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"Of course," Vera acquiesced to both her son and wife. Soon a glass of milk was in front of Louis and her coffee cup had been filled.

"Perhaps we could do an excursion to the waterfall."

Played By: Kay
Preparing three bowls of porridge topped with brown sugar and peaches, Evelyn joined her family at the small breakfast nook and tucked into her meal.

It was an hour and a half later that found Evelyn being dragged across the pool area towards a child’s water structure that also housed a faux water fall. Louis immediately made towards it, “What Louis. Sunscreen please.” The boy pouted but followed Evelyn as she went to claim two beach chairs.

She passed the diaper bag to Vera to apply the lotion.

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Toddling in place as his mother applied sun lotion, the little boy could not wait to be in the water. "My nose, my nose," he presented his nose as he realized that was the last body part that required lotion.

"Are you coming in the water with me maman?" He took her hand, clearly intent on making her his companion.
Snatching up the bottle Vera put down as she was applying sun lotion to their son, Evelyn squeezed a dollop on her fingers and applied it to her own olive skin. She placed a wide brim straw hat atop her head and slipped her sunglasses on, "Absolutely," She replied with a kind smile. Taking his hand, she looked at Vera and reached her free hand out to her, "Come on dear. Let's go in the water."

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"I will be there in a minute," she apologized as she took the bottle of lotion from Evelyn and squirted some in the palm of her hand.

While her fair skin did require the extra layer of protection, she mostly wanted an excuse to stay behind. She would watch from a distance as her two loves would make their way towards the water. Nevermind the countless pictures they had of their family, moments like these were what she kept engraved in her mind.

Played By: Kay