A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

Stories taking place on the Earth's coldest and most desolate continent.
 #37801  by Varsha Kapoor
Now squinting at where Dino was pointing, Varsha strained her eyes at the minuscule ant-like dots along the snowy horizon.

"My brothers an optometrist and always bitching my arse off about how I'm short-sighted, so no need for your input there, Dino darling."

The muggle-born witch failed to consider whether magical people even knew what an optometrist was. They probably just cast a spell and had twenty-twenty vision right off the bat.

A gloved-hand wiped the damp veneer of its owner's forehead, glistening with the evidence of hard labour. "You're only one step ahead because your daddy-long-legs have the capacity to carry you that far. And because you're a dude. And this world is forsaken by men."
 #37805  by Dino O'Sullivan
'YA need glasses,' Dino replied in surprise, though quickly that expression was replaced with a gleeful one. 'YA need glasses! Spectacles! Can ya even see my bake?' Of course she probably couldn't see him properly. If she could, she wouldn't be giving him attitude, she would be telling him how good-looking he was, because that was just good manners.

'Yer just jealous of us men and how much further we can go because we're not limited by our tiny hobbit legs,' Dino replied, studded tongue poking out. 'And because of how much hotter we are.'
 #39011  by Random Event
While the two argued, the arctic wind picked up and soon started howling. Snow began to drift in the wind.

Then something began to move underneath the ice not far from the pair. The thick slab of ice groaned. Or was that the shadow underneath?
 #39212  by Varsha Kapoor
The sudden change in the frigid air was the first flashing yellow light in Varsha's mind. The second was the dreadful feeling that whatever she was standing on wasn't safe to stand on anymore.

Instinctively she gripped Dino's arm and pulled her co-worker close. A trembling gloved hand fumbled for its owner's wand.

"Is it just me or is the ice moving beneath us?" And if it wasn't the ice, then there was definitely something. Varsha wasn't sure if she wanted to know what it was just yet.
 #39214  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino felt the ice shift underneath his feet at the same time as Varsha. He too grabbed his colleague, and didn't hesitate for a second to grab her hand. His eyes wide in alarm, he scanned their surroundings. The penguins were still pretty far off, and they didn't seem overly alarmed.

So this was happening only in their general area... He didn't yet know whether this was a good or a bad thing. Was the ice shelf moving of its own accord, or was something helping it? And that loud noise they'd just heard, was that the ice, or was something making that noise? Dino scoured his brain for a list of creatures who lived in Antarctica. Wales didn't go this far inland. They were too big.

'It's definetely not you,' Dino said, though he wasn't sure how that might be reassuring. Why wasn't his brain working any faster?

A head suddenly appeared from a hole in the ice. Immediately Dino knew what it was.

'Sea leopard! Run!'

Making sure he was grabbing Varsha's hand, Dino made a run for it. Sea leopards were aggressive bastards, and while they generally weren't keen surface hunters, they were known to try to flip icebergs to make their prey fall into the water. No way he was going to die here today! No way he was going to die without telling Dorian how he felt!
 #39266  by Varsha Kapoor
Varsha didn't need to be told twice. She was already in flight mode when Dino urged them to get the Hell out of there. Her heartbeat felt as if it were submerged in a shell of lead as she struggled with every ounce of her physical ability to clamour through the thicket of snow. She was a great deal shorter than Dino so keeping in his stead was proving to be an exhausting alternative, but she was glad that he had a firm grip of her hand. If he didn't, she was quite sure she would probably collapse then and there. Him yanking her arm socket out as they sprinted away from the sea leopard was just about the only thing keeping her on her feet. That, and the prospect of perishing on an ice sheet in the middle of Antarctica.

"Run! For! Your! Fucking! Life!" the witch bellowed as she somehow managed to haul her weight through the darned snow and into a clumsy run. Her trunk followed behind them, hovering merrily.

"Why am I here dealing with Antarctic marine biology? Does the Society hate me or something? I'm a tropical shiela, coastal marine biology, dammit! I'm not cut out to deal with all this ice and sea leopard shit!"
 #39305  by Dino O'Sullivan
They ran for a while yet, putting as much distance between them and the flopping sea leopard as humanly possible. It wasn't a very gracious predator on land, but that didn't mean the oceanographer wanted to be anywhere near it at all. Sharks, he liked just fine. There was something awesome about them. But sea leopards? He was out of his depth, in Antarctica. He didn't know nearly enough about the things that lived here, and yet he'd been thrusted here without much explanation.

He didn't like sea leopards. Never had. They looked entirely evil.

'I'm too pretty to die!' Dino yelled as he ran. And he couldn't very well die without having spoken to Dorian, could he?

Having run and yanked Varsha what he judged was a safe distance from the terrifying mammal, he looked at the penguin colony regretfully. He hadn't had much of a choice but to run in the opposite direction. Sea leopards ate penguins all the time.

'Are ya alright, tropical Sheila?' Dino panted.