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Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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He didn't know what he was going to do, when Yoru was alive he'd had status...now that Yoru was dead and Shiro focused on the Batsu case everyone was fighting for titles within. The man in the alleyway, smoking a cig just happened to be a main target due to his personal relationship with the new boss.

As if they really knew the two and how they worked? What they were unaware of was the Albino man who had been successful in running through fear just like the one before him ; had him in first place for a reason: He didn't ask questions, he did his job and he did it well. Should that change, his head would be on a chopping block.

And because he could do his job well...no one had beaten him yet. That didn't mean they weren't done trying and as he finished his cig he looked over to see Ishikawa rearing for a try.
"Really, Ishikawa...Nakamura is dead and your already defiling his pecking order?" He mused.
"What's it been? 4 or 5 months?" He crushed the butt under his shoe and shoved his hands in his pocket, his hair lazily hanging over his shoulders.
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"Nothing personal." The blond, lean man stepped out from the shadows of the entrance. His voice was calm and collected, even had a hint of understanding under the obvious tone of his need to gain his goal. He wanted number two, Yoru's death had taken him out of it and as much as he held Yoru in a high light...in his understanding he was defending him not degrading that light.
"Yoru put me in that place for a reason. I want it back." He took a step forward. "It's you who are defiling it." He finished.

To say he was a little pissed off was severely undermining the level of his anger. He'd earned that title, sure he had help from his father who had been Yoru's fathers right hand man but he still went up the ranks like everyone else with the only help coming from his father once and only once he'd made the top ten.
"Four, which you'd know if he'd meant anything to you now wouldn't you?"

"So are we gonna prove ourselves or have a bonding session?"
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"Right..."The long haired man said more so to himself, nothing personal usually meant a man was keeping up an honorable appearance all the while wanting to beat the crap out of the other. At least that's what it meant in their group, no one ever didn't take it personally. Even more so when they were blood of the Yakuza, the privilege was a problem that he had realized long ago would never be dealt with.
"Ishikawa, if I do remember right....it was your fathers words that stopped the last level of 'training'." He lit another cig, knowing he might just be lighting it for no reason...once he finished his thoughts he might just be defending himself.
"If you remember right, me and Torimura were the last two you needed to beat to really earn that title. Don't act like you would have beaten me." He smirked. "We all know I was going to get it, i mean going off of ability means." He finished.

His ears went a bit red, the insult somewhat getting to him. That man had meant a lot to him, in fact he'd been the father he'd never had. Sure the man was more of a general than a father but with a general came stability. That had meant the world to him,
"Oh right, your not part of the inner circle anymore." He mused, sitting on an abandoned wood cart commonly found in the alleys due to the shops near by.
"We've been a little busy vampire hunting." He explained. "The ones who killed Mr. Nakamura are not quite done. Our Oyabun is in England actually hunting down that one perky annoying slytherin we've heard so much about." He added. "And her little friend who got away. I'm holding down the forte."

"I don't know, seems very lovely the conversation were having." He smiled. "Don't you agree?"
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If he'd actually been listening to the last bit of what Hiro said, he'd have set Hiro off because his opinion was that the organization should stay in Japan unless if was for business and tracking down two little orphans that would likely be put under the protection of the Japanese because one man wanted to make an enemy of the Chinese triad was not his idea of business. Why? Because no profit would be made out of it, no information, no money...no nothing. They would be playing babysitter. Instead of hearing those words though, words of his being bashed sent him into a red fury and the cig in the other mans hand was indeed lit for no reason. It wasn't moments after the man got one puff in the cig was kicked to the ground via him and Hiro was sent into the nearest wall.
"Maybe get your head off the Chinese vampire hunt and think about your self preservation." He gripped. "Unless you just want to hand the title over, that is." He added.

He did care about getting the Triad after killing Nakamura-san. That was a fact, he was only putting it aside for a moment to deal with business within the organization. Make a strong organization, you can make a strong army. That was his logic. Then and only then would you fully be able to deal with the situation with expert precision.
"Enough talk Kawazaki." His words blunt.
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While one would have suspected he would have expected that, his decent to the pavement said otherwise his hand pulsating as formed a fist over and over to see just what all movement he still had in it. Not that it was a big problem if he didn't, he'd just use magic if he could for see a problem with hand to hand though the man had proved over the years he preferred hand to hand.
'He's still rash, that will play in my favor.' He thought, 'Just bring daddy up a few times and I won't break a sweat.' He stood, his hand in better condition then he had originally thought.

"I'm sure your daddy really focused on it. Or else him and your mother-" He caught the foot in the air, twisting the blonds leg as he tossed him over his shoulder.
"Wouldn't have lasted long enough to make a brat like you." He finished, moving back using his hand to indicate the blond was free to try again.
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The crunch made him wince alone much less the pain that went up his left leg, hitting the ground he groaned. He was better than this!! all those years of not being on the front line, doing Yoru's paperwork....yes that was the reason. That had to be the reason, that and the fact Kawazaki usually didn't aim for the legs. He imagined during Kawazaki's underground fights he'd gained a few new tricks. To mention his mother and father though who had died a few years back just to get his blood pressure up was a dirty trick, something he'd not ever step to. Even if it meant he didn't win this fight...or would he?

