A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #31412  by Harmony Hale
Location: The Great Hall, Hogwarts • Date: September 1st, 1996

Never in her short life, had Harmony ever felt so small.

Rowing to Hogwarts with all of the other first years and Hagrid had been incredible, and when they turned the corner and saw the castle for the first time, it was really nothing like she had been expecting in her head. This was a huge, magical castle, and she had never felt more like a tiny little girl in a boat.

Fast forward to now - stood in the Great Hall, surrounded by students in robes, all rowdy and significantly taller than herself. She hadn't thought she would be scared about the sorting, since everybody ended up getting assigned a house eventually, so what was there to be worried about? Yet here she was, trembling and shaking along with the rest of them. Perhaps it was the pressure of it happening in front of the whole school that was the problem.

"Hale, Harmony!"

She took a deep breath, and walked up to the stool with as much confidence as she could muster. Closing her eyes, she pulled the hat over her head.

Hale, I've seen that name before. Now, strength of character, loyalty and a fierce sense of what is right, I know exactly where to put you...


A huge sense of relief and pride suddenly washed over Harmony, and a small smile crept over her lips. She suddenly couldn't get away from the stool far enough, and she rushed over to the Hufflepuff table and sat down at the nearest free spot she could find on the bench.
 #32388  by Hazel Kessler
Watching the sorting ceremony was always one of Hazel's highlights of the start of year - it reminded her of her own, and how far she had come since then, and she loved seeing all those young children new to magic. She took a particular interest in whoever would end up new to Hufflepuff.

She smiled and clapped as the latest recruit joined the table of yellow and black - a tiny child called 'Hale, Harmony' who had dark brown messy hair and reminded Hazel a little of herself, and how she had probably looked during her own sorting ceremony. She made room on the bench for the girl to squeeze in.

"Welcome to Hufflepuff," Hazel said, with a warm smile, as the younger girl sat down.
 #32469  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Decorum. It was something important, something to be observed during the Sorting ceremony. Everyone knew that. It was just that Peeves didn't care. Sure, for an evening as important as tonight, he was probably going to wind up being chased by the Bloody Baron, but the thought of wreaking a bit of havoc was mightily more powerful than the threat of being pursued by a ghost.

He appeared above the Hufflepuff table with a loud, wet plop, and floated there, in mid air, until a little girl came to sit down at the table. He flew towards her, and only stopped when he was in front of her face, and blew a large raspberry.
 #32548  by Harmony Hale
Harmony smiled at the older student, immediately feeling reassured that there was someone nice here. Obviously, Hufflepuff had the reputation of having kind students, which is why she had been so happy to be sorted there.

"Thanks," Harmony said. She was going to say something else, when suddenly a ghost, or creature, or something suddenly appeared right in front of her face.

Harmony shrieked, taken entirely by surprise. Her brown eyes widened in shock.
 #32560  by Hazel Kessler
Hazel jumped slightly at Peeves suddenly appearing as if out of nowhere - he scared the first year, but she wasn't entering her sixth year for nothing. The amount of knowledge she had gained was debatable sometimes, but at least she wasn't as nervous or jumpy as she used to be as a first year.

"Peeves, is that really necessary," Hazel said in a very deadpan voice, while rolling her eyes.
 #32568  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves started to roll around in the air, cackling wildly, and stopped as a girl spoke to him. She was upside down, or rather, he was, and he stuck out her tongue at her.

'Peeves just wants to welcome the ickle firsties to school!'
 #32577  by Harmony Hale
Harmony had slightly recovered from the shock - only slightly. From the train, the boat ride to the castle, and the stress of the Sorting Ceremony, her nerves were all over the place.

"Are you a ghost?" Harmony asked, slightly hesitantly, glancing at the older girl for reassurance.
 #32579  by Hazel Kessler
"I guess it wouldn't be a Peeves welcome without them being scared for their lives," Hazel chuckled slightly, as she was used to the goings on at Hogwarts. Ever since she had started, it had been crazy thing after crazy thing happening.
 #32600  by Harmony Hale
"Okay," Harmony said, very confused now. She wondered if all of Hogwarts was always like this all of the time. She had thought she knew what magic was, having seen it around the house from her father and heard things from her sister, but nothing seemed to quite prepare her for this.
 #32601  by Hazel Kessler
"Must have been boring around the castle all summer without all of us here to terrorise, huh," Hazel said to Peeves. While it was extremely annoying to encounter him round the castle most of the time, especially if you were running late for class, some of the things he did could be funny.
 #32607  by Peeves the Poltergeist
Peeves did a few more rotations on himself, watching the other House tables as he spun. There were other people to bother tonight, so, so many of them.

'Peeves is never bored!' He shrieked, and then disappeared with a loud bang.
 #32610  by Harmony Hale
Harmony was still staring in amazement as the ghost, or whatever he was, spun around and then disappeared with a bang that startled her all over again.

"What was that?" Her wide eyes looked back over to the older girl.
 #32611  by Hazel Kessler
"That was your introduction to Peeves," Hazel chuckled slightly. Seeing the younger child's amazement to all things Hogwarts partly made her wish she was doing it all over again.

"He's a Poltergeist, roams the school a lot. Likes to cause havoc, I'm actually surprised he hasn't started throwing food around yet."
 #32613  by Harmony Hale
"Right," Harmony said, wondering what a Poltergeist actually was, as she'd never heard of one before, let alone have one pop up right in front of her face.

"Maybe next time there'll be food throwing," she said.