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 #39210  by Freya Craft
She had pace awhile thinking it over would she get in trouble for stealing some poison and then just give them it to her parent. She thought maybe make them sick and then she could leave them behind. But where she would go that prove to be a problem. She did not a lot friends here no.

Her aunt companion choice to a disappear right after her aunt death.She had pace back and forth in the common room. She thought she try tranfiguration for awhile. She had sleep fine but now she move down the steps alone.

That is she move toward the black lake area.She knew house mate would not get this game. She set down on the floor and she had play it with her aunt. Her companion taught her play checker.

She seat down and now she was playing with herself that is. The more time she lost the better she gotten to where she would understand the game a bit more. It was not wizard chest no. But her mind was draft to giant squid and she was frustration at the moment she took a piece. What was going on inside her head? You said you would always be here? I guess it was lie? She threw it into lake and well something threw back at her.
 #39357  by Karys Montgomery
Karys was bored of studying. Bored of classes, bored of the endless amounts of homework, bored of the monotony of the timetabled day. Often her twin, Kara, would provide some relief from boredom, but today, she was off studying in the library. Karys couldn't stand another minute in there. She was starting to hear things in the silence! Besides, she was sure Madam Pince was close to throwing her out anyway for spilling her Bertie Botts all over the books.

After wandering the castle for what seemed like hours (and was only 15 minutes), Karys found herself drifting down to the Black Lake. She spied another student already by the water's edge, by themselves. A mischievous thought popped up in Karys' mind as she drew her wand and hid behind a tree. She observed the girl playing a game a checkers by herself looking rather troubled. When she saw the girl throw a checker into the lake, just before it hit the water, Karys whispered wingardium leviosa and levitated the piece back at the girl, aiming to hit her in the head. Unfortunately, her aim was a bit off, but nevertheless, Karys was pleased with the shocked look on the girl's face. Karys smiled, and when the girl was looking away from the game board, she levitated the board and flipped it over, the pieces now scattered across the pebbles.
 #39364  by Freya Craft
Freya had a problem she felt that nobody would understand and her parents were it. That is she threw the pieces checker piece into the lake because she want to play the checkers with her aunt but she could no longer do that. She figure that wizard and witch were too stupid to a know how play. She thought it would be waste time to try to teach them.

When saw that pieces where scatter she put back in the bag they went. She start to walk away from the lake. She knew some type silly student that meant to play with her but she wasn't in the mood to a play any more.

"You stay away from me." She said plain and simple. She was hiding something and she knew other just shove it under rug and she was planing something. She figure that by keeping certain people away from her then nobody will get hurt.
 #39368  by Karys Montgomery
Seeing the other student get up in a huff, clearly not seeing the funny side of the prank, Karys felt guilty. The student was clearly troubled and Karys didn't want to be known as a Gryffindor-should-have-been-Slytherin around Hogwarts. Shoving her wand back in her pocket, she came out from the cover of trees and chased after the girl.

"Hey!" Karys called out, "Sorry about that. What's up with you anyway? Why you so miserable?"
 #39370  by Freya Craft
Freya oddly got along fine with ravenclaw house mate. His name was Markus or mark. But he had split personally. Now she had nothing against Harry potter himself they seat together on the train one year and well well she had chocolate and he ate it. There was no trick involve in it.

Did she have any idea what it was like loss someone that one love she did. She lost her aunt . The two were like Thelma and Louise that is they did go out a lot when she was younger and they said to a one another. Lets go out and paint this town red and other just have fun.

When she died she felt everything was crashing down on her as struggle. Her aunt lover mysterious disappear after she died and he had always been closer then her. The role was reverse she saw her as her mother and father. But now she was stuck with her parent who want to her married pureblood wizard . She meet him once but there nothing there no feelings for him. She want to choice married to not be decide for at the end of year. Maybe she could poison him she thought in getting out of it.

