A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30421  by Kyle Shaw
Summer of '96. It was quite the eventful summer. Kyle Shaw and his family went to visit another country. This was primarily so the family can catch a break from work and maybe get a change of scenery. So, they picked Hong Kong. While Kyle never studied Mandarin, he was a quick learner and picked up on what the locals were saying. During the summer, the boy studied a heck of a lot. He had to do a Transfiguration essay that Professor Mcgonagall wanted as well as a History of Magic essay. He also had to do Potions and Defense related work too. It felt great to be able to relax and not worry about having to turn in a bunch of wizarding homework.

The family stayed in a 4 star hotel. Kyke however, didn't want to be cooped up and decided to explore. After some exploration, Kyle went to get some food at a noodle shop in the area. He ordered his meal, finished, and paid for it. He went back to exploration. At this point, he heard his phone ring. Kyle took it out and answered, "Yeah dad?"

Dad: "What are you up to, son? You've been out for a while."
Kyle: "Oh you know. Explorin'. Got hungry and I found this sweet noodle shop nearby."
Dad: "Ok. Just make sure to get back by 4 o'clock. Stay safe out there".
Kyle: "I know Dad. Will be there by 4. Love ya. Bye."

Kyle hung up and smiled. It was a given that his dad would be concerned with his safety considering that they were in a different country. The boy took a few breaths before he continued walking.
 #33674  by Freya Craft
Freya was having hard time in speaking terms with her parents. That is when vacation came it was nightmare for them. She threw things that is including vases and such things. The only person or thing she listen to Hoopey their house elf and they agree to let her go only if the house elf went with her.She destroy almost everything in the house just so they would not have deal with her.

Her own phone rang she answer the phone.
"Hi Hoopey. "
Hoopey: How is going with you?"
Freya:I'm fine. I shall be back. "She let out giggle at Hoopey at what he said next.
Hoopey:Will you be back for dinner?I am making your favorite?
Freya smile at what he said. "Yes you know win me over Hoopey. I love your desert most of all. I love you I'll be back I promise."

That is she was walking she bump into some boy. "Oh I am sorry." She said she was sorry hopeful he heard that conversation she was having with house elf and well she consider him special to a her. But she look at boy she thought she saw him at Hogwart but she tend to keep herself but was rather quiet some observing how things went with others and then going for herself when she found out things went their way or she did but made changes so that they got in trouble instead of her way.