A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Stories taking place on the Earth's coldest and most desolate continent.
 #37801  by Varsha Kapoor
Now squinting at where Dino was pointing, Varsha strained her eyes at the minuscule ant-like dots along the snowy horizon.

"My brothers an optometrist and always bitching my arse off about how I'm short-sighted, so no need for your input there, Dino darling."

The muggle-born witch failed to consider whether magical people even knew what an optometrist was. They probably just cast a spell and had twenty-twenty vision right off the bat.

A gloved-hand wiped the damp veneer of its owner's forehead, glistening with the evidence of hard labour. "You're only one step ahead because your daddy-long-legs have the capacity to carry you that far. And because you're a dude. And this world is forsaken by men."
 #37805  by Dino O'Sullivan
'YA need glasses,' Dino replied in surprise, though quickly that expression was replaced with a gleeful one. 'YA need glasses! Spectacles! Can ya even see my bake?' Of course she probably couldn't see him properly. If she could, she wouldn't be giving him attitude, she would be telling him how good-looking he was, because that was just good manners.

'Yer just jealous of us men and how much further we can go because we're not limited by our tiny hobbit legs,' Dino replied, studded tongue poking out. 'And because of how much hotter we are.'