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The region encompassing England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland while the Triwizard Tournament is under way at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.
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 #34529  by Severus Snape
Location: Great Hall • Date: 11|01|1997

He was sitting on the bank, by the lake, hugging his knees as if he were seven, not seventeen.

She sat down beside him, legs long in front of her, ankles bare and pretty, Lily-white against her black school robes. Not that he had been looking. Her arm brushed his as she leaned back.

He bit his lip, hard, and fixed his eyes on the lake. The lake was calm, safe – untouched by the maelstrom that threatened to engulf him.

"This doesn't make us friends," she'd said, "We're not friends."

The lake was calm. Hell. The lake was dead, dark and still, picture-pretty and lifeless. Sick, he thought. Dead. Bereft. Not vacant, not empty, not even bereft of. Just bereft.

Silence stretched.

Her tentative "Severus?" came in the same breath as his "So I've heard."

This was the last time Lily had spoken to him, the day of his mothers death, and twenty years later, this is always the memory that plagues him. His mothers death only caused him more hardship than necessary. Recovering from that conversation had taken weeks, and he'd hated the fact that she was all he could think about during Eileen's funeral. Hated it. That'd not spoken for two years and her presence had rocked him.

Now twenty years after his mothers death and sixteen years after Lily's, this is what he thinks of as he strides down the tables in the Great Hall, watching the students as they studied.
 #34899  by Markus Green
He wasn’t a fan of studying, Mark was ... but for some reason mark wasn’t wanting to deal with Snape. Instead it was him focusing on the book and parchment that Was in front of him. The guy across from him looking up as if to ask if he could cheat.
‘Wrong personality...’ though his words were instead.

“Really? The professors right there.” He muttered, hoping the professor hadn’t heard. If he had, he hoped the man would figure out he wasn’t the one trying to cheat.

It wasn’t like he had anything to cheat off of anyway, which was odd given mark in control during classes put them on the top marks.
‘C’mon mark...we need the bookworm out...’ mark didn’t respond, leaving him in control of a situation he had trouble in. Knowledge.
 #35392  by Helena Sun
Helena had been scratching away at her studies with undemanded diligence. Studying came naturally to her, or rather she found that immersing herself in learning proved much better than human company. She had been enjoying the silence as she chipped away at today's assignment when she slowly became aware of just how loudly the classmates in her immediate vicinity were being.

Placing her quill down pointedly, Helena fixed the student across from her with an icy glower. It was Markus, a Ravenclaw from her year. "Do you mind?" she hissed frostily. "Do you want that beak pointed in your direction?" Helena nodded to the harrowing professor who stood at the front of the class.
 #35693  by Astoria Greengrass
Astoria looked up when she heard the interruptive sound of one student hushing another and shook her head disapprovingly. Some people didn’t properly appreciate the benefits of what study hall offered. Not only was it a chance to get caught up on class assignments but it was also an opportunity for a rare moment of peace and quiet within the walls of Hogwarts where chaos reigned supreme.

Her eyes bounced from Markus, to Helena, to Professor Snape, back to Markus and Helena, and finally back down towards her potions text book. Yet another interruption pulled her away from her studying as something soft and fluffy rubbed against her ankles. Nicodemus was demanding attention, to which Astoria was all to eager to give. She scooped up the ragdoll cat to set him cozily in her lap. He kneaded happily as she continued to flipped through the text book with set determination.
 #36390  by Severus Snape
Slowing to a halt behind one of his Slytherins, Severus very subtly lifted his chin to the left as he honed in on the whispers behind him. The permanent scowl that marred his face deepened, and the wizard spun on the balls of his feet, cape twirling as he did so, "Miss Sun!" He snapped, not moving from where he stood four students down from her, "Do you have something important to share with the rest of your classmates, or have you simply forgotten that this study group does not allow speaking?" Gaze locked on to the Raveclaw, he waited with a curled lip and a furrowed brow.
 #36396  by Markus Green
Last thing he needed with his temper - which was why he stayed in their mind and let Mark deal with the school things was Severus Snape down his back. Anyone who had personally spoken to him before would know that, He caught the look of the Slytherin student just as he started to respond in the lowest whisper he had. Before he could though Snape did indeed rear his ugly head towards them.

He could have stayed silent, let her take the heat. Normally he would...but it wasn't any of their faults and he didn't need anyone taking the blame that hadn't earned it.
"Sir, It wasn't her. I was simply telling the young man in front of me I wouldn't let him look at my paper...a little too loudly. I do apologize." Not that his paper had anything on it...something that was far from normal. If Mark had been in control the work would already be done.