A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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 #34145  by Nahlahla Odili
Location: Tokyo, Japan • Date: Early January

After an entire year of travelling fairly often throughout Europe, Nahlahla had finally decided it was time to spend a little bit longer in one location. She did enjoy the experience of meeting new people and sharing new experiences, but unfortunately, sometimes it all passed her by. She'd been recommended by another fellow traveller to visit Japan, alongside other East Asian countries. After hearing very briefly about it, and after also reading a backlog of TerrorTours columns, she had decided to take the plunge.

Though this time, she wanted to really indulge in the culture. She planned to travel up and down the country and soak in the atmospheres of all villages available to her. The first stop, as recommended, was Tokyo - the capital of Japan and home to some of the most incredible magical culture around.

It was only as she was making her way down the colourful streets toward her living quarters for the next few days that she spotted a vaguely familiar face. She furrowed her brows, pausing in her step and looking at him, wondering if he would recognise her if he met her gaze. Although, why wait to find out?

With that, she strode forward and approached him.

"Hello, " she began, her voice slightly tentative, but still lulled with a certain calmness. "I believe we've met before, have we not?"
 #34151  by Ikemba York
Ikemba loved Japan. It was the perfect place to lie low for awhile, escape all of his responsibilities, continue traveling for the rest of his life and meeting beautiful women and learning a new language and...

"Nahla!" he exclaimed with delight, not even taking a moment to process what the woman had said.

Of course they had met. He was probably forgettable to her, of course, but Ikemba had a very good memory for people who had been kind to him, and it so happened that he had just been thinking of her the other day when he was visiting a very peculiar jewelry shop.

"How are you? It's been ages, mate!"
 #34183  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahlahla raised her brows as the younger man spoke up excitedly. Wow, he even knew her by name? Now she felt bad that her memory was not so neat and organised as she liked to think. Although, she had been on the Pixie Sprig the night she met Ikemba...for medicinal purposes, of course. Even so, she hid her embarrassment with a smile, allowing it to grow warmer as he continued on, friendly and welcoming as ever.

"Ah, well, I-" She cleared her throat. "Very well. Seeing the world; I never thought I'd see you again..." She trailed off as she realised she couldn't remember his name. "...mate."

Smooth. So, so smooth.

"How are you? What are you doing here?" She asked, hoping to find some kind of clues in his answers as to his identity.
 #34190  by Ikemba York
"Oh you know, just the usual," Ikemba grinned, giving his friend a nudge in the shoulder.

He clearly did not notice at all that she did not remember him.

"Japan's fuckin' fantastic, innit? Nothing at all like Greece. An' you get some of these places that don't care when you come back... no gettin' locked out like last time, you know? Mate, that feels like a lifetime ago. How in the hell've you been? You been up to Kyoto yet?"
 #34191  by Nahlahla Odili
Greece! Greece! She met him in Greece!

Which meant his name was...Greece Greecerton. This was terrible.

Nahla gave a polite smile as he nudged her. She could pretend, right? She was always confident and free-spirited so maybe she could just give the impression she knew!

"Of course; they seem a little more lenient here for guests, or perhaps it's the patience for tourists? That really was a long time ago, though...perhaps we should try and rekindle some of that, get to know each other more, do more things...all the things..." She trailed off, perhaps not as confident and easy-going as she had expected to sound.

"Ah! But no, I haven't been to Kyoto yet. I was actually going to see if I could find this one boutique I heard about. Apparently it's very popular for harajuku styles but evidently," She gestured to her multi-pattern kaftan. "it's not quite my clothing choice. It could still be interesting to learn, though."
 #34195  by Ikemba York
"Hara..." Ikemba's face seemed to glaze over at the word and as he tried to repeat it.

"Harrods... Jooku...."

Well, that wasn't working. He liked Japan, but that didn't mean he could speak Japanese.

He certainly tried, though. Much to the locals' chagrin.

"Well what d'you say then, mate? Might as well have a look. Say, was that what that one girl was wearing at that bar? The one with the strange karaoke? Or was that something else? It was so long ago, I can't hardly remember."
 #34198  by Nahlahla Odili
"Bar? What bar?" She furrowed her brows. Dammit, Nahla! How much Sprig had she had that day. "O-oh! Yes, that bar. Well, I...hmmm...I'm not entirely sure what she was wearing. I have never even seen that style before so I'm only guessing."

She blinked at him, and then tilted her head.

"Is that how it's supposed to be pronounced? Have I been saying it wrong this entire time?" She asked, looking off for a moment, mimicking the sounds with her lips before finally repeating. "Harrods-Jooku? Now that you say it, it does sound a like it's more plausible. What a very interesting culture."

