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 #39701  by Freya Craft
It was that time again and she said she would be here. That is she said to a meet her at the library so they could do something together. She agree to a meet her but she did not think she was going to show up and what not.

Though as she seat waiting for her she pull out book on being animgus she was reading about being that she could not help it she was bit book worm for slytherin she would often read up on transfiguration and what not. Yes she want to be that too.

She had so many back up plan if plans fail she might stole some house mate hair that is in order to escape her parent clenches and yes she hate possible of fail was not opinion and she was determine to escape it one way or another that is either by someone else or another.
 #39705  by Markus Green
'This years going to be different. Sure if he can handle it?' A friend of Mark asked Markus knowing of the two personalities. Markus, the now longer haired man with a much colder look due to their 'vacation' grunted in response. He wasn't sure, which was why he was playing main personality the first week. With the new headmaster and all that people knew about him...he wasn't so sure Mark could be the main personality. As he looked at the books on the table he remembered why he was so hoping he was wrong on that....

Problem was he was never wrong. At least...not usually. This wasn't a usual situation though which was the bit of hope he was grasping on. He might just be wrong!
"....I hope so for both our sakes..." He looked as Mark's friend adorned in Ravenclaw robes have him a questionable look. He sighed as he pulled the chair out from the table, sitting down in a bit of a lazy manner when he managed to finally sit down.
"I am not the book personality. Mark knows past 7th year material....because he never takes his hand off his wand and book...I am about 3rd year level, because I like to waste time in my mind room doing things not related to school." He explained. "When I do come out it's not our wand I need to use..." He left out any details.

'So....what if...' Markus stopped the question in its tracks. "If...I'm right about this bein an unstable year...our grades are already doomed. That's what that means." He replied. The two so wrapped up in conversation didn't notice the girl at the other table - not that Markus would have cared she was there anyway. He'd gotten fed up with playing out Mark's personality in year three....thus most everyone now knew at least on the surface there was two moods you'd get. Irritable Markus....gruff Markus...threatening Markus...stiffly polite Markus....or timid and sweet Mark...who usually have a book in his face.
 #39720  by Freya Craft
That is Karys promise they would meet in the library and she had not seen her that is in regard to doing stuff. She pace back and forth not saying for period. Then she heard conversation between Markus.

It was weird but she might say something since the meeting with Karys was total fail because she had waiting for her.But she never show up and now she figure she was on her own and she had to look for herself which case. Do the slytherin which nobody like that much.

"Isn't Hogwart I mean when has it been stable? " She said it was sarcasm because she did not consider it stable it. It was never case she look back at him."Just like my plans I always need back up when stuff fall apart."
 #39721  by Markus Green
'Then your grades...' Markus was about to reply when a voice came out of the side. Another person entering their conversation. No it was true, hogwarts had never really been 'stable'....but at least with the old headmaster there were rules for the professors. This year even that was out,
"Not really in the terms of social standing but at least the old man controlled his professors." Markus reasoned.

"What does your plans have to do with the stability of the school?" He asked, not knowing why that was mentioned. Mark in his head told him to shut up and be nice. He sighed,
"I'm sorry for being so rude, how can I help you?" The slytherin personality obviously strong said into the almost vacant library room.
 #39725  by Freya Craft
Freya was quiet that is she was listening to a boy go on but he seem busy off things. That is Karys might thought he was crazy. But she did not mind it too much that his different personally. She bite his lip clearly tried to think on what he want he answer. What would her aunt want her say or maybe she should just say what she was thinking.

"No my plans have nothing to do with the school. It barely notice. You know at least he wasn't umbridge." She had not been fan of her no and it was some what relief when she was gone.

"Have you seen this girl by name Karys? If she does not show I am going to have come up back up plan?" She look back at him and she felt she had by herself if she was accomplish anything. "I don't know if you can help I mean. What would do if your parent arrange for you to a married but your not interest in getting married to this person? What would you do?" She ask him because this ravenclaw are usually smart.
 #39727  by Markus Green
He listened mark warning him to be nice the whole time. He had no idea who this girl was... though he was usually not in control. Being in control had been a little odd. Hed had a week of fun on the moving staircase alone when they first came back.
“No, not met her.” He simply said.

Now when it came to real life situations he wasn’t a master... unless he was... well to put it simply he was the muscle for a reason.
“I’d personally punch the threat out of equation... but I’m guessing that’s not an option in your case.” He mused leaning into the table the other boy sighing into his hand at said response.
 #39728  by Freya Craft
Freya was a listening to a him that is punch out did not seem like opinion. Because she had parent wands pointing at her to do it. It would be unfair fight.

"I actually thought of poisoning him with nightshade. Of course I would end up prison because of that if he died." She was quiet once again that is she was slytherin to say that was cunning way to do it.

