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 #38598  by Zhao Cong
His room filled with jade and gold, a testament to Jiangs boldness in status setting. On the bed was cloth filled with three sets of clothing and a couple jade pieces the fit in his bands that were also in the black cloth ready to be wrapped up. He was leaving, he had an order from Jiang and this was his chance to follow his past captor...after a few years of traveling and seeing the world.

He sighed looking out the window at the pond he'd never see again, the lotas seeds popping out from it's waters. He could never return, he was leaving not just Jiang but the cozy little world that let him live in the past as well.
"It's now or never." He said in Chinese as he started wrapping the cloth. He was set to leave in an hour, having enjoyed one more night in his time capsule the night before.

Should he say goodbye to Li Ying? No, Yi Ling would try to talk him out of it...make him stay. He couldn't stay. His money was in safe, hidden away in his old childhood home that was hidden from the world after all those years. He had no money issues. All he needed to start was three outfits and his belts, the jade charms the only memory he was taking from this place and his past. He barely noticed the footsteps behind him turning quickly with his blade drawn incase the person meant harm.
"Oh! Yi Ling....funny your here I was just..." He was doing what...packing for a mission? He'd never packed for a mission...unless...
"Jiang wants me to look into the workings of the lower city so..."
 #38599  by Yi Ling Mao
"Your... not coming back are you?" He said, having come to share the pot of tea that was in his hands the tray steady even though his nerves were far from steady. Surely the men were reasonable and part of their community but he'd only had one true friend...even if he had never openly admitted it...within the organization. The bag was too big and the lower city job an obvious lie on Zhao's part, a lie he wasn't going to play into. He sighed setting down the tea, taking from his inner robes an old style container that had more of the adult sorts within it for Zhao's liking.

"indulge me in more last drink?" He asked, though he obviously planned on trying to talk him out of this plan. A plan that would put his head on a target...if it didn't work out in his favor at least he'd not only tried...but enjoyed one last evening with the man. He was honor bound, always had been and thus unwilling to follow should that be Zhao's choice.
 #38600  by Zhao Cong
"I..." If the vampire had wanted his excuse to work his wavering in his response clearly ruined it. "I..." He watched as the man sat the tea down, pulling the liquor from under his inner robed. Jiangs private stash. He smiled, a toothy grin as he shook his head at the gesture. It wasn't abnormal this happened, Jiang overlooking it as long as they did his bidding...and under the understanding that it wasn't every night that it happened. Sighing he nodded, knowing his cover was blown as soon as the other man had seen that bag on his bed.

"Sure." He said smiling with closed lips and joining him at the table made of jade and wood. He watched as his friend poured the drink, his eyes focused on the jade cup trimmed with gold that formed a flower design. Sure the cup was pretty but that wasn't why his eyes were glued to it.
"Yi Ling-" But the man stopped him.
 #38601  by Yi Ling Mao
"There's nothing I can say is there?....to...Make you stay." He said just after he finished pouring his own tea the other mans cover indeed blown with the bag on the bed. He watched as his friend wouldn't dare look him in the eye transfixed on the cup sitting on the table and most importantly not touching the cup on the table. If the bag hadn't alerted him, this strange behavior would have.

"I'm sure...your aware of the consequences." His voice quiet. Jiang would put him on a vampires version of a wanted poster and chances were they only Chinese are that would be safe was a human city...the only area's Jiang was weary of attacking in the current era. Though it wasn't only that fact that made him want to talk him out of it, deep down he was afraid of loosing the last person on earth who knew him on a personal level - their families long gone.
 #38602  by Zhao Cong
He shook his head, his fingers gently touching the jade cup. Gently grazing over the gold flowers. He'd made up his mind, he'd made it up a long time ago long before he met the Yakuza man who he had helped escape.
"No, and I fear if I didn't want to...need to...I'd have to anyway. Jiang will find out I had a part in Mr Nakamura's escape at some point. Rumors have been going on for a year...there will be some point in time he'll start listening to them." He reasoned.

"I'm....aware. I mean look at Xinyang, he had the people killed and the buildings torn down in two weeks. Those were strangers in his way, I'd hate to stick around and see what he did to an inside member turning against him." He shrugged. Silence then filled the room, deafening as he took his cup and downed it, smiling.
"You wont hate me...will you?"
 #38603  by Yi Ling Mao
"You think he'd listen now, when in a years time he's killed those who even suggested the notion?" He asked, the cup coming up to his pale lips and tea gently spilling into his mouth his hand holding the cup in a fashion in a style only those of his times upper class had. He didn't believe Zhao was in any danger, though Zhao clearly believed it and that was enough.

"So you realize the danger of your actions then." He said simply watching carefully as the liquor vanished. He moved his sleeve out of the way picking up the container and refiling it.
"No," He shook his head. "I'm...disappointed to...see you leave but I hold not hate." He assured the other. "I am honestly surprised it took this long, though it...brings me great pain to see the last of my nanking friends leave my side. What will you do now?" This was honestly the first time he'd been so vocal, keeping his opinions usually to himself. He reasoned with himself that if Zhao was leaving...he at least had to tell him his thoughts and feelings. Chances were he'd never see the man again after all.
 #38604  by Zhao Cong
"If enough people say it, there will be no hiding some core fact of the matter." He smiled, pausing before finishing. "Yes, I think he'd start listening." He finished.

"I do." He confirmed, taking the cup back in his hands listening to the words from his normally quiet friend. As kids and growing up in court they had never really been close...He had an issue with following orders, something that Yi Ling had kept him from getting in trouble for during his time in the white monkeys. Yi Ling followed rules, focused on rank and honor...tradition. The two were nothing alike, but the man was right in one thing. They were the last of the original nanking court.
"I've already sent a message to Xian Wu, I was thinking...I'd spend a few years helping him out then... I don't know." Because even though they had the bond of being the last nanking nobles...which was a strong bond...he wasn't about to risk telling him his plans of joining the Yakuza.

"I am sorry about this Yi Ling...and I thank you for looking out for me and my...antics this long." He smiled. "At least now you can live in peace of not fixing all my mistakes aye?" He winked downing his cup. "I will do this last mission, because I do have one. It'll be assumed I perished...can you keep up the act?" He asked.
 #38752  by Yi Ling Mao
He could never fully argue with the others logic, though he normally tried it was this one time he knew better. When Zhao had an idea in his head as big as this one, there was really no stopping him...so he stayed silent, agreeing with no words.

Xian Wu...The vampire that Zhao had turned all those years ago. he kind of figured that would be the person his friend would be choosing to travel with. He shook his head, once the apologies started to roll in, he did not blame Zhao in the least for his choices. Zhao was still human in terms of his morals, though the other vampire wouldn't agree to that; years of talking himself into believing he was a monster having taken the ability to tell the man otherwise out of the picture.
"You have done nothing wrong, with Nakamura Yoru and Wen Xiang you did what you thought was right. I will not disregard your actions." He said simply.

"I can." He said simply. "Just...promise me you'll be safe."