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The region encompassing England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland while the Triwizard Tournament is under way at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.
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 #39730  by Nymphadora Tonks
Tonks's world had changed many times over the last few months. At the beginning of the summer, Remus finally allowed himself to be with her. For a few weeks, her life was brighter than it ever had been. She could even change her appearance again. Getting her metamorphic abilities back had been one of the most exciting days of her life. Then they eloped, in a small, quiet ceremony with only a few people there. It seemed amazing that she had such wonderful memories during such a dark time.

Everything started to change once the Order had moved Harry from his house on Privet Drive. Her mentor, Mad-Eye Moody, was murdered at the hands of Voldemort. She mourned his death, she had been inconsolable for a while after that, but had pushed through. She wouldn't let his death be in vain. Shortly after Mad-Eye's death, Tonks had found out she was pregnant. When she had shared the news with Remus, she could see how unhappy he was, how scared he was.

Even though she saw his pain, she was blindsided when he left her. He made sure she was with her parents before he left, but they knew that she was miserable once again.

Tonks sat with her legs crossed atop her bed, a blank expression on her face as she focused on her breathing. Even though she wasn't showing yet, she kept her hand on her belly, fearing that if she moved her hand away, she would lose her one tether to the earth. The sorrow that she was feeling was comparable to the depression she had fallen into months earlier, but the tiny life growing inside her kept her focused, and kept her moving forward. Her life did not end the same way it had when Remus first abandoned her.

After Andromeda had poked her head in to check on Tonks for the hundredth time today, Tonks knew she needed to get out of the house. Though she loved her parents, she did not enjoy being constantly under their watch, and she especially hated being on the receiving end of her mother's pregnancy advice. Tonks had tried to be kinder and more patient with her parents- they were under a lot of stress after being tortured after Bill and Fleur's wedding. She didn't want to admit it, but being with her parents during this confusing time was a good distraction from her pain, most of the time.

Quickly and as quietly as possible she stood from her bed and grabbed her broomstick. She snuck out of her room and down the stairs, she could hear her parents talking in the drawing room as she snuck out the back door. She felt like a teenager again, sneaking out, but she knew that if her parents knew she was leaving, they would insist one of them go with her 'to protect her and the baby'. Like Tonks, a great auror in her own right, needed protection.

Without hesitation, Tonks mounted the broom and drifted into the air. She soared as high as she could, doing loops, dips and sharp turns in the air. The wind hit her face and made her short, pink hair fly in all different directions, her long cloak danced behind her, hardly keeping her warm from the nippy evening air. She was not that far from Diagon Alley, and that was where she decided to go. Tonks stayed covered by trees as she went, she knew her path well. She landed in a particularly narrow alley way, concealed in shadows from the buildings.

When she finally arrived in the alley, she dismounted her broom. It felt weirdly exposed to be out and about. Most people could not be trusted anymore, it was hard to tell who was friend and who was foe. However, Tonks was one of the few people who had to keep her life as 'normal' as possible. Although she was a suspected Order member, she was also a member of the Ministry, and therefore had to keep going to work to avoid suspicion. Keeping up with normal activities felt abnormal, but it was the only way to keep eyes off of her, even if certain family members made sure she had a target painted on her back.

Tonks stepped out of her spot and began to just walk around, content to pretend that her life was back to a simpler time, if only for just a few minutes.
 #39732  by Shiro Takayama
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He did not like coming to England, on a normal basis... but even more so now as news of events made their way to Japan. With the Batsu's gone and him picking up the mess he was already making an enemy out of Jiang Nian and his vampire collective...he wasn't sure just who was the enemy here who could cause trouble, the papers didn't go into detail...probably didn't have the details. All the albino knew, fresh out of dropping out was that England was a very active place.

With two men behind him, his long coat flowing behind him he made his way down the narrow streets. Their target had been seen in this area last, according to the floo information he'd gotten from the Batsu home in Japan, He face plastered with his usual emotionless mask he looked like a child on a mission. He figured anyone with a brain would realize he was more than just a mere child, but having known the reality of appearances and given his 4'9 stature he'd warned the two behind him to let him handle an situation they might have with those not having the sense to realize he wasn't eleven years old his baby face not helping in the least even though he was turning 18 pretty soon.

They turned one last street when he was told to stop.
"What? Why? The map-" One of the men got closer. 'It's not accurate sir, only having a basic map to go off...the location was right here.' He raised an eyebrow, just as the woman stepped out of her spot.
"So...this is where our friend asked to meet up? Where is he now? We did plan on having butterbeer right?" He switched to coded terms fast. Hopefully fast enough....

Hopefully she'd just walk past.