"He is older then me and bigger then me. I might end up in prison if I was act on thoughts." She look back at him and she was thinking it over but yeah her parent had way to make it seem if she did something against him she would end up jail or place where dark wizard be at. "It seem you have easy when things get hard you have to take over." It was compliment she wish she could do that is wish she had that and what not.
 #39733  by Karys Montgomery
Karys had returned to Hogwarts for her final year in a sour mood. Her summer had been awful, only seeing her parents once before they had to 'rush off' for their work. Both Kara and Karys had become extremely suspicious about what had changed to make them need to spend so much time in their workplace. Their pleading questions to the house servants and staff fell on deaf ears and when they attempted to follow their parents, they found themselves in a completely random muggle town with no wizards about at all. Strange. Finally, the twins had deduced that their parents must either be involved in the Order or worse, the death eaters. Karys decided that upon her return to Hogwarts, she would attempt to find out exactly what was going on with her parents, a daring plan that was risky to both twins and their parents. But something had to be done.

Karys had unfortunately fallen into disfavour with Amicus Carrow on the first day. It was not a good start. Attempting to defend her sister, she had brazenly stood up against Amicus and shouted her opinion of him. Unsurprisingly, she had ended up in detention, along with a handful of other unlucky students. As Karys would learn in the next month, her detention was nothing compared to the torture sessions that the Carrow twins would implement on the unlucky students.

Detention had finally finished and Karys was rushing to get back to Gryffindor tower when she remembered that she was meant to meet the red-haired Slytherin student whom she'd promised she'd help. She considered sending Kara in her place but quickly dismissed the thought. It was unfair to involve Kara in something like this. Hurrying into the library, she spotted the redhead in the corner talking quietly to a Ravenclaw boy she recognised as Markus from her year.

"Freya, I'm sorry I'm late," Karys panted, plonking herself down into the seat with a huff. "Markus, nice to see you. Do you ever spend time anywhere else in the castle besides the library?" Even for a Ravenclaw, Markus seemed to live in the library.
 #39741  by Markus Green
He didn’t know what to say to that, a girl basically plotting to kill someone with such an open mouth policy was enough for even him to be speechless. Even if their home life sucked, even if he planned on taking care of a certain person he kept it bottled up... like any normal person should. Maybe because it was Marks ravenclaw rational nature keeping the Slytherin temperament at bay.
“No, it’s not easy. Nothings easy, everything you do it worked towards.” He reasoned. “Things society wants to keep hidden you must be careful about.” He has started to add ‘your situation as well...’. But mark halted his words in informing him that would just lead to another conversation.

Just as he was about to say it anyway, another girl walked in making his job of getting back to his personal situation a lot easier. Or so he’d thought.
“Markus doesn’t do the library. Markus is bearly here... you must be mistaking me for mark.” He mused.
“This year it’s the only safe place it seems...” he stated his reason for changing his opinion on the place.

“Or are you not aware of what the whole schools already figured out?” He said in his usual slytherin fashion, Marks ravenclaw politeness tossed out the Door.
“Two people, one body. Think of it like twins but... your talking to the cooler one.”
 #39761  by Freya Craft
Freya was just thinking it but it did not mean she was act on it. It would be like her going to rob the bank but she never really did. That is she never act on it did not mean she thought of what she would do. She would leave England and go to a maybe a tropical island.

She smile thinking of their first meeting. "Well I seen him at black lake that one year. No I do not think he live in the library. That is up a tree that one time. You took quiet tumble that day." She look back at him and what not with one another. "Hi Karys." She look back at one another that is with one another.
 #39762  by Karys Montgomery
"Ahh, Markus...Mark...you never know which one you're going to get nowadays! " Karys smiled at his leer, "At least my twin and I have separate bodies, and likewise, I am also the cooler one," she said with a wink.

Turning her attention back to Freya, Karys lent onto the desk and looked seriously into the ginger girl's eyes. "So. Has our sticky situation become any less sticky? ...Or more...?" She glanced at Markus, unsure whether the two girls should be continuing their relatively private conversation in front of someone. Although, having a Ravenclaw on their side might be beneficial to provide an alternative insight.
 #39763  by Markus Green
He scoffed,
“Like I was really going to have him have control this year with the school turned upside down.” He said clearly in bodyguard and protector mode about the whole thing.
“If it’s as bad as I suspect you might not hear from him the rest of the year.” Markus said with mark now arguing their grade point average in their head. He was honestly glad no one could hear the boy, other than the obvious awkward situations it would creat this girl might just have a smart comment.... and he was not in the mood.
“Well then it’s a good thing that’s just an example of how to treat us differently and not an actual twin thing.” He added.

“Yes...” he remembered back, “ he never was one for climbing. That was me who put him up there... and him that failed getting back down.” Hey, being protector didn't mean one couldn’t have fun... right?

He scoffed,
“You mean your plan to end up in prison?” He mused. “Take it from me, dealing with someone like she is... it’s really just best to disconnect and make your own life.” He said simply, “sure mark would know how to get away with it... but you see... he’s kinda innocent.” He explained. “And I’m afraid I’m not a ravenclaw, if it had been me during the ceremony we’d probably be wearing green robes.” He explained already seeing the look in the others eyes.

“Let me put if more simply, get an alibi.... and hire someone to take care of it... if this is the route you really want to go. I’d suggest simply vanishing from said persons life though...? A lot less messy.” He said as him and the other boy picked up their books.
“And maybe keep the plotting in letter form.... less people to overhear.”