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Ikemba York, Young Adult

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Location: A Hostel in Dhaka, Bangladesh • Date: 3 September, 1996

Bangladesh. Bangladesh.

Ever since he got the train ticket on discount he had been dreaming about the place, except as soon as he arrived he found out exactly why it was on discount. His demands were simple, really: he wanted to see the beach, the gardens, the tigers! It was going to be worth staying in a muggle hostel, too. That was the plan, anyway.

Instead it had been raining for a week straight and it was so bad in the little corner of the city he'd ended up in that he'd been shut inside the entire time, except once when he attempted to venture out for something to eat and learned very quickly that it was in his better interests to just not.

Sitting by the window in the common area, Ikemba groaned. He was practically the only person there, and he didn't want to give up on the country just yet but what was he to do exactly? Nevermind the fact that the trains weren't running anywhere else that was going to be out of monsoon range, anyway.

"This is it," he muttered to himself, loud enough for anyone to hear if there even was anyone to hear. Probably the owners had even abandoned the place by now.

"I'm trapped here. It's never gonna stop bloody rainin'."
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Freja Ostberg, Young Adult

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Freja had been travelling for a grand total of three months at this stage. She had travelled bits of Europe at the beginning of her trip but after meeting a group of travellers in August that was en route to India, Freja said she'd throw any plan she had out the window and head with them.

The group had spent the last two weeks in India and had decided to cross the border into Bangladesh just a few days earlier. The group were only staying for a few days before travelling on towards China. But Freja had decided to stick around for a few extra days before deciding her next move.

The Scottish girl had woken up early that morning to explore some of Dhaka while it was quieter. The rain had been pretty consistent the past week or so and today was no different. Just when Freja thought maybe the rain had come to an end, it started up again just as she was making her way back to the hostel.

Eventually, the young girl reached the door of the hostel and entered, her hair stuck to her face from the rain, her jacket soaked. She went into the common area and took her jacket it off, leaving it on the back of a chair to dry off. She shook her hair and ran her fingers through it. The joys of having short hair meant it dried pretty quickly. She looked up eventually and spotted a fellow traveller sitting the opposite side of the room.

"Not even Scotland would give you rain like that," she announced, to no one in particular but hoped to spark a conversation with the man across the room.

Played By: Nik
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Ikemba York, Young Adult

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Though his first thought was that anyone out in this weather must be certifiably crazy, Ikemba's attention was immediately drawn to the woman as she came in. She was soaking wet, of course, and a complete stranger as far as he knew, but in that moment she was his closest connection to the outside world. For one, she was a living breathing human and not an inanimate object.

For two, Scotland! Someone who spoke English!

And she wasn't American!

"Scotland," Ikemba repeated, trying to contain his enthusiasm. "You're Scottish. Scotch. Scottish? What are you doing out here?"

It was more blatant than he'd hoped, but he was going stir crazy. Cabin fever had fully set in by now.