Location: Burj al-Harba Resort • Date: Thursday, 22 January|

When Michelle went on vacation, she went on vacation. Her years living in Italy and with the La Fratta name made her more eager to book first class flights and spend time in world-class resorts. Her favorite change of pace was the Burj al-Harba resort in Dubai. Much warmer weather, clear skies, and exceptional service. Except for the occasional sandstorm, any guest would feel like the entire city was a manufactured experience. She took a few modes of communication that linked her to her favorite people, but other than that, Michelle left all of her work back in Italy and France.

She even left Hadrian behind.

Michelle arrived and was greeted by the staff. She knew she wasn't one of the more prolific regulars to the resort, but the staff always impressed her with knowing her name, her needs, and anything she might have had in tow. Michelle's bags trailed behind her as she entered the resort lobby. Dressed in shorts, sandals, and a flowing top, she made her way to the front desk. However, Michelle stopped in her tracks.

A line snaked from the front desk to nearly the front door. She had reached the end of a line that usually didn't exist at the resort. What was happening in Dubai this weekend?
As she walked up, she smiled at the people who greeted the guests of the resort. Her husband was working but would join her later so there she was in her sun dress...her belly showing itself as 5 months pregnant as she stepped into line just behind the dark haired woman. She had Miyuki at her side, Shiro allowing the girl to join her on their vacation. When the idea was brought up she hadn't been so sure, given the albino's man protectiveness but she soon accepted looking it as practice.

What she hadn't expected? Was the line. The bags trailing behind them both she looked down at Miyuki who looked at her in question.
"This isn't normal..." She said in Japanese, looking around the woman to see how long the line was. It seemed to flow right to the door, what on earth? She'd been here a couple times while in hiding and it was never like this...." What...is going on?" She asked the woman in front of her, Taking the Albino Japanese girl in her arms.
Michelle turned when someone behind her spoke. "I'm not sure," she said. "The line is usually moving pretty quickly." She turned forward again to take another look. She asked the man in front of her, but he didn't know either. Michelle sighed before turning back to the woman behind her. That's when she noticed the little girl next to her. The little girl looked so familiar — her features were distinct enough for her to have some memory of her. But from where?

Not wanting to dwell too much on it, Michelle looked back up at the woman. "Do you travel here often?" she asked her. If they were going to be stuck in line, it wouldn't hurt to get to know her temporary friends.
"That's what I thought." She remembered the last time she'd been there. Usually business went fast at the desk and the line didn't get nearly as long as this one did. It put her on edge a little bit as she looked past the woman to take a look herself at what was going on, Miyuki playing with her blond hair a bit. While she noticed the woman look at the little girl, she figured it was just due to the girls albinism.

She nodded,
"I used to come here a lot, before I had some troubles." She smiled, Taking in the womans features a bit now. She was beautiful. That was when she seemed to remember her manners.
"I'm sorry, your just so pretty. My name is Gemma Batsu, the litte one is Miyuki Takayama." She adjusted the child on her hip a bit.
"I take it you travel here a bit?" She asked.
Michelle laughed at Gemma's compliment. She was about to tell her that she was used to people staring, but that sounded conceited. She waved at the little girl as they were introduced before going back to the conversation. "I'm Michelle," she said. "And, yes, but only in the last year or so. This place is beautiful. It's always so hard to go back to real life once my stay is over."
A little wave, by the little girl Gemma told Miyuki in Japanese the name of the woman before focusing back on her.
"Nice to meet you." She smiled, something was nagging her by that name and that face...she knew it from somewhere. Not in a personal way, no this was the first time she'd seen her personal, But she heard that name before, with the face connected? She wasn't sure but bubbly gemma didn't think to hard on it.
"Oh, glad I'm not the only one. This place is like a dream." She agreed. "And it's private." She added. At least once you got out of the lobby area.
"I'd say the deluxe mud bath is my top pick." She smiled, "Though I have tried that one and it was almost just as soothing." She admitted, remembering the past few years there.
"Which room do you like to book? I prefer the Hawaii getaway suite." She asked.