A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #30260  by Perecles Elfick
Location: Empty Classroom • Date: September 10

Perecles had been back at school for a little over a week and already life sucked. Not only were his parents sending him nearly daily letters asking if he was okay, but with Snape as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, he was hating school more and more. He still couldn't get the hang of practical magic, and already he had been ridiculed in class. His only solace was when he could sneak away in the evenings to an empty classroom to practice for Professor Flitwick's choir instead of working on his actual homework.

That was where he was, sitting by a window and singing lightly to himself, tracing a pattern on the glass. He was so focused on hitting the right notes that he didn't hear the door open, nor the footsteps...
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Tom stopped in his tracks, looking in shock at the boy as he drank in his pretty singing. He shook himself a little, still startled, then spoke;

“Oh, Merlin, sorry. I thought this place would be empty.” Tom used to come here last year at night to write in peace. “Didn’t mean to interrupt.” He felt so awkward it was almost tangible in the air. “It sounded good, by the way.” And then he wanted to shove those last words back in his awkward, stupid mouth.
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Perecles jumped at the voice, turning around. He didn't immediately recognize the visitor, but could tell the other student was older than him. A flush rose to his cheeks as he slowly rose to his feet.

"Sorry, I thought... I needed to be alone, to practice... but if you need the room, I can..." he trailed off, wrapping his arms around himself. At least he wasn't being teased about his singing. That was why he practiced alone.

"And... thanks..." Perecles took a step forward, aiming to leave the room, but his foot caught on the leg of the chair and he stumbled forward.
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Tom caught the boy with a start, adjusting his footing to account for the weight and maintain his balance. He let out an awkward laugh as he let go of the boy and stepped politely backwards, dusting himself off a little.

"I don't need the room." He offered, backing towards the door. "Just looking for somewhere quiet to wallow, that's all." He stopped, with a smile. "Happy to stumble across your singing though. You sing for the choir?"
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Perecles laughed nervously, regaining his balance and taking a step back. "Sorry about that," he said, clasping his hands together in front of him. "My parents say I have two left feet. Will never make it as a dancer," he made a half-hearted attempt at a joke.

Then he was asked about the choir. "I do!" he exclaimed, his entire demeanor changing. "It's one of my favourite things here. I can barely do magic, sometimes I think I should have been a squib. But I love to sing. And when I found out there was a choir here, I was so happy... but things have been really weird here at school. Thankfully they haven't stopped choir yet, but sometimes practice is cancelled and I hate it."

He realized he was rambling, and pressed his lips together. "Do you... need someone to talk to?"