That is so many thing falling apart here she felt nobody would understand it. She even was so nice to a make sure Markus got back to school alright when he fall out of tree. "I don't touch your things do I? " She had back turn away from her and she did tear come down her face. "It's complicate and I have a lot pressure on me." She manage to dry her tears from what was going on with her.
 #39371  by Karys Montgomery
Karys finally caught up with the student and thought she recognised the ginger haired girl from the library. That's sad, Karys thought, I've spent so much time in the library I've started to recognise the frequent library-goers. She made a mental note to discuss this with Kara, her twin, that night.

"No, I guess you don't..." Karys felt oddly embarrassed, having not realised that the ginger girl was upset in any way when she cast the spells. Even with her back turned, Karys could tell the student was clearly upset. She wasn't often one for comforting other students, except for when it came to her sister, whenever either of them were upset for whatever reason, they always had each other's backs and were there to console when they needed it. Karys didn't think she could walk away from the student now, so she decided she'd try her best at empathy.

"Ah, a lot of things are complicated nowadays, what with the world starting to turn upsidedown," Karys said, still speaking to the girl's back, "Do you want to talk about it at all? You know, a problem shared and all or whatever that saying is...?"
 #39374  by Freya Craft
Freya was tried to collection her emotion and she knew what other slytherin want was cold heart that had nothing there. They want a statue or seem like that. She was quiet listening to Karys go on. She look back at the lake and maybe she should have jump into lake that is escape her.

"I thought the world was alright upside down before this. People just did not know it was." She pause awhile in thought thinking it over scratching the back neck."I am not sure if you should know. I mean if I was tell you might end up hurt. I don't want to be responsibility for that. "

She pause awhile in thought that is. "I'll say this though. I know you probably see me as just like slytherin. I am not like them. I just wish could find my aunt companion. He disappear one day. " That is her aunt and him never married one another but live with one another.Because her parent did not approve of the relationship. He was muggleborn. What she wasn't saying her aunt died before he made disappear. "I can't tell you the rest you get hurt."
 #39379  by Karys Montgomery
Karys had to admit, the world probably had been a bit upside down even before this whole Voldemort ordeal in some way or another. It was just how you went through the world and your perception of it that shapes your life. Karys waited awkwardly as she saw the girl debating whether to tell her. Many students here at Hogwarts seemed to have deadly secrets, it pretty much came with being a witch or wizard. At this time, most of the students were probably at a higher risk of ending up in some sort of danger anyway, she didn't see why knowing a secret would make it more dangerous, except of course if it was to do with Voldemort. She didn't want to think about that anway, didn't want to make her view on life pessimistic.

"I don't believe everyone can fit exactly in a single house, you can't be 100% Slytherin, so I hold nothing against Slytherins, although most of them do seem pretty sly," Karys said. She wasn't sure what to say about this student's disappearing companion, it wasn't like they could leave Hogwarts and go look for them.

"Well I'm sure he'll turn up one day, maybe he's just had to go somewhere on an important errand and couldn't tell you about where he was going," Karys suggested, knowing that many wizards, her parents included, were starting to act more strangely as of late. "But there's no point moping about it now because there's nothing much you can do here, other than focus on exams and wait for summer. Perhaps you can ask your family about him when you go home for the summer?"
 #39407  by Freya Craft
Freya seem to wait for her go on about how pretty world was before this. But she knew that it wasn't it. She thought it just was rotten to core and that it was unfair how things had to be. How one blood status was wrong to a have anything to do with.

"My parents don't like him. He is a the wrong blood status." She put it bluntly and that is muggleborn was wrong one. If he was pureblood then they would be right one. But half blood was a bit worst for them.

Other word here there rule about half blood they can be friend but they most sever all links to a relative that are muggle. That is they must not have anything to muggle relative at all. They turn up at noise at them and no married them. No relationship but her aunt had different view on it that anyone should get married to anyone and should not matter as long they love one another. It was different then parent and that is what her aunt companion they where lovers but they could not married because her relative did not approve of the relationship.
 #39424  by Karys Montgomery
"Ah," Karys said now feeling rather awkward. She knew blood status seemed to be such a big thing for all wizards and witches, regardless of age, especially with the wizarding world on the brink of war with Voldemort and his bunch of pureblood followers. Would there ever be a time when your status would not revolve around whether you were muggleborn, half blood or pureblood? Definitely not any time soon, Karys thought, but the sooner the wizarding world sorted their views out, the better.

"Well no offense, but your parents' views on blood status are all wrong and I know you probably know that already, but come on, you're a fifth-year aren't you? You can't listen to your parents if they can't look past whether someone's half-blood, muggleborn or whatever. So you can't go to your parents about this missing guy, but nothing's stopping you going to look for him yourself over the summer." Karys knew that she was speaking to a Slytherin and many Slytherins still held onto their strict blood status, so she wouldn't be surprised if the girl suddenly turned around and had a go at her for dissing her parents. But that was who Karys was, always bold, always forward, always speaking her mind, no matter what people thought of her.
 #39428  by Freya Craft
Freya was a very accepting witch or wizard. She knew what other slytherin want to hear. They want her hear her say mudblood this and that muggleborn. She was pureblood witch herself but she felt personally speaking she thought they where wrong to do name calling.

"What if I can't find him?Then I'll be running out of time." She start to a pace that is looking at the lake. "It just my parent want me do something I really don't do after I graduation." She did not want to a married she rather jump into black lake then to a married this guy. That is she was looking for escape route anywhere and her aunt had been escape route because she was there but now she is a gone.
 #39458  by Karys Montgomery
"Oh, what are they making you do?" Karys asked, now more interested in this girl's particular problem. "Can't be that bad a job, right?"

Karys was glad her family wasn't forcing her into anything, her parents were barely around now, wouldn't even bat an eyelid if Karys and her twin ran away from home or school. If only Karys could get her parents to notice her. Turning her attention back to the Slytherin girl, she wondered what this missing man had to do with her being forced into whatever she was being forced into...

"I'm sure he'll turn up though," Karys said hopefully. There was no point dwelling on the negatives and being a pessimist all the time, it was a bit like living the worst case scenario before it even happened, so you'd just end up hurting yourself twice. Karys saw no point in that.
 #39473  by Freya Craft
"Get married.If it was job I wouldn't mind it. That is if felt that I was doing terrible job I could quit. If allow me to a have relationship outside it. " She look back at her and she wasn't really interest in doing it. "I mean I would rather jump into that lake over there. " Or be somebody else she stared at the women and they have potion for that.She would kill to be ignore and neglect. And to a have job instead what her parent want. She did not to be touch in regard to a have children or anything else.
 #39486  by Karys Montgomery
"Get married?!" Karys was shocked. This girl's parents must be seriously old school if they had arranged a marriage for her. She wasn't sure what she would do if her parents were forcing her to marry someone she didn't know, probably jump into the Black Lake like this poor girl was thinking.

"Ok I wasn't expecting that. Not sure how you can get out of that one, other than running away from home!" Karys said honestly. "But I would advise against jumping into the Black Lake, the mermen down there aren't exactly going to sympathise with your problem, they'd probably rather eat you. Plus, you'll be retching up the water for weeks. Trust me, it's not a nice feeling." Karys spoke from experience. She'd once been dared to jump in the Black Lake by a group of older Gryffindor boys when she was in second year. To this day, she really didn't know why she did it.
 #39487  by Freya Craft
Freya hate it she want to decide when she want that is not when her parent decide to throw a guy in her lap.

"The reason I was looking for missing guy he was my aunt lover. But then my aunt ...was kill. My aunt said that she was going to help me run away from before it happen." She was quiet once again and now only hope was dead she had nothing else.

She felt she was on her own and she did not have anyone but herself. She thought of running through the forbidden forest but she knew she would get in trouble and there might be other thing that were harmful to a her.