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 #35452  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Now she asks!' Dino exclaimed happily, Hermione's annoyance flying lightyears above his head.

'Right, it's just ten minutes away, maybe five if yer able to walk while ya run yer bake,' he said. Alright, that might have been pushing it. It certainly wasn't polite. 'There's a pack of unicorns in the forest,' he explained. 'Hagrid brought them out for a class last semester, and they implied somethin', and I didn't like it, so what we're doin' now is we're goin' to tell them that they were wrong, and that they're just a herd of wick cows with banjaxed brains.'
 #35803  by Hermione Granger
They tramped through the Forest, hiking their legs high over gnarled tree roots. Hermione, thick in the throes of her disapproval, was thrown a bit off guard by the vinegar in Dino's tone.

"Implied..." she said gently, meaning to employ tact; but then she thought better, and continued, "Implied what? As I know you dislike implications."
 #35807  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino realised he had spoken too much, and it would be difficult to backpeddle. Still, he had no intention of explaining himself to Hermione.

'Ach, it's nothin' to worry yerself about, Hermione,' Dino said lightly, in as nonchalant a tone as he could. 'It's not important. Ya have Bowtruckle transfiguration to be worryin' about. Right, we're almost there,' Dino said as they reached a particularly knotted tree.
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 #35930  by Hermione Granger
As breezy as even the most earnest of Dino's statements could sound, Hermione could tell she'd thrown him a bit off. Slightly nonplussed, and struggling a bit to keep up with Dino's wide strides, Hermione took a leap over a particularly large tree branch and began, "Transfiguration homework notwithstanding, I -- "

She stopped dead. There in front of them, its moon-bright coat dappled with the shadows of the leafy tree it stood behind, a slender unicorn lifted its head. Then -- behind it -- there was a flash of another behind them. And another! The whole herd, just as Dino had said. They had clearly sensed human presence, judging by the way they nervously pawed the ground (soundlessly, Hermione realized, though the forest floor was covered in crunchy leaves), eyes wide. Yet they did not gallop away.

"Ooh, wow," Hermione breathed, allowing herself a moment to take in the magical sight. "But -- " she turned to Dino as much as she dared, so as not to scare the unicorns further. "You're -- you're not planning on hurting them, are you?" she hissed out of the corner of her mouth.
 #35938  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino ignored Hermione altogether as he reached the clearing. There they were, the guilty bastards, coats bright as snow, assholes every last one of them. Mentally he prepared himself, pumping himself up for his little speech. Of course it would be better if Hermione weren't here, then he could say what he actually needed to say, but he was sure he'd find a way.

Not in the least as cautious as the Prefect, Dino advanced amidst the unicorns, who didn't seemed fazed by the lad. He turned to Hermione in confusion. 'Hurt them? Who do ya take me for, Granger? I'd never hurt a creature. Even if it's a dumb, ratten, wick pony what does my head in!'

Even as he was yelling, a unicorn approached him and nuzzled his chest. He responded by patting it and glaring at it. 'I hate ya,' the lad told the horse.
 #35995  by Hermione Granger
A thin cloud of steam issued from Hermione's parted lips as she released the pent-up breath she'd been holding. She was relieved to see that the unicorns were actually quite less skittish than she had originally thought -- almost as relieved as she was to see that Dino's agitation had receded somewhat.

"Well, these ones don't seem to dislike you," Hermione pointed out, not unkindly, as the unicorn Dino was patting nuzzled into his embrace like a needy puppy.
 #36035  by Dino O'Sullivan
'I don't care,' Dino replied. 'They're arseholes, the lot of them! They know what they did!'

He turned back towards the wick ponies, and in a much lower voice, meant just for them, started to berate them.

'Ya naff cows, yer supposed to run away from lads! Are ya banjaxed in the brain? I'll kick yer holes! How do I look in front of my class? I'm the lad who the unicorns rush til! Do none of yer equine brains compute that that makes me look highly suspicious?' He swallowed hard. 'I mean, yer not wrong, but feck's sake, I'm a lad too! Ya should be runnin' away in terror of me too! Now shoo! Feck off, the lot of ya!'

Dino accompanied his words with large motions of his arms, but it didn't have the desired effect. Instead, the whole herd flocked to him.

He sighed. 'Now yer just bein' dicks.'
 #36461  by Dino O'Sullivan
In a rare bout of anger, Dino turned to face the younger Gryffindor. 'Shut up, Granger,' he said tersely. 'Who the hell do ya think I'm angry with, myself?' He scoffed. He was perfectly fine the way he was, thank you very much. Nothing wrong with him. Everything wrong with the wick ponies.

'Stay out of it. It's none of yer bleedin' business. Go find yer Bowtruckles. Leave me alone.' He didn't think she would talk about this to other people, but he would hex her into tomorrow if she so much as mentioned their little outing to other people. He knew no one thought he was especially threatening, and that was fine, but as much as he was comfortable with himself, he wasn't sure others were, and he was going to protect himself at all costs. Even if it meant Hermione somehow literally lost her tongue until his graduation.
 #36837  by Hermione Granger
Hermione stepped back. She's felt for Dino, once she'd understood what this business with the unicorns was really about. But this sudden anger was much different from Dino's typical joking indignation: Hermione's cheeks reddened.

"Well, excuse you!" she retorted hotly. "That's why you dragged me here, is it, so I could leave you alone? I was referring to those Slytherin gits at the back of Care of Magical Creatures, not you. But if you don't want someone to talk to or - or help, then... fine! Stew!"

She and Dino were hardly what one would call friends, and Hermione knew that this was none of her business. But she didn't understand why he had rounded on her so suddenly. His words stung.

"Boys!" Hermione huffed under her breath. Why couldn't they just talk about their feelings like normal people?
 #37074  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino looked at Hermione in shock and indignation. Clearly for the smartest witch in school she sure was a buck eejit when she wanted to be.

'I never asked ya for anythin'! I don't want to talk about it, and I don't need yer help or yer advice! And what advice could ya even give me? Yer the one who's starin' at Won-won all the time, not me! Seems to me like yer the one who needs some serious help. Here's some advice for ya, free of charge! Mind yer own bleedin' business, Granger! This isn't about ya! It's about me and the ponies, and nothin' else, and ya have nothin' to do with it. Now do like I said, go find yer Bowtruckles, and choke on them, for all I care. Just leave me alone!'