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The region encompassing England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland while the Triwizard Tournament is under way at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.
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 #40086  by Holly Jamieson
Location: Snowdonia Reserve • Date: November 20

One of the hippogriffs kicked their feed bucket and the resulting clanging sound made Holly nearly jump out of her skin. Truth be told, it didn't take much to spook her these days. She wasn't naive. She knew what was going on out in the world, and she knew that she was in a ridiculously dangerous position, given who her parents were. Or rather, what they were. Usually up to ten times a day, the new graduate found herself wishing she wasn't muggleborn, that she could count herself safe.

Thankfully, no one had found her on the reserve yet.

She bent down, picking up the bucket of fish she had been carrying and trying to collect herself. It wouldn't do to be caught having one of her panic attacks, not here. Not at work. Not where she was trying to be professional.

Footsteps around the corner nearly made her nearly drop the bucket again, her fingers grasping at the handle.
 #40088  by Eowyn Bletchley
Adjusting the strap on her arm of her wand holster, Eowyn shook her head, the orphan baby dragon she just had a check up on was starting to breath fire.

Great. Fantastic.

It truly was good news meant the little one was hitting its milestones, and as long as it started flying within the next few months they would be able to release it to the wider reserve to live as close as possible to being a wild dragon. Just why did it have to begin its fire breathing as Eowyn was checking out a small infection on its throat scales. Luckily she was due for a hair cut or she would be quite upset at having a quarter of her hair burned off.

Her nerves were already on edge, with the increased Death Eater activity, Miles moving out on his own, and it being a few days since she last received an owl from her parents. One could only drink so many cups of tea a day to try and soothe their nerves. So instead Eowyn decided to check up on the hippogriffs a new foal was due any day now and last she checked the egg was starting to show the first signs of cracking. New life always made her feel better.

Walking into the barn she couldnt help but jump slightly when she heard a soft crash, scolding herself with a head shake, Eowyn let out a low deep sigh. Definitely needed a baby to coddle then. Rounding the corner to where the hippogriffs were she stopped short slightly at the sight of Holly, "Oh, Hello!" She greeted not expecting anyone to be there.