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 #34059  by Freya Craft
The train came and they where fighting each other again that is parent against child. They where at each other throat and they could not stand one another. It was over fact she treat her house elf like she love her house elf like she would her parent.

Then where fighting like cat and dogs when together with one another. That is she hug her house tight. She wish could take the house elf to Hogwart with her which was no and they stay with her.

She would want it but she told the house elf secrets but it was mainly about what she plan to do in regard to getting married and her parent was cruel and force it tell her house elf. She forgive the elf she understood but she wish she could be court case on the subject on who own the elf because she would want it. She would keep him safe from harm.

As the train push off and they where head to Hogwart she was silently plotting something on the subject what she would do to her parents and if they had accident then after she graduation Hogwart she would be free herself from obligation of marriage and what not. She would be free to married who she want like muggleborn and what not.But she was full blood she would not have this problem she was jealous of them and how easy their life was. She glance out watching happy parent and she wish things where easy as the others.
 #34453  by Harry Potter
The only thing worse than having to leave the comfort of the Burrow was having to spend the train ride alone. Tensions were still high between Hermione and Ron, and Harry was not particularly in the mood to juggle that on this particular day. He had thought about resuming his investigation into Draco but reconsidered after remembering how poorly that had gone for him last time. He lugged his book bag through the train in search of a coveted empty compartment. Unable to find one, he sighed and entered a near empty compartment. The compartment's sole occupant was a girl, about his age, that Harry did not particularly recognize.

He settled in to the seat without giving the other student much thought and pulled out his copy of Advanced Potion-Making.
 #34489  by Freya Craft
Freya never talk about home life and well Hoopy her house elf saw her off to Hogwart.She was a slytherin house she look up it seem like unspoken rule that well gryfidoor seat with their own house. She seat by herself she often daydream what would be like to be out of the shadow of her parents what she would do.

But she had to a wait to strike like snake at them they could stand one another.She dug in her purse that is she had with her that was rather small but Hoopy had pack her something. He said sometime the key to a friendship is through wizard stomach. She was digging in her purse for it she had some stuff but she took out her regular wand but she found what another wand it. It was a chocolate wand and she poke him.

"I was wondering would you like a piece of chocolate.It is chocolate wand. My house elf always pack a lot stuff that he think might need for school." Would he think it was trick. She was slytherin after and what not. She had at her own that is was bag that within that is keep the stuff clean and separate from her other stuff so when melt it would not get on her stuff. Her house elf add peanut butter too to the inside and so it would be different then most sweet shop.
 #34525  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Is that chocolate for everyone?' Dino asked, poking his head into the compartment. He'd been tasked by Velvet to find them a seat on the train while she went to the little girls' room, because apparently Cris and Reese couldn't be found. He took stock of the compartment and entered, shoving his suitcase in the overhead compartment and then Velvet's before sitting down.

'Ach, it's the oul Potter! How are ya, mucker? And ya, Slytherin girl I don't remember the name of? Room for a few more?'
 #34714  by Harry Potter
"Hmm?" Harry questioned, having been too engrossed in his reading to realize his compartment companion had been talking to him. He looked from her face to her hand and noticed the piece of chocolate. He was never one to turn down chocolate, so of course he was going to accept.

"Uhm, sure," he replied, reaching forward to take the chocolate wand from her, "thanks."

Just then, Dino O'Sullivan walked in. Harry gave him a quick smile to say hello and quickly bit into the chocolate so to avoid having to give a verbal response.
 #34757  by Freya Craft
Freya thought they would be alone in this compartment mainly because she tend to aloof around other she did not know well.That is well what did she do now attempt conversation or try that what Hoopy said to a do.

"Your welcome. I hope you like it." She got out and then she look up to see a giant or seem to her because Dino seem to be so big in size compare to her. She estimate that this dude had to be year up or some form of one.

"Oh yeah. It is." She pause awhile then glance around. "Yeah there is plenty of room and she look up. "I'm Freya." That is her name was from Norway but in most case she died in myth that is and she was name after wife Odin. Though she was anything loving she had her issues. "And you are?"
 #35135  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino raised his eyebrow at Potter, who'd shoved food in his mouth to avoid talking to him. Rude. Well, fine then. But that was some high horse to be on, if you considered that the younger Gryffindor was responsible for a million more points lost to his House than Dino was. Psh.

