A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #24250  by Margarita Marquez
Location: Classroom 218, Second Floor • Date: 1st of April 1996

Pale fire in the form of an early April morning flitted cautiously through the windowpane and upon the two female students occupying an empty classroom. It was an unspoken law that Margarita Marquez and Tamsin Villiers were always, always partners in Potions. It was a metaphorical contract the two girls had articulated without the need for any words since their first encounter in Potions 101.

Sixth year wasn't to be any different. The Gryffindor of the pair was seated atop a classroom desk, her tawny legs swinging restlessly as she nibbled on a wad of Droodles' Best Blowing Gum. The pair had a free period that morning and had agreed to work on an upcoming assignment during that timeframe. It seemed however that early hour wasn't collaborating with Marg's concentration all too well. She blew a bubble, the intrepid smack of her lips ungracefully puncturing the stillness of the room. She bellowed out a yawn and jumped up from her seat.

"I need coffee or something! the teenager announced to no one in particular as she started circulating the room in an attempt to polish off her langour.
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 #24304  by Tamsin Villiers
Margarita's grievances were momentarily met with the gentle noises of copper clanking gently against wood and wire whilst the working one of the pair prepared their work station. Knives, graters, and other utensils laid out in their soft leather holder, unfurled on a table, and gleamed as the morning light crept slowly across the room. A satchel magicked to hold more than able to the eye sat forlornly against a table leg, burgeoning with jars, packets and other ingredients.

She removed the wand from between her teeth.

"Aguamenti," water spouted from the tip of her wand and filled up the cauldron. Tamsin turned to begin pulling out ingredients from her bag.

"But do you? How many coffees have you had at breakfast?"
 #24383  by Margarita Marquez
"Only two!" Marg rebuked defensively as she idly watched Tamsin from the corner of her eye. What Tamsin demonstrated in her potions adeptness, Margarita verified through sheer impartiality. Tiring of her objectless prancing, she regained her former position atop the table, her intentionally-tailored skirt hiking uncouthly against the veneer of her thigh.

"So," Marg said, "What are we making anyway? Sixth Year Potions is kind of dull if I were to be honest with you, Tam."

She blew another bubble, "What do you even want to do with your life?"
 #24398  by Tamsin Villiers
It was only nine o'clock, but Margarita's friend conceded her the favour of holding her tongue.

Admittedly, she was not unfamiliar with addiction herself, and smoking was arguably worst than caffeine dependency.

"You weren't fascinated by the Love Potion last month?"

Tamsin pulled out the textbook in good timing, standing upright and setting the thick tome down with a thud on a desk next to the jars and pots of ingredients. She flipped open the book to a dog-eared page.

"How about the Elixir of Luck? Does that strike your fancy, Mojito Marquez?"
 #24403  by Margarita Marquez
The young witch stuck out her tongue impudently."Don't like love potions, goes against my morals." Margarita said to her fellow sixth year who seemed to not share the same disinterest as Marg. "Just like how the Elixir of Luck doesn't strike my fancy because thats just like cheating on life!"

Cheating didn't really go well with Marg, and neither did her friends beloved nickname. The Gryffindor hurled a roll of loose parchment that was within reach at Tamsin. "Isn't my Merlin-forsaken cocktail name not enough for you, Villiers?"
 #24430  by Tamsin Villiers
Tamsin let the roll of parchment hit her on her shoulder blade, if only so that it did not fall upon the glass instruments spread out on the table. She resisted the burgeoning urge to laugh out loud.

"I don't know, Martini. Sometimes one craves for some variety."
 #24514  by Margarita Marquez
"Thought you were going to go for 'Metropolitan," Admitted Marg, although one thing she would not admit was Tamsin's appeared knowledge in mixology.

Shuffling over to Tamsin and peering at a textbook laid out before them, Marg bit her lip quizzically as she studied her friends methodical work. "So... what are we making again? I was staring at Wesley Hughe's pimples that whole class."
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"Well," Marg started off with all the dramatic flair she could muster, "he really ought to use some acne potion because I can't help but wonder how many constellations you can make out of them!" So far she had managed to map out the Capricornus and a rather wonky Cygnus.

"I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but it was distracting me and you know I get easily distracted regarding shit I don't care about," the lioness admitted if not a little sheepishly, "and we all know that I really do not give a shit about Potions."
 #24612  by Tamsin Villiers
Tamsin released a light snort of laughter through her nose. Picking up the tome, opened to the correct page, the slightly-younger of the pair turned toward Margarita and held it out for her to take.

"Don't you now?" she teased amusedly. "I better start looking for a new partner for next year then."

She moved to polish the knife and ready the chopping board once her friend took the book.
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Margarita could only scoff in reply. "We've been Potions, Herbology and Dark Arts partners every year since first grade, and no that's not just because the professors love to pair Gryffindors and Slytherins together in an attempt to terminate house rivalry."

Nevertheless, she took the book. "You could never ask for a better partner than me, look I'll even chop up those stupid scarab beetles for you."
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Tamsin uncorked a sizeable jar and produced the carcass of a preserved Murtlap onto the chopping board.

"Wrong potion. Look again."

She picked up the knife and began carving out the anemone-like tentacles on the Murtlap's back.

"So what do you want to do after graduation?" she asked conversationally, and added for good measure, "Aside of being a cocktail, I mean."
 #24682  by Margarita Marquez
"Huh, you're right for once." Marg mumbled as she squinted at the fine print of their potion text book. "Well I'm not touching that so keep doing what you're doing, Tamsin."

She supposed that a better potions partner would have offered to prepare the rest of the ingredients needed, or at least stir the cauldron a few times. It was a shame that while a fantastic Defense Against the Dark Arts accomplice, Margarita did not measure up to the criterion of an adepts Potions partner. The teenage witch went on to examining her chipped fingernails which was painted a standardised black.

"I want to do something that makes me famous, I guess." Marg eventually admitted after giving some time to think about the question. "Being a famous cocktail gets boring. I want to do something where people know my name. Like broom racing or acting." So far she could only evaluate that her skills lied in arguing and hexing other people.

"What about you, you smart fart?"