Something snapped,
"Oh at least my parents were dark lord, English loving pricks like yours. That's why you left right? Was it because of the man's evil deeds or..." He didn't get to finish that sentence. The only difference was Kawazaki wasn't rash when upset, if anything his attacks just got more focused. He had just barely dodged the attack that ended up coming his way, the two arms meeting.
"Hit a nerve did I?"
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"Bearly." He snarled. At least not the nerve the blonde had meant to hit. What hit a nerve was mentioning the dark lord in his presence, not that they were innocent....but they did have a code that made sure the general public wasn't in harms way. The Yakuza also didn't care about blood status, like every underground group it came down to nationality. The Chinese Triad, The Italian mafia and many others kept within their own for reason's of trust and understanding. He liked that the Yakuza didn't care about blood status, that's what made him respect them the most.

Not that he didn't mix with the pureblood society at one time being pureblood himself, though that was his parents doing. They brought him to those events. He didn't choose to go, though what 5 year old does?
He let his left foot send the other to a wall, another cracking sound coming from the others back following on impact.
"At least not where you wanted." He mused. "Mention the Dark lord again to me...and I'll break a few more bones." He snapped.
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'Barely' Then after that all he felt was a shock wave hit up the back of his neck, he'd gotten just one hit on Kawazaki and here he was sure that he wasn't getting up from this...at least not for a round three. Nothing was broken per say, he could still move his arms and legs, even his neck but his shoulder was killing him and his back was burning. He thought to himself that he must have hit the lower back and shoulder area, barely missing a spinal injury. Kawazaki wasn't playing around. The injury on his side from the actual kick wasn't a joke either, he laughed before getting serious. At this point he couldn't even be mad, Kawazaki had become a killing machine....not by crazy moves but accurate moves placed in the right spots. He'd been stuck at a desk which obviously hadn't helped his skills one bit.
"You confuse me....Kawazaki. What's it with the dark lord that got you and not mommy and daddy?" He mused, putting his hands up. "Not antagonizing .sincerely curious."
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He could have laughed, instead he sighed leaning on the wall next to the other nursing his own injury's...at least thats what he did after the other had calmed him down and assured he was simply asking an innocent question.
"Because, daddy and mommy are puppets. Useless members of a pureblood society that les face it...means nothing in Japan." At least not where the dark lord was concerned. Sure...Japan had its own inner circle but it had become clear in the first war that the events surrounding the dark lord was in England. Not Japan.
"At least where the dark lords concerned." He added.

He ticked the back of his throat before continuing.
"He pisses me off because he simply does mass murder. No gain...no nothing. He's not doing it for money or connections. He's already got connections, it's the purebloods. No he kills for meaningless goals that will never pass. At least when we get a hit....were also getting a payday. " He slid down, looking at Ishikawa from the side of his left eye. They did kill people, they hunted people. They were far from innocent, but not without a reason for their ruthlessness. A reason and goal that was actually attainable. At least that was his logic even if it was a bit twisted.

"Look at the logic. Your successful in changing England to pureblood ways...but then what about the other countries? It would be nearly impossible to make the other countries follow said example wouldn't it?" He asked.
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Sitting, not willing to tempt the man to use his force again he simply gave the man the floor and let him speak. He couldn't say he disagreed with the logic, though most of their organization was twisted thus the fact they all agreed would not be a shock to a normal person. Hiro was right, Japan was a mini player in what was going on in England, hardly any power in it really.
"You really have come from a pureblood line.....mister noble..." He chuckled, With how his 'friend' talked, there was no mistaking it. He'd already realized this was a reality with some of the phrases Hiro had said in the past. Phrases only those of higher class would say.

"So," He said, grunting as he righted himself, "How do you think England is right now?" He asked.
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"Call me that again...and I'll just finish the job." He warned, though there was a bit of a smirk on his face when he said it this time around. Ishikawa was joking, anyone could tell that. Sighing he got serious, thinking of England.
"According to the boss....there on full terror mode. Dark magic groups roam the streets, he's had to duck aside alleyways a few times... all in all im pretty sure it's worse then our Meiji era." He simply said, then finally looked over.

"Why? Wanna come to his rescue?" He smirked.
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To say he looked unamused would be too simple...he looked almost annoyed, the mask of annoyance hiding the need to at least send someone to aid the boss.
"Right, you say that again and I'll return the favor of finishing the job." He returned though...this was mainly because to put any doubt on their leader was seen as a dishonor. If he was being honest....

"When are you heading out?" He said, knowing that the other was already thinking the same thing.
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"Tomorrow night." Kawazaki said standing up with a look in his eye one could only describe as intense. He'd let Shiro go with a few of the underdogs before he'd gotten those bits of information. Sure they had known from the start something was wrong in England, but...they hadn't known just how wrong until reports came flooding in from those same underdogs.....Now that he knew....
"I'd invite you but..." He looked down, before offering his hand. "You ruined your chances health wise when you decided to make me mad." The Short Japanese man finished.