A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #34872  by Yoru Nakamura
Walking down the hallways he'd walked a million times while alive, the shadows overtaking the now rundown halls of the original training center he smirked, Seeing Shiro leaning on the rail that looked down onto the main floor - men chatting, drinking and smoking below.

"Seems...this place isn't totally forgotten. Sentimental?" He watched Shiro's eyes looking down on the main floor, the young man dressed in a long sweater and black dress pants. The knife in his boot glimmering from the window long broken out. The boy - no man seemed at home watching from the top.
 #34874  by Shiro Takayama
He scoffed, not shocked to see the man who had told to meet him here show up in the least. He didn't want to admit it, but this place had an old charm about it he'd come back to from time to time for the memory. He could argue the fact though, given it was in one of the worst level of disrepair than any of their other buildings.
"Nothing of the sort." He mused, "It simply works as a beginner ground...seeing as it already is full of holes." The yakuza still gaining rank by the old fighting system.

Not looking at the vampire he cleared his throat.
"Update on the guard interviews?"
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He chuckled, leaning on the railing lightly suspecting it had aged as well the floors only being safe due to their structure being made of stone. He thought back to easier times...Hiro challenging Shiro, the young man standing up and accepting only for the brawl to end up all over the room. Usually this ended up in broken bottles - none used as a weapon....and many a table flipped over.
"Many of the holes, sir you made yourself." He hummed lightly. "You and Mr Kawazaki."

Passing the booklet over he nodded,
"Those are my results." He said simply. "I'd highly suggest you focus on the men with stars beside the name."
 #34877  by Shiro Takayama
Grunting he took the booklit, opening it carefully as his pale years took in the other babble the vampire was saying. He knew what the hint was, He knew he'd made the hold to the left of the front door with his skull...Hiro breaking the table with a fall across the room from it - honestly, the table was bearly standing. It was easy to pinpoint which one it was.
"Who's sentimental now?" He asked, taking a look at the questions and responses of the first option. "Or is it...that you'd like to go back to those days...when you were on top?" He raised an eyebrow.

"You ruined that with helping the Batsu family, remember that." His eyes looking over or just a second. "I must say...Kirigawa is an odd choice for the top pick..." He commented. "Mind going into detail?"
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He shrugged,
"It's not really about status..." Because...it wasn't, he had taken the job but he didn't love the idea of being responsible. That torch was gladly passed over to the other.
"What I loved was seeing the fighting, the raw power showed when one of you wanted to gain in the ranks." What he missed was the show, what he assumed Shiro missed was the simple days of just tossing around his fist - before the reality of reaching the top really set in.
"Do you regret it?" He suddenly asked.

"He showed the fire in his eyes that all the people I favour have. It's really that simple." Not knowing what his son meant by that exactly. "He's also proved loyal. Both in my reign and in yours." He chuckled, "This really isn't hard to do Shiro, you look at everyone too seriously...with too much -" He tried to find the right words. "You expect them to be you, truth is most people in the organization are in it for the fighting and the fear they have with that outside of our organization. Not everyone comes in with a goal."
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Stealing a glance in the vampires direction he raised an eyebrow. He wasn't sure...what he had expected but it hadn't been that, Shiro believing for years that rank was held very dear to the man beside him.
"My, did you put on a good show then." He chuckled.

"No," He said without hesitation. "I'm a soul of the damned...doomed to live in the world of the shadows. If this must be my fate...may as well do it in the top chair." He explained. "As much as you'd like to think I miss those days, sitting down there wasn't as fun as you'd think."

He scoffed,
"Think we can trust him with the dakumatasakuru girls? He's been as flirty with girls as he is loyal to us." The wizard ignoring the life lesson the vampire was trying to enforce.
"That's my question, the fire in his eyes can be aimed at more than someones face and used in many ways." Including harassing te girls at the bar with is flirtation attempts.
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He laughed,
"Never said I didn't enjoy the power that came with it Shiro. It can be like a drug you know, having all those men at your fingertip - well you know, you feel it now." He reasoned. Just because he liked the power though didn't mean he liked the pressure that came with it. The oya-bun's choices either made or broke the group. The oya-bun was and would always be the glue.

"He knows to keep his control...he knows what I'll personally do if he doesn't." He assured his son. "You might like option number two a little better though, I handpicked him for you. Serizawa." He hummed. "Part of your old group no?"
 #34887  by Shiro Takayama
"I feel only the responsibility." He countered. "And the control that comes with it. I'm not crazy like you." The man turning the pages until he saw the number two on one of the sheets. Ah yes...Mr Serizawa... one of his first loyal members from his rookie branch. loyal, dependable and yes a much better choice.

"You've chosen well, hire him." He said, shutting the book. "I'll think about Kirigawa, and look over the rest later." He announced, watching a brawl start out on the bottom floor.
"Speaking of Serizawa, his son seems to have found a new target."
 #34888  by Yoru Nakamura
"It's the control I was talking about." He explained, looking down at the man with black and blue hair who had just stood up looking rather miffed off as a short haired, pugged faced member. Interesting...
"Of course." He watched the notepad shut. "I do hope I pleased you in my other options." He smiled,

"His son has grown...still in school?" He questioned focusing on the fist hitting the pug faced counterpart. "Or drop out?" He really didn't care which, though it did say a lot about character - usually drop outs being lazy or focused only on the organization. Shiro and him being rare exceptions to the lazy ruling.
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"We'll see." His tone clipped, watching a table go sideways - the same table he'd tossed Hiro into all those years ago. He was sure it wouldn't be standing much longer if it kept on breaking too many more falls.

"Still in school, top grades." He responded. "And currently the third leader of this batch of lower members."
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"Good, good. He seems promising." He said, patting Shiro on the shoulder. "Sun-rise is soon, I need to get home. Enjoy the view Shiro, you've earned the top chair." He said before vanishing back into the shadows.
 #34891  by Shiro Takayama
His eyes never left the fight, the vampires footsteps slowly fading from hearing. No, he didn't regret this at all. He just had to figure out how he was going to use this for his personal goal.

Stepping away he let them have at it, entering the old office to finish his work for the night.