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 #30790  by Evelyn Winters
Location: Viti Levu, Fiji • Date: Late August
Time of Day: Morning • Weather: Hot

A knee to the stomach was what awoke Evelyn, and she knew immediately who the culprit was. The small three year old nestled between her and Vera was tossing in his sleep, struggling with the heat, something he and his mother both had in common. Evelyn however thrived in the heat, already dreading heading back to England even though that was two weeks away.

They'd arrived in Fiji four days ago, and while initially they'd struggled with the timezone change, having refused to rely on sleeping potions to get them through the jetlag, the only thing bothering her family now was the heat. Something neither of the Hadley's were accustomed to.

Blinking across her son and across her wife, she caught sight of digital clock on the side of Vera's bed. The muggle clock told her that it was nearly 7 am. That told her enough about how much her son had slept. If at all.

She peered down at him, brushed a strand a hair behind his ear just as an arm flew out and collided with her jaw. She winced.

It seemed that going back to sleep was going to be a futile effort.

Rolling out of the large king bed, she padded out of the bedroom in their two bedroom villa and made her way to the kitchen. She flicked her wand at the coffee machine and it began to brew as she moved to stand at the door that over looked a small patio and then the clear blue ocean. She sighed pleasantly. If she had the choice, Evelyn would stay here forever. She would happily live among the non–magique if that meant she got to spend the rest of her life here looking out over the ocean.

Perhaps this could be her retirement plan.
 #30792  by Vera Hadley
In a futile attempt to create a breeze Vera kicked the tangled sheets around her legs. She sighed as her fingers slipped against the glistening skin of her damp neck, the heat was sticking to her, there was no getting rid of it. Especially not when their little heat ball of a son seemed determined to invade her space.

Realizing Evelyn was already up, Vera kissed the top of Louis's head and left the bedroom. Wearing a pale blue silky short set that clung to her skin, the blonde filed a coffee cup and joined her wife on the patio. "How did you sleep?" She inquired as she kissed the side of Evelyn's head.
 #30814  by Evelyn Winters
Turning at the sound of someone behind her, Evelyn watched as Vera made herself a cup of coffee and then moved towards her. Leaning her head into Vera's kiss, she let out a small, satisfied sigh and then flicked her wand towards the coffee maker. A cup floated out of the cupboard and then sugar and milk sprang into the air, landing inside the pale blue mug. It then moved towards the coffee pot and then the pot lifted and poured dark liquid into the mug. Everything placed itself back in it's rightful place as the cup floated towards her.

"I did," She replied as she took the cup mid-air and took a sip, "Until your son decided he wanted to take up kick-boxing in his sleep."
 #30855  by Vera Hadley
Vera smiled as she remembered describing Louis in similar terms when the boy had still been inside her belly. She was about to remind Evelyn of that fact, but just before she spoke, she realized her mistake. Evelyn had not been in their lives back then.

"You know, I," she hesitated but felt as though it was something worth saying. "I often forget you were not with us while I was pregnant." She smiled sadly. Though she felt that Evelyn had forgiven her for leaving, there was a part of her that felt like she had stolen something from the woman that she would never be able to give back. "What I mean to say is that it feels like you were his mother right from the start."
 #30859  by Evelyn Winters
Watching Vera from the corner of her eye, Evelyn sipped at her coffee as she listened to her speak. It was true, Evelyn had thought of herself as Louis' mother right from the beginning, though it was never something she had vocalized before. Even when she and Vera weren't seeing one another, Evelyn had felt connected to the boy in a way she had never been before.

"He's my son," She said simply before taking another sip of her coffee.

Looking out over the ocean, Evelyn sucked in a deep breath, "You know, I was eighteen when my sister was born and I hated her the moment I met her even though we'd both lost a mother. I hated her because she took both of mine away." Her nose crinkled as she remembered the owl she had gotten telling her about the death of Voletta and the birth of Vivianne. Her mother had died nearly a 10 months before, having hung herself not days after Evelyn told her about Voletta and her father. Her sister had probably been conceived then and there and in one full sweep, Evelyn had been motherless.

"It's been over twenty-years and I've just realized I hated her because I couldn't hate my father. He was all I had left."
 #30871  by Vera Hadley
Without as much as a word, she took her wife's hand.

"Do you think you could feel differently about her now that you have a family of your own?" It was so rare to see Evelyn speak of herself with such self-awareness that Vera couldn't help, but wonder if it might be an opportunity for her to mend the relationship with her sister.
 #30875  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn turned to lean against the open door jamb. Threading her fingers with Vera's, she pulled her coffee cup close her chest as she looked at her wife, "No," She said with a shake of her head. Maybe that made her a horrible person, but Evelyn still felt like her whole childhood had been ruined by a child who hadn't even existed until she was seventeen. It was like every event leading up to Vivianne's birth had been pointing towards that moment and even now, nearly thirty years on, she still felt sour about it.

"Do you think that make me a horrible person?" She asked the blonde.
 #30931  by Vera Hadley
Perplexed, but patient, a smile of acceptance tugged at Vera's lips. Having two sisters of her own, she understood the complex dynamic that existed between sisters. What she struggled to understand was her wife's reluctance to mend her relationship with a sister who might as well be a total stranger.

"Not horrible," she assured though her brow furrowed as she attempted to find the words to explain how she perceived her wife in that moment. She couldn't deny that she wished Evelyn had answered otherwise, but she could see how much her wife had hurt as she had seen her family dissolve. "Afraid," she suggested as she held Evelyn's hand a little tighter. "You lost your family and she is a living reminder of that. Thinking about letting her into your life must be scary."
 #30934  by Evelyn Winters
Looking down at their joint hands, Evelyn played with Vera's fingers as she spoke. Many different emotions flitted across her face as she listened but she managed to remain quiet without interrupting her. She was however saved by a crashing sound coming from the bedroom door way. Turning, she spotted Louis sprawled on the floor with a pair of star covered pants tangled around his ankles. Evelyn let out a laugh.

"What on earth are you doing?" Evelyn asked the boy as she made her way over to him. Her son was so gorgeous, and she suddenly found herself wondering what her sister would have looked like at this stage. What she looked like at all.
 #30949  by Louis Hadley
“Oomph,” the little boy exhaled as his belly hit the ground. Insulted and knee stinging he looked up at his mother to gage her reaction. As she did not seem alarmed by his fall, he sniffled back his pride. “I am looking for my swimsuit,” he explained. His pyjama trousers had already been around his ankles when he had realized where he had left them. “I would like to go to the beach,” he added.
 #31004  by Evelyn Winters
Evelyn let out a laugh and scooped up the three year old. Righting his pants, she pulled them up to his waist and then kissed him on the cheek, "Lous, it's still early. First we need to have breakfast and then I promise we will go swimming, alright?" She gave him a squeeze and then set him back down.

"Want to do feel like today, my loves?"
 #31009  by Vera Hadley
Her disappointment regarding their interrupted conversation did not last. A simple look at the mother and son interacting and Vera was back to smiling. They could continue their conversation later.

"Porridge will do," the mother agreed as she made sure her son sat properly.
 #31012  by Evelyn Winters
"Porridge," She repeated with a chuckle, having thought she would be preparing pancakes or waffles for her son this morning. He had always loved the textures of pancakes, waffles, crepes, so Evelyn was surprised to hear him suggest...porridge of all things.

But Evelyn shrugged and moved to the kitchen, "Porridge it is. We bought some peaches yesterday that I can put on top. How would you like them, hmm?" Ruffling his hair, she set about readying the ingredients and starting the muggle oven. "More coffee Vera?" She asked her wife.