'Fine, then, Potter, be like that,' Dino shrugged, then grinned, amused with his own thoughts. 'Not my fault yer Christmas presents were wick.'

He turned towards the girl, who was indeed saying that there was plenty of chocolate to go around. 'Ach, a girl after my own heart. I'm ascared I only have an apple to share with ya, but I will take the chocolate.' Dino opened his mouth in mock shock as she failed to recognize him. 'How do ya mean? I'm the world famous Dino O'Sullivan! I'm half dragon, didn't ya know?'
 #35194  by Harry Potter
World famous Dino O'Sullivan? Harry was glad to have the chocolate to stuff in his mouth, otherwise he might have said something about how he couldn't be that world famous if Freya had no idea who he was. Claims like that, of being world famous, annoyed Harry more now than ever before. Maybe it was because he was, in a sense, world famous and he hated it? Maybe it was just because being sixteen was really not agreeing with him. Either way, he was almost wishing to get jinxed into an immobile log of a person by Draco again if it meant he just get some peace and quiet on this train.
 #35230  by Freya Craft
Freya knew who Harry was but she thought would be rude to point that out. She did not know who Dino was?What kinda parent name a person Dino? They had nut or crazy to be name that. She could understand being name Harry because that was a very common name for people in general.

"No I didn't know. Oh okay dragon you say.I'm granddaughter of god Odin." She might as well have a little fun that is with her name and what not. He is claiming to be half dragon and now might throw something out fix that get his head spinning around such Old Norse mythology.
 #35231  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Oi!' Dino replied, amused. 'I know ya can't possibly be the granddaughter of Odin, that's just not possible. But I actually am who I say I am!' The Gryffindor nodded, puffing his chest up in self-importance. 'Aye, my mother was a dragon, I actually hatched from an egg!'

He shoved some chocolate into his mouth, and grinned, chewing with his mouth open.
 #35276  by Harry Potter
The corners of Harry's mouth turned up into a smile when Freya said exactly what he was thinking. He was even heartily amused by her claim that she was the granddaughter of Odin. Sure, he would rather be somewhere quiet to read his book and try not to think about saving the world from Voldemort but he guessed sitting here watching these two try to outlandish one another was just as good.
 #35295  by Freya Craft
Freya knew he was lying tongue on that and had to be really dense to believe anything he said. But there might truth in what she said for example that is Norse and they did call Odin all father who to say Odin did not mess around with his wife. The Greek someone in myth mess around too.

"If you hatch from egg can you turn into dragon?" She knew she might have him there. She did have good grade in tranfiguaration she might be on her in on turning something. In Norse myth they were able to turn into things.
 #35310  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino took a mock exasperated tone, as though he couldn't believe he had to explain everything.

'Of course I can't, it's my mam that's a dragon. What I did inherit, though, is this!' With that, he stuck out a forked tongue at her. What he failed to mention was that his new tongue was courtesy of his twin sister Orla, who had hexed him earlier that morning. 'Even Potter knows I'm half dragon! It's the constant talk of the Gryffindor common room!'
 #36240  by Harry Potter
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Harry's attention was once again drawn away from his book. The fanciful conversation was mildly entertaining but it was also distracting.

Not to mention, now that he saw Dino's tongue he couldn't stop thinking about it every time the older boy spoke.

"And that is why they tell you to stay away from acid pops," he chimed in as he shut his book and collected his belongings, "and speaking of, I think I'm gonna go find the trolley lady. Thanks again for the chocolate," he thanked Freya for her generosity, "See you later," he nodded goodbye to Dino before slipping out of the compartment and heading off in search of more sweets and a glass of pumpkin juice to wash it down with.
 #36305  by Freya Craft
Freya fuse was about to go off and well when Harry finally spoke up. She was getting ready to go off that is no wonder a boy like him talk funny or maybe he blow air through the hole and might creation a whistle sound with his tongue.Thankful she had not too because she was doing her best not loss patient with him.

Though she herself was already losing her patient with her parents because they could never get along. That is half blood had perfect life no prearrange marriage and that is if she gotten chance she would push soon to be husband in front of train if she could get away or better yet shove frog down his throat just so he would not be able to speak their vows or I do.Or make it look like accident if she could get away with it?

"Looks like your friend does not want to be include with what you ate."