It was then that a local woman walked past them, offering a small passing glance before continuing on her way. As she turned, her large frog-shaped backpack came into view, it's tongue hanging from its mouth.

"Very interesting indeed..."
 #34223  by Ikemba York
"I mean, I think that's how it's..."

Ikemba stopped, raising his eyebrows at the backpack. It was kind of...neat? Maybe?

"Crazy, innit," he huffed, an impressed expression crossing his face after a moment. "No way of telling who's magic and who's muggles. Could be any of them. I think I saw a bloke in Diagon Alley dressed like that one time--"

Ikemba pointed quite brazenly at a man in a strange outfit, then squinted.

"Sorry, maybe not a bloke. Where's this shop, you said?"
 #34249  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla jutted back as Ikemba swung his arm up, her beads rattling a bit in the sudden movement. It had been a long time since she'd done any sort of sports when she was younger, but apparently she still had good reflexes. She looked over to the man that was being pointed at, adorned in a dramatic Montsuki robe, embellished and embroidered intricately. It really was quite beautiful, but definitely unique.

"I think it's a Kee-mo-now?" She spoke lowly, her accent seemingly thicker as she tried to attempt the language. Interestingly, she understood words of other languages far more than being able to speak them herself. She was far better at simply sitting back and listening - but really, perhaps she should practice more speech in languages if she was to continue travelling. Sometimes, magic just made it easier to cheat the system.

"For all we know, we could be the only magical ones here." Wait, was he even magic? Obviously he know of magic but he could have been a Squib! Had she ever even seen him perform magic? She couldn't even remember Greece Greecerton's name, how was she supposed to remember if he was magically gifted or not!?

At his question, Nahla pulled out a map that she'd picked up at the travel office. She'd done it in such a rush, so excited to go view her new stop of living that she had barley noticed she had picked up a map in Mandarin. She opened it up, staring at the characters written over it, and then hesitated.
 #34332  by Ikemba York
Though Ikemba had initially been distracted by all of the sights and sounds, as soon as he realized his companion was behind him he hurried back toward her, eyes boggling at the map. He certainly couldn't read any of the Asian languages, but he knew enough to recognize that it was not in Japanese. In fact, it actually looked a bit familiar...but only slightly.

"Whoa, mate," he breathed, shaking his head slightly.

"Can't believe you learned how to read that. Was it because of ordering that whole duck on accident at that restaurant?"
 #34391  by Nahlahla Odili
Nahla hesitated.

"Duck?" She whispered allowed. "Oh, yes...duck, - sorry - I er...forgot what a duck...was...for a moment..." She stumbled. She actually forgot the whole duck situation completely, but apparently forgetting what the animal was instead was the better option. "I remember now...they quack."

She cleared her throat abruptly, looking down at the page.

"I can't read any of this. I must have picked up the wrong map at the agency." She glanced around her. "I can translate it but we'd need to find somewhere private; I don't want to risk taking my wand out here."
 #34412  by Ikemba York
"Um," Ikemba agreed, glancing around. He was trying to look like he could find a place for them to step aside, but in reality he was very concerned for his friend. If she hadn't reacted to her name, he might have thought she wasn't the right person at all. Who didn't remember what a duck was?

"Maybe over..." he began to point, then stopped. "Are you alright mate?"
 #34425  by Nahlahla Odili
"Hm? Oh, yes, very alright. More than alright. Great, even. So good just...uhm..." She winced. She had tried to keep up the facade for so long, but she just couldn't do it anymore! She pretended to forget what a duck was for Merlin's sake!

"Oh, listen! I completely forgot your name, and I can kind of remember you but it's sort of hazy. See, I was really, really far gone on a new brand of Pixie Sprig and I do have some memories of you and your face and the night but there are things in between...such as your name that are just, kind of..." She grimaced. "Forgotten?"
 #34428  by Shinji Ishikawa
"Usually...Japanese has kanji and hiragana." He said, having heard from 'wrong map'. "For future reference." He added, holding out his hand. He really didn't want to help them, but they were talking outside his local pub and he wanted them...gone.
"I can read Chinese." He added. "If you'd like the help?"

"What are you looking for?" He asked the two. "Hotel, pub....?"
 #34546  by Ikemba York
He forgot her? Well that certainly explained a lot.

Ikemba didn't have time to comment on this though, because someone else was speaking to them. Someone who spoke Chinese! Perfect. Except she had gotten this from the...agency? Muggle or magical? Was this guy muggle or magical? Ikemba really couldn't be too sure.

"A, uh...shop," the Londoner supplied, nodding slowly.

"Harrods-Jooku, we think. Clothing. Right?"

He looked at his companion, waiting to see if he'd gotten that correct, or if she knew anything else.