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 #37616  by Timothy Maxwell
"Of course I am... I am a Hufflepuff in a world I barely understand... " he answered. In his mind, that was all the explanation needed.
"Well, I can only brood alone, so don't worry about that," it was hard to brood once you had to climb a tree only to see an overgrown ferret.
"Uh... hi?" he answered to the creature
 #37617  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino shrugged off Timothy's words, as he so often seemed to do. Everything was grand, why was Tim always so intent on bringing himself down? Dino wouldn't let it affect him. Couldn't, really. Just slid off like water off a duck's back.

'Jarveys are remarkable creatures,' Dino said, wondering if that was how Professors felt when imparting konwledge on their your captives. 'Only beast known to talk. Or talk back, I should say.'

'The rats are scrummy,' the creature said to Dino, then turned to face the Hufflepuff. 'Steady on, have you got anything for me?'
 #37646  by Timothy Maxwell
"Oh really? That is actually quite interesting," Tim said. He though all the beasts were just dangerous with tentacles and poison... or invisible. Or possibly explosive scorpions things.
"Uh... not really?" he didn't come here to feed talking animals after all.
 #37683  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Did ya really think every single species of magical creature was out to get ya?' Dino snorted. 'It's just like regular animals. Not everythin's a lion or a great white shark. Jarveys mostly want to run around doin' their thing, but they do like talkin' with people every now and again. I call this one Herb.'

The jarvey sniffed about a bit in Timothy's direction, its expression becoming disgruntled as he was told the boy hadn't brought up food for him. 'Well, then what's the use of you?'

'Easy, Herb,' Dino chastised it. He rummaged through his bag and tossed a dead rat in Timothy's direction. 'Here. You give him this.'
 #37699  by Timothy Maxwell
"I never said that... I am just careful around them. That's all," every kid knew they shouldn't touch snakes or spiders but here in this crazy world, there were innocent-looking creatures that could probably steal your soul.
"Smarter men than me tried to figure that and failed," he answered the ferret
"Yes, shooting the last one in the sky screamed "I want to touch another," he said
 #37700  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino raised an eyebrow and shared a knowing look with the jarvey. The ferret was not impressed by the boy's lack of food, but Dino found the Hufflepuff funny.

'I didn't mean for it to be a keepsake,' Dino shot back. 'Give it to Herb. And you,' he said to the jarvey. 'Don't be so greedy.'
 #37783  by Timothy Maxwell
"Can't you give it to Herb?" he asked, hoping not to touch the expired rodent.
"I mean... he is not stupid right? He knows it's really from you... this charade will just insult him," Tim wasn't really squeamish but he tried to avoid touching corpses as much as possible. Especially since he read that zombies were apparently real in the magical world. Also ghouls and ghosts.
 #37787  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino rolled his eyes and sighed, but when he spoke, his tone was patient. 'It's meant as a gesture,' he explained. 'Of course Herb's not naff, he can see as well as you or I. Think of it as, oh, I don't know, shakin' hands to greet someone. That's what's ya'd do with a human, but with a jarvey, offerin' food is a good idea.'

The jarvey nodded. 'Bloody hell, I don't bite... much.'
 #37796  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim sighed and picked up the dead rat by the tail. With some level of discomfort, he offered it to the oversized ferret.
"Hey, Herb... want this rat?" he asked with an almost genuine smile. If that ferret was going to bite him he was prepared to turn it into a coffee mug.
 #37797  by Dino O'Sullivan
Once Timothy did what Dino wanted, the Gryffindor was happy. Things tended to go his way in life. He could always talk people into doing what he wanted. Well, most of the time. Resistance was futile.

'Alright, alright, hurry up, feed me,' the jarvey said, excitedly hopping along the branch towards the Hufflepuff.
 #37875  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim wasn't great with animals so he just sorts of placed the rat in front of the ferret.
"Here you go... enjoy your rat," he faked a smile the best he could while shooting lightning from his eyes at Dino.
"So that happened... I guess I should go back to my brooding," he offered hopefully.
 #37915  by Timothy Maxwell
"It's not pouting... it's brooding. There is a world of difference between these two," he explained. Or tried to.
"And I really do need a rest from all the magic from time to time. All of this is really weird for people like me and I don't think most wizards appreciate how much weird it can be," his eyes inadvertently looked at the talking ferret. That was REALLY weird. Not as weird as the exploding scorpions but close enough. They didn't at least talk...
 #38005  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Sure there is,' Dino replied with a grin that indicated all his disbelief. Brooding, pouting, couldn't be much of a difference, could there? Some people liked the quiet and brooding types, but Dino didn't fancy them. He reckoned moody people were only there to dampen his spirits, and he didn't have to associate with people who did that, at least not romantically. As for Timothy, though, he was still basically a baby, and any brooding he did just had to be lack of sleep, or something.

In any case, Dino didn't take any of it seriously, much like he didn't take most things in life seriously. 'Magic isn't that weird,' he said, dismissive as ever. 'Isn't that right, Herb?'
 #38032  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim ignored Dino's dismissing of his explanation, Dino was like that and Tim understood there was no arguing with him.
"Sure magic isn't that weird if you were born to it. For some of us flying on horses isn't normal... and giving children death sticks isn't normal. If I managed to hit you with the charm you could fall down and injure yourself... oh and I was raised to think ghosts, dragons, and zombies were not real!" Dino couldn't understand how weird that came as.