A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30360  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie snorted.

"Yeah? An' Trelawney. Her weird mumbo-jumbo always makes me laugh. Load of dragon dung. Does anyone even like reading tea leaves? Is it even a job? Do people even get paid? Nah, I'm not saying it's no use 'cause you still get a bangin' cuppa out of it, but what's the point in tryna tell the future? I don't care what my future is - I make my own destiny." He said proudly, though clearly that didn't extend to his general appearance or attendance at classes.

What he really meant was...he didn't like being told what he was going to be; he liked the freedom.
 #30372  by Tomas Swark
Tomas hated divination, so Freddie's criticism of Trelawney hit a harmonious chord inside him. He smiled.

"Who's your favourite professor then?" He asked simply, interested to see the boy's response; he seemed hard to read.
 #30373  by Freddie Crookes
Freddie hummed, leaning back.

"Snape. I hate him, but I also like him. Gotta respect a dude that seems to know what I'm gonna do before even I know what I'm gonna do. He's strict which is lame, but he teaches a cool subject I guess. My favourite class is Defence Against the Dark Arts but...I dunno, after the last professor? Kinda sucks. What about you?"