, just having taking a sip of his scotch.
"Explains the cockyness I walked into when I first met him." He purred. "Guy's father is the reason you and your friend didn't end up in jail." He added.

"Well, Yoru. Seeing as you have and always have been a commander and not a father...and Hiro you being a brother in arms in terms of the Yakuza either of you pulling a family card is not going to go very well." He mused, a clear warning for both of them to back off the personal level.

"Yoru...You are to meet him here, with the ministry peeking in on our business we need both of you untracked...and for merlin's sake send the owl tonight..." His voice teetering on annoyance. Yoru was fighting this tooth and nail. "Track trails, see if there's any activity but don't engage...the only reason you two are going together on such a simple mission is simply the chance a few might show their face." And if they did he didn't want Yoru there alone.
 #36302  by Yoru Nakamura
He shrugged and before Hiro could deep his hole deeper he intervened focusing on his mission with the vampire.
"Fine, I'll owl him tonight." He said, giving a warning glance to Hiro before he left to keep his mouth shut.
 #36303  by Hiro Kawazaki
He had just about started to go into the point he was his husband before Yoru cut in, and cut him out of the conversation altogether. Any comment he would have had about the Ishikawa's going with it. In all honesty, he was aware of his place - the marriage he knew had really been one of convenience. He just hadn't liked that fact, and the talks about kids and candy that let him forget it for just a second. Until Yoru had come in and ruined it.
"They get involved with these Chinese vampires and I might not have a choice." He said, putting it into a business perspective.

"I'm gonna catch a shower, I'm sure the list we have is fine enough." He yawned heading out of the room - needing to be away from Shiro for the half-hour his shower would give him.
 #36304  by Shiro Takayama
Blinking as they left he mauled over what had just happened, was Yoru helping Hiro keep the air safe around them? That was an interesting development....and not one he was sure he liked. Or maybe they just thought he was the idiot who couldn't see what they were doing? One thing was sure.
"Either they think they're smarter than me...or think I'm an idiot." Because he knew they were still talking in a personal matter, using work references to cover it up.

Finishing his drink he headed